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8:00 Watch protesters disruping UC Regents meeting with mic-checked, booted out, local news:

6:25  Livestream of big protest outside Univ of Calif Regents meeting, major conflict, claim of one woman hit in leg with rubber bullet (opr something).

5:40  Nobel winner Joe Stiglitz with new commentary:  "Austerity is a suicide approach. It will kill Europe. It will kill America. It will kill the global economy." … Famous photos colorized, see them all here.

4:10  Don’t miss video–Romney is actually promoting this with their candidate dressing down an Occupy backoff who simplu asks what someone like him in the 1% will do for the 99%.  Romney practically suggests he go back to Russia or Cuba some such.  Greg Sargent with piece on it here.

3:00 The Atlantic:  How the new Springsteen single (see below) can help Obama’s campaign….Who are the 1% exactly?…Occupy Sundance festival?

2:05 Major piece in Rolling Stone on Scott Olsen, the Iraq vet famously wounded in early street action for OWS in Oakland.  Olsen still recovering from head injury, with speech still erratic.  Anecdote from writer on BART trip with Olsen:  "We miss our stop. Olsen says, ‘You’re following directions. From a guy with.  Brain damage."

 1:55 An OWS Library update.

11:50  Gingrich turns "food stamp" lecture into campaign ad, dissected here... The Atlantic has a guide to Romney’s "funny money."….  Important read for all on lessons of OccupyLondon three months on.

11:20  Bill Moyers and Michael Winship: America wakes up to realize inequality truly matters….OccupySanFran seeks to disrupt financial district…

10:30 Since Springsteen today released new OWS-friendly anthem (see below), here is link to piece I wrote a few years back about his political evolution since I first met him back in 1972.  

10:25 Poll Three times as many Americans blame Bush not Obama for economic problems…. Only one in three Americans agree with Citizens United decision.

9:20 Protesters gettting ready to OccupyTheCourts. … Jon Stewart’s SOPA coverage last night.

9:15  Elizabeth Warren "moneybomb" day today for donations…,First Colbert forced Huntsman out, now Perry? Maybe Rick afraid Colbert surrogate Cain would outpoll him in SC. @AlecMacGillis:  "Rick Perry is needed back in Texas for its impending war with Turkey." …. Perry to endorse Newt….Now waiting for Republicans on U.S. Supreme Court to confirm Iowa victory for Romney.

8:50  Now we’ve got official Springsteen video for "We Take Care of Our Own" single, very OWS-friendly, just released this morning (see item below and yesterday).  "Where is the promise?" of America.  More ghosts of Tom Joad.

8:30 Joe Conason’s take on Romney stashing money in the Cayman’s…. Latest tally from Iowa "recount" finds Santorum up by 34 votes there…. Will wife’s interview tonight reverse Gingrich surge in S. Carolina?  Do "values voters" there dislike blacks more than adulterers?

8:20 Tom Morello, who is on new Springsteen album, was on with Young Turks gang last night.

8:00 Susie Cagle has pointed out to me that I mislabeled yesterday her as an OWS "activist" rather than as a journalist who has covered them widely, which she says is a common mistake.  Apologies… Occupyers in Toronto have resumed camping out.

From late Wednesday

I’ve touted upcoming Springsteen "WeTake Of Our Own" single and album in couple items below.  Single on sale tomorrow but NOW here it is for you, go here.  "From the shotgun shack to the Superdome…We  take care of our own / whereever this flag has flown."

Law and Order SUV episode featuring OWS broadcast tonight.  Some streets scenes with "protesters" but can’t say whether shutdown of their faux Zuccotti in NY caused major script shfit.

Maddow with startling roll call of SOPA backers who switched now–calling it perhaps biggest one-day result for a protest ever.  Or maybe Jim DeMint et al are just big Wikipedia users or Wired fans.  BoingBoing?

Stephen Colbert says he will be campaigning in Charleston, S. Carolina on Friday with….Herman Cain….Now ABC says interview with Gingrich’s ex-wife may air Thursday night BEFORE primary. 

Given my Springsteen history I’ve been keeping tabs here on upcoming Springsteen album (most recently down below today), which is said to be "angry" and with social issue themes, in part. Now comes word that the first single will be released for e-purchase tomorrow and the title sounds OWS friendly: "We Take Care of Our Own."   That’s the cover for it at left, but beyond that, no details. Oh, it’s 3:54 in length.

ABC:  Romney parking some money in the Caymans to save of taxes.