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7:15  Wash Post:  Vincent Gray, mayor of Washignton, D.C., just called on the Natiional Park Service to clean out the long-running McPherson Sq. camp–citing the alleged "rat infestation," hypothermia threats, danger of fire, among other things.  He wants campers restricted to Freedom Plaza.  He can only request not order an eviction.

7:00 FAIR on Occupy-related abuse of journalists.

5:55  In case you’re hopeful, wondering or worried: Why Ron Paul won’t run as 3rd party candidate.

3:40  Ruling today: Bradley Manning to face full court-martial charges.  Which leaks deserve greater punishment: Bradley Manning’s or the 4 Marines who urinated on dead Taliban in Afghanistan?

3:05  Bill Moyers and Michael Winship: Is this land really made for you and me?

1:55 Today’s song pick for OWS, the original music video for Arcade Fire’s  "Rebellion/Lies."  Every time you close your eyes–lies! Especially in this election year.  And yet the NYT public editor today asks readers if reporters should, you know, call out untruths.

1:05 I noted earlier (see video below) arrests for mic-checking mayor in San Diego, but it turns out they now face felony charges.

12:30 From the valuable Carne Ross:  How the mainstream will appropriate Occupy and thus "eviscerate" it.

12:15 The latest daily dispatch from pal and OWS-tourist, Bob Plain, now in Tucson, this time an occu-morality tale.  "As is the case with so many Occupations across America, there is a division within Occupy Tucson. But the split here has less to do with the reform the versus revolution debate or inter-movement class disparity as it does with a renegade activist who misappropriated funds from the group and is refusing to return a laptop loaned to him."

12:00 Yoko Ono "wishes" Occupy well…and get your copy on January 14. … By FDL count, 65 OWS camps trying to make it through the winter.

11:55 Where right to work leads to ….pay cuts. 

10:55 Warren Buffett hits Gingrich on criticism of OWS, ties him to Freddie Mac.

10:30 Need a hilarious break?  As I noted below, Stephen Colbert threatening to run for president again and pester the GOP.  My fun new piece on what happened when he made same threat last time around.

10:20 Think Progress: Top 1% saw 278% gain in income, middle-class only 40%…

9:20  NYT:  Poll finds income inequality has replaced race as greatest cause of "tension" in USA…. Wash Post take: 66% find real conflict between rich and poor.  Only 38% say there are strong conflicts between blacks and whites

8:50  MoveOn pushing this: Which corporations occupy Congress? … Romney thinks income inequality should only be talked about in "quiet rooms."  And I’m sure, the quieter the better…. In Greece: fears that austerity is strangling economy.

8:05  More photos of the re-occupation of Zuccotti Park….This continues to get a lot of traffic: Why I’d Rather Have a Kardashian Tax Rate Than a Kardashian Body.  Me too.

7:45  Arrests in San Diego last night for mic-checking at event.

12:10 The letter that brought down the barricades at Zuccotti.

12:05 am  Stephen Colbert polling 5% in his native S. Carolina — topping Huntsman at 4%. Tonight Colbert promised "major announcement" tomorrow, probably causing some mischief down there.  My book on the 2008 campaign kicks off with a piece on Colbert’s near-run that year.

From late Wednesday

Creator of "V fof Vendetta" says he’s "touched" by OWS.

Miracles do happen: Oakland cops demoted, suspended for covering name tags during OWS protests…. Hundreds of OWS trials may be consolidated…

New Robert Reich column on The Bain of Capitalism. "The party that has repeatedly saved capitalism from its own excesses and thereby preserved capitalism is the Democratic Party. So the only serious question here is what kind of serious reforms Obama will propose when, assuming Romney becomes the Republican nominee, Obama also criticizes Bain Capitalism."  And there’s pushing from the left, via a mass movement:

More on Bill Moyers’  just-in-time return.…   My view: Romney meant to say "I like firing corporations." And did. Well, they ARE people, right?

Barricades still down at Zuccotti Park, library and people back, but no-sleeping ban still in effect and could be more arrests tonight…. Orlando police release protester–after more than two weeks–and drop charges (he was arrested twice for writing with chalk on sidewalks).