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7:30  Video of OWS protest that halted foreclosure auction in NY today–with 35 arrests.

7:10  Americans United for Change: Did Romney break the law by failing to disclose 23 investments, including 11 offshore?  Will have link later.

7:05  Apparently Occupy Chicagp somewhat or very peeved that AdBusters called for 50,000 turnout in that city in May for G8 without, allegedly, you knoww, running it past them or whatever.  GA to debate it tonight, we hear.

5:20  Liberal media? Actually, coverage of Keystone XL was tilted in favor of the thing.

5:10 Ron Christie, GOP hack consultant, on "Hardball" just now tried to defend Tea Party by claiming media bias in not focusing on "Occupy people raping" people.  Show had started on hysterical note when Chris Matthews turned to guest on set and introduced him as Dana Milbank–when it was a Dem strategist.  Booking change?  Whoops.

3:50  @JohnKnefel on NY "blockade" reports: "To recap: I counted 26 arrests. All sources say auction is shut down, but cops lie so I don’t know for sure."   Go to his feed to catch up.  Foreclosure auction apparently shut down.

2:30 A German site is first to have full credits for upcoming Springsteen album, with track by track listings–or so they say.  Does look legit.  Confirms our early reports on very OWS-friendly, as you can see just from song titles and what’s come out before.  Tom Morello on a couple of cuts, Clarence Clemons on one. 

1:40 An Iraq Vet’s Journey: From Wall St. to OWS, via The Nation.

1:15  A couple days ago we brought you first new of an Occupy album for USA (proceeds to OWS) featuring dozens of stars and semi-stars, from Debbie Harry and Jackson Browne  to Tom Morello, Joseph Arthur  and Yoko Ono (and Michael Moore).  Now we’ve got the album cover at left, done by famed illustrator Robert Grossman. 

1:00 Our own Katrina with important "The Occupy Effect" piece. "As Election 2012 gathers steam, the corporate media will no doubt fix on the hoopla of the horserace. Independent media has a vital role to play in ensuring that the real issues of our time which are now, at long last, front and center—thanks in no small part to Occupy—remain there."

12:50  Students at UC-Riverside, site of recent protests and violence, respond to president’s open letter with their own.

12:45 How the new "Schneiderman Panel" could work, via FDL….Christian Parenti: In era of severe climate change it’s not the time to hit "big government"

12:20 My book on one of the most influential  "99 Percenters" of all time, Beethoven, just published today in e-book edition, with print to come in a week or so.  It’s titled Journeys With Beethoven, and it’s billed as "Beethoven for our time."   Among other things:  Visits Chile and China to show how Beethoven was used in Tiananman Square and against Pinochet, and then how Bill Bragg uses it today.  Co-authored by Kerry Candaele, director of much-anticipated upcoming film, Following the Ninth.

10:20  Nicholas Carroll: Get your money out of big banks. "This, in 2012, is the overriding civic duty of Americans who want to participate in saving the economy: think locally, nationally, and globally. And then build businesses and organizations that operate on any or all of the three levels. Call it New Street, USA."

9:05 MoveOn with parody of "The Office" featuring Mitt Romney (Justin Long) enjoying firing people at his own Dunder Mifflin.

8:40 Look on the bright side: TIm Geithner suggests he outta here after Obama wins 2nd term.

8:35 First, Mitch Daniels knocked himself out of the GOP veep sweepstakes w/ his tepid SOTU response.  Then Sen. Marco Rubio’s poor finance skills emerged.  Now Gov. Chris Christie says MLK Jr. and blacks should not have been protesting in the streets for civil rights in the South but instead put segregation to a vote at the polls.

8:20  Bloomberg poll of investors: Romney backed by most in US, Obama globally.  Makes sense, huh?… Despite Obama’s new populist rhetoric ( but is it sincere?) many top Wall Streeters are still bundling cash for him… Circular firing squad of top rightwingers in media form — to halt Gingrich.  Fun reading.

8:00 The long-running OWS "press team" in NYC has posted (and emailed) a "clear the air" statement on a publicity firm used by "ad hoc" Occupyers to respond to the State of the Union address the other night.  They point out that the press team will never use a P.R. firm and give info on exactly how the contact them.

6:55  Another front pager in NYT. Ex-Apple exec on China: "Most people would still be really disturbed if they saw where their iPhone comes from."

6:45 Occupy D.C. plans protest Saturday night of party by the "One Percent of the One Percent."… Speaking of party of One Percent, yes, there’s another GOP debate tonight, and it’s on CNN, so they will be allowing woo-hoos from the audience.  Maybe Newt will pick on Wolf Blitzer this time.  Would be fun if they let James Carville moderate.

from late Wednesday

11:30  Adbusters apparently calling for 50,000 to Occupy Chicago for G8 in early May…. From colleague George Zornick:  D.C. park police to finally start giving citations to Occupyers there…. 

10:30  Just got this note from the wonderful Amanda Henk on the Tucson "book bombing" action: "I’m writing as one of the People’s Librarians of Occupy Wall Street to request your assistance in an action we are planning. As you may have heard the Tucson Unified School District has disbanded their Mexican-American Studies program. You can read more about the issue here. As part of that disbanding, the district has removed a number of books from the classrooms and forbidden teachers to place the books in the classroom. The district claims that there are sufficient copies available in the school libraries, however the evidence suggests otherwise.

"This is where we come in: acting in solidarity with Occupy Tucson and other groups in the area we are planning to raise as much money as we can to supply as many of the banned books as possible to the students, teachers, and administrators of the Tucson School Unified School District. We are calling it a book bombing. Our role is to raise as much money and gather as many copies of the banned texts as possible. These will be sent to Tucson where activists on the ground will distribute them. Here is the list of texts removed and that we intend to supply: "Occupied America: A History of Chicanos,"- Rodolfo Acuña.  "Rethinking Columbus: The Next 500 Years."  Bill Bigelow.  "Critical Race Theory,"  Richard Delgado. "Pedagogy of the Oppressed," Paulo Freire.  "Message to AZTLAN,"  Rodolfo Gonzales. "500 Years of Chicano History in Pictures,"  Elizabeth Martinez (ed.).  "Chicano! The History of the Mexican Civil Rights Movement," Arturo Rosales.

7:55 Bill Gates calls for higher taxes on rich, "that’s just justice." ….Gallup: 49% of Americans say U.S. economic system is unfair– 45% say it’s fair.   62% say U.S. system is fair to them personally.