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10:05 City Hall in Oakland shut down for awhile this afternoon after two dozen Occupyers "storm" the building, trying to get to office of mayor and others.  This in response to arrest of a dozen activists in the plaza last night.

10:00 Today’s song pick for OWS (a daily feature since Oct. 1): The Band, "King Harvest," in unique live setting.  Glad to pay those union dues / just don’t judge me by my shoes.

 9:55 Tim Pool responds to the Henry Ferry statement (see below, and Tim’s charges down the page) via Twitter, warning that some of his auto-recorded video will now be unavailable to him, and adding: "Ustream is going to suppress the account at TheOther99."  Also: "There is no right or wrong answer, Im just going to get attacked on all front all the time."

8:25 Henry Ferry and The Other 99 respond to Tim Pool’s charges on Pool’s forced exit from the site he co-founded.  "The responsibilities and real-world realities of building a media platform from scratch were of little interest to Tim, who instead pursued personal appointments without communicating with the team. After yet another round of discussions, we decided to part ways….As of this writing, he is pursuing an exclusive contract with a live streaming service where he bluntly told me his ‘minimum’ compensation should be $156,000. Our team could not afford to pay him this sum."

7:25  NYT finallly catches up with eviction and arrest of Global Rev folks including the great Vlad (and we don’t Guerrero).  "The live streamers were released without bail on Wednesday, and they gathered outside the courthouse, where a small band of supporters provided them with coffee, cookies and ––­­ of course –– documented their release via live stream."

5:50  Today’s contribution from Bob Plain:  Occupyers in San Diego plan to take a Greyhound all the way to D.C. for the Jan. 17 actions.

3:55 NYT posts its upcoming (Sunday) print profile of Stephen Colbert today — with a lot on his new SuperPAC drive.

2:10 Still waiting for tape of Santorum getting mic-checked in NH, but from earlier today here he is ripping Occupy and claming it’s all about people who pay taxes vs. those who don’t and just want handouts.

1:25  Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat occupies Wall Street (h/t @bbedway and Barry Ritholtz):

1:20  Reporters on scene say OWS just mic-checked Santorum at a diner in Tilton, NH.  We will look for the tape.

 12:50  Robert Kennedy’s grandson to seek Barney Frank’s House seat…

11:55 If you missed the epic Bernie Sanders vs. Stephen Colbert fight over corporate personhood… Want to ChangeWalMart

11:30  Santorum trashes the poor and others in 99% who don’t pay high taxes.  Well, at least he is expanding target beyond "black people."… Occupyer in NH takes Romney to task for backing corporations as people…. Van Jones tweets: "GW Bush made 170+ recess appointments. Ronald Reagan made 240+. Obama? Only 30. For each attack on Obama, you must denounce the Gipper 8x!!!"

11:00 We noted last night that ace livestreamer Tim Pool had been evicted from the site he co-founded TheOther99 in some big dispute that no one had any details on.  Now Tim has posted his side of the story at length here.  It levels charges re: finances and lack of work against his erstwhile partner Henry Ferry (they are pictured at left) and much more.  Includes: "I’m a bit offended that Henry says I am not part of the team when he is the one taking time off constantly for thanksgiving, Xmas, and halloween parties. Not to mention all the time he has spent watching college football. I know it may be a bit crass to call him out for these things, but I have been sleeping in a park and sometimes not sleeping at all to make something real and important, something that has changed the rules."   We’ll post Henry’s response when we see it.  Pool still very much around at

10:45 Occupy Congress just tweeted:  "We have the West Front of the U.S. Capitol reserved for what will be an historic protest on ."

10:05  My pal Will Bunch, longtime in Philly, on the Rick Santorum the world does not know.

9:55 Kevin Zeese on next steps for OccupyDC at Freedom Plaza,  includes two new houses for Phase II…. More on OccupyDC battling cold and eviction.

9:30 Jonathan Alter tweets:  "Fun to see Scott Brown scamper to left by backing BO’s recess appt to CFPB and attacking Newt on judges. Eliz Warren has him on the run."

9:05  Katrina on why OWS and Paid Sick Days should work together…. and Jonathan Peters on the rights of reporters covering protests…. jobless claims fell by 15,000 last week.

8:55  Brian Stelter of NYT wth his latest on "cold war" or maybe more at Current TV involving Keith Olbermann.  On Twitter, Olbermann claims tried to threaten him into speaking with him and suggests the story is "poorly-reported pap."  …One of Stephen Colbert’s best segments in a long time, mocking Eric Burnett and CNN’s "flicking" election gimmick.

8:40  With all this talk of  massive "independent" money buying election results, my book on how that all began just out in new print edition and for first time as e-book: what happened when Upton SInclair led one of the greatest anti-poverty mass movements in U.S. history.

12:30 Trouble in paradise:  Ace livestreamer Tim Pool (featured in Time magazine and elsewhere) has suddenly been denied access to his home TheOther99 Ustream site, which he helped set up.  Tweets late Wednesday from his partner Henry at @theother99 and @Timcast confirm it, but no explanation given.   Pool says he discovered it when the log-in was changed and he was denedi "access" to recorded streams.  Pool will now stream exclusivley at his own  Stay tuned.

Late Wednesday

Bob Plain, the "Travelin’ Man" now in San Diego, tells me tonight "the local police are using an obscure (and probably ultimately unconstitutional) ordinance against encroaching on city property to keep activists on their toes."

Just received a press release forwarded by swell singer/songwriter Michelle Shocked, who sang at the Jan. 2 rally following the Rose Parade (and was earlier busted in L.A. camp raid).  It opens, "Members of Occupy LA will be occupying the foreclosed South Central home of Mrs. Faith Parker, a 79-year-old retired school teacher, who fights eviction as a result of Bank of America’s irresponsibility. Mrs. Parker has owned her home since 1964….Members of Occupy LA and Occupy the Hood LA call for more responsible banking and will be joined at 4pm by community and faith leaders to defend the Parkers from eviction on 60th Street."
Actions start at 4 pm local time.  Contact:  Carlos Marroquin (323) 592-4663.

OccupyDC looks for a new site — via the great Tom Toles at Wash Post (h/t Barbara Bedway)

Occupyer named a GOP party caucus secretary, ha…. Update: Obama also making 3 recess appointments to NLRB.

Des Moines Register wraps up week of OWS caucus events, tallies 61 arrests, protester say mission accomplished…..@Bbedway tweets:  "How 1% lives: Don’t miss J Lanchester’s wicked short story in The NYer: banker panics at life w/o Xmas bonus."