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FOLKS, I have now launched Friday blog, go there now.   I am now LIVE-BLOGGING the Siege of Zuccotti.

11:26  Various people on the scene:  Total solidarity….Training for arrests being taken seriously…. “Looks like SEIU, CWA, and UAW all promising to show up at Zuccotti Park in the morning, according SEIU announcement.”

11:10  Russell SImmons, who earlier had offered to pay for cleanup, now tweets that he will be in park and ready to get busted? He writes, ” I don’t wanna go to jail but I will be there ready!”  A few minutes ago he had written: .” The law says the young people can stay. I love the mayor but he shouldn’t allow this to get violent.”

11:05  Josh Harkinson of Mother Jones at site:  “Learned that unions are bringing in big show of support @ 4 a.m., including @ 100 who will get arrested.”

11:00 @RDevro of Democacy Now:  “Protesters are going through rapid-response drills. Practicing linking arms, forming a unified line at speed.”  If busted, call 212.679.6018

10:55 Mass email from MoveOn says petition to Bloomberg signed by 240,000 but he is not budging.  They ask that you show solidarity with NY but going to local event somewhere in country, and linking to this DailyKos map.

10:45  NY ACLU says they will be in park at crack of dawn.  “OWS we have your back.”

10:15: Crowd a few minutes ago gathers to make Bloomberg accept petitions and “do your duty.”  Plus sirens. Note cop filming everything.

10:10  Here’s full text of official NY Occupy response to “cleanup/eviction.”

10:05  @DanielMintz of MoveOn: “BREAKING: Petitions against eviction of were marched up to City Hall and THEN to fancy resto Cipriani’s where was.”

9:50  MoveOn tweets:  “BREAKING: ‘The park is clean. If the mayor wants to do something for America, he should clean up Wall St.'”… Plan seems to be one or more rings of people to protest park, facing arrest.

9:45  Unconfirmed posting at Twitter:   A claim that MSNBC reported email from AFL-CIO:  “Go To Wall St. Now” “The more people who can stand in solidarity… the better”

9:35 Apparently no arrests yet. … @BillMcKibben: “Broom becomes the new symbol of resistance! Clean up wall stree!”

9:30  Nick Kristof of NYT tweets support: “Pushing out Wall St. protesters, on pretext of a clean-up,seems a great way to inflame the protests.” He also links to new NYT piece here.    MIke Busch with photo of arrest just now happening…. MIchael Lewis on OWS on  Piers Morgan tonight: “The thing has legs.  It’s just a question of how the anger gets directed.”

9:20  General Assembly in NY voted to stand their ground.  One quote: “We need to remain strong. We’re not going anywhere.”

9:15 Dustin Slaughter tweets:  is PACKED and the mood is high. I DARE Bloomberg to send his goons in here.”   Someone else: “Coming down tonight? Bring candles, flashlights, and glow-sticks!”

8:20  Wow, colleague Allison Kilkenny tweets:  “National Nurses United (NNU) announces it will establish a first aid station in Liberty Park Friday at noon for protesters.”

8:00 Latest on NYC: National Lawyers Guild has reportedly  filed a letter with Brookfield invoking people’s 1st Amendment right to occupy… OWS also “reportedly” would allow city to clean one-third of park at a time but not all of it and without new restrictions….More warnings that police could come in wee hours, well before 7 am, but who knows?.

7:55 With NYC, Denver and other sites facing evictions, we will be hearing “The Whole World Is Watching” again very soon.  For those who don’t know: Dates from “police riot” at 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago (lett) when network cameras caught this type of action nearly-live for the first time (they happened to have cameras perched on the Conrad Hilton Hotel).   I was there in the street myself and shouting that phrase 100 times.

7:35  Much happening around Zuccotti, according to tweeps.  Petition for Bloomberg on its way, if they can find him.  Cleaning ongoing, nearly spic and span.  Training and advice for tomorrow a.m.  Watching the skies for rain.  Rumors of this and that. And OccupyLA at this moment staging a solidarity action for NY.

7:00  Russell Simmons, recent visitor to Zuccotti,  just now tweeted (he is @UncleRush):   “I am hearing about a potential showdown at tmw. I am offering to pay for the clean-up of the park to avoid any problems.”  Tell him to also  call mayor, police chief, Brookfield.

6:35 This is an important distinction usually overlooked, as explained in this important piece: Zuccotti Park, sually described as “privately” owned and managed, actually is a public space.  Here’s why:  It was mandated by city in the usual waiving of restrictions to allow owner of Liberty high-rise to go…higher.  The park HAD to be built for public use so they could make millions more off building, let it block off more sunlight, and so on.  So “the park belong to the people.”

6:30  New alert and plea from official OWS twitter feed re: NYC: “There is nothing stating the city is going to move at 6 am. MOBILIZE BY MIDNIGHT! No comm. states 6 am.”

6:20  Reuters takes a 180 degree turn on its claim that Soros funds OWS, swell, but doesn’t even mention its prevous claim.  Blames Limbaugh, sort of.  “George Soros isn’t a financial backer of the Wall Street protests, despite speculation by critics including radio host Rush Limbaugh that the billionaire investor has helped fuel the anti-capitalist movement.”

6:10  Cool photo of banner with “To Do” list at Zuccotti:  “Clean Up Park. (check).  Political Process (not yet checked).”   Showdown 12 or so hours away.

5:20 Yes, it’s the real @SalmanRushdie tweeting: “Tomorrow at 6am the NYPD w/ Bloomberg’s backing will try to shut down .I condemn both Mayor and cops. A crime against liberty.” He followed that linking to polls showing OWS much more popular than Tea Party.

5:10 Reuters’s own Felix Salmon slams Reuters’s wacky story linking George Soros to OWS.

5:05 Since we’re in a New York—and John Lennon—state of mind, with Amanda Palmer doing “Working Class Hero” at Zuccotti (see below), here’s John’s tribute to 1970s NYC and radical and street people and “power to the people” people of the day (yes, I knew them all). Que Pasa, New York?

5:00 Scrubbing at Zuccotti has already begun, photo… Go to @OccupyColleges for updates and photos on their action which began half an hour ago.

4:20 A friend writes re NY action tomorrow: “Why are folks upset about having to leave the park for a little while? All the owners want is enough time to erect a twenty-foot high razor-wire fence around it.”

4:10 Big union gathering for OccupyBoston this afternoon… OccupyColleges across country starting in twenty minutes.

3:40 Denver campers to be evicted, state governor states. “The governor made the announcement at a press conference with Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and Colorado Attorney General John Suthers, who read out the law that forbids overnight camping. The three alluded that police action was imminent but provided no details. ‘We’ve been talking to the group every day since Monday,’ Hickenlooper said this morning. ‘And every time we’ve talked to them, we’ve told them it is illegal and unsafe to camp in the park.’ But the protesters, along with some homeless people who have sheltered in the park, have said they’re not going anywhere. ‘This is beyond the governor and the city,’ said James H. Andresen, 58, from New York City. ‘We are the people!‘ ”

3:20 Frankly, I have no idea who Amanda Palmer is, but here she is at Zuccotti doing great John Lennon “Working Class Hero.” Glad to see a lot of crowd knows it.

2:40 Zuccotti parkers allegedly will “dialog” (is that a verb?) with Brookfield owners of park to try to convince them to hold off on eviction and guidelines. Remember, Bloomberg’s gal is on board of Brookfield.

2:30 If you missed Tom Morello live today in NY. But who is this Mike Chec guy?

2:20 AdBusters, which started it all, sends out “ALERT: New York Police plan to end Occupy Wall Street tomorrow at 7am. Everyone of all ages is now needed to defend at 6am on Fri.”… MoveOn joins in: “We have very little time to act. We need to gather a huge national petition as soon as possible, so we can deliver it to City Hall tonight and have it for the protesters in Zuccotti Park. So act now. Sign the petition and tell Mayor Bloomberg: “Respect the protesters’ First Amendment rights. Don’t try to evict Occupy Wall Street.”

2:10 People taking pictures of filthy areas and subway stations near City Hall in New York… flat bed trucks reportedly enroute to park with cleaning supplies… How will unpredictable weather, possible thunderstorms, impact showdown?

1:55 Non-violent Civil Disobedience training about to start at Zuccotti. Legal team being assembled for tomorrow… Allison Kilkenny: “If Bloomberg is concerned about sanitation, I can show him parts of the city that are far, far dirtier than Liberty Plaza.”

1:50 It’s on: NYPD chief says that Zuccotti—if pushed out tomorrow—won’t be able to return with sleeping bags. See full list of banned things and action from owners Brookfield, including no tarps or camping stuff, no… well, basically no on everything they’ve done. E.g., no “Storage or placement of personal property on the ground, benches, sitting areas or walkways which unreasonably interferes with the use of such areas by others…”

OWS calls for more to show up to resist by 6 am—“eviction” set for 7. “Don’t allow them to foreclose on our home.”

12:10 Tom Morello live at Zuccotti. About to do Woody Guthrie. Glad he agrees with my statement two weeks ago—Woody as patron saint of movement.

11:55 Think Progress chart contrasts support for OWS vs. Tea Party. Not close. New poll every few hours bears this out.

11:40 George Packer at New Yorker on biggest insider-trading legal case ever.

11:30 Cool black and white video explaining Occupy to Fox News—you’ve seen parts before but nice job here.

11:10 Think Progress with more on the big global Oct. 15 ralliesNew Amy Goodman column: Heading for new “Bush Era” or “Push Era.”

10:45 Tom Morello still set for noon at Zuccotti, they say. If you’re radioheading there. Morello at OccupyLA:

10:40 San Jose church moves millions from Bank of America to credit union. Need much more of this.

10:35 OccupyTheHood tries to boost diversity for #OWS.

10:30 Reuters tries to tie Occupy to… rich guy George Soros… via AdBusters.

10:25 New AFL-CIO chief visits OccupyBoston.

9:50 About an hour or so ago police in Portland moved on protesters, cleared them from street, arrested eight, broke down barricades. “Dozens of police remained along the Main to prevent protesters from moving back into the roadway. They expected to be there through the morning at least, and possibly into the afternoon if needed.” Supposedly little violence.

9:40 Joe Stiglitz on Democracy Now! “Of the one percent, by the one percent, for the one percent.”

9:30 I’m sure you will want to read what Karl Rove in new column has to say about Occupy! And how backing it would doom Dems. “A weird cast of disaffected characters, ranging from anarchists and anti-Semites to socialists and LaRouchies.” And yes, we hear again that they “defecate on cars.”

9:20 Occupiers at Zuccotti pass resolution to resist city-ordered clean-up on Friday morning. As noted below, they will do mass cleaning themselves and then link arms around park on Friday and accept arrest if need be…

8:55 LA City Council passes resolution to support Occupy—as occupiers vow to withstand takeover by Democrats… And new LA Times op-ed on Occupy fitting into historical role of uprisings. (h/t Jon Wiener)

8:50 Challenge for Occupiers in Northeast next few days: a lot of rain off and on.

8:30 Video of Bill Clinton on Letterman last night: Occupy must not be just “against” something but “for” something, he sez.

8:20 New from Politico: Tea Party groups now going after Occupy. Hopefully not with guns.

8:10 St. Pete Times with front-page story on OccupyTampa and one “99 percenter.”

7:50 College protests set for 4:30 pm ET today, over 130 involved now. Follow @OccupyColleges.

7:40 Big occupation “party” set for 5 pm on Saturday in middle of Times Square, part of global protests that day. Not sure if #OWS completely behind it or not. A press contact there says that it is…. Big clean-up operation planned at Zuccotti in advance of NYC move to do same on Friday. “We will clean up our own neighborhood.”

7:35 OccupyLA now first to be run by solar power…. A few arrested in Sacramento last night…. Video from OccupyDenver.… Occupation of London Stock Exchange planned. ..@AsiaChaos tweets: “Japanese police told Occupy Tokyo organizers not to use the phrase “Occupy Tokyo” because it gave a “radical impression.”

From late Wednesday

Killer of eight in Seal Beach, CA, today drove vehicle to scene with Join the Tea Party license plates on it. Just saying.

Small detail from that new NBC poll: people back Occupy by 2-1 margin (though half not much aware of it).

Well, this (in PDF form) explains the sudden announcement tonight of a forced cleaning of Zuccotti Park on Friday. It’s a letter from the owners of the space, Brookfield, to Police Commissioner Kelly, dated yesterday (and new to me) complaining about the rabble in the park, unsanitary conditions (attracting rodents, even), “groping” and lewdness, possible damage to underground lighting, the constant delivery of possibly dangerous packages without screening by police, and on and on. Asks for forced evacuation for cleaning and repair—and leaves open whether people should be allowed to come back as before. So beware. Bloomberg has said people can stay “indefinitely”—but under what rules and laws? (h/t Michael Busch).

Crooks and Liars site ands readers still sending numerous pizzas to camps around USA. They go a big thank you from OccupyIndy just now.

Light rain in NY but GA reportedly packed and other activities nearby….Atlanta mayor has given camp five days to exit, according to one report—true?…. Boston remains strong two days after assault. Cincy seems hopping. There’s even an OccupyFortWayne.

Photo of Hizzoner at Zuccotti tonight. He has announced owners of space will give it a full cleaning on Friday board. Remember, his girlfriend sits on their board…

Mayor Bloomberg in da house at Zuccotti just now. @Rdevro “One protester asked Mayor Bloomberg if Liberty Square could get a permit for amplification equipment. He said no.” And @Buckyturco: “Did anyone tidy up the place before arrived?” More @Rdevro: “And as quick as he came, the mayor is gone. Large, gathering crowd seems to feel their concerns weren’t adaquately communicated.” Someone shouted out, “Get that man a plate of food.”

Tom Morello says he’s playing Zuccotti Park tomorrow at noon (did same at Occupy LA a few days ago). Perhaps we will see the ghost of Tom Joad.

Bill Clinton comments on Occupy here. “The Occupy Wall Street crowd basically is saying, ‘I’m unemployed and the people that caused this have their jobs again and their bonuses again and their incomes are high again. There’s something wrong with this country. This is not working for me,’ So I think it can be a good positive debate.”

Senator Jeff Sessions: #OWS just doesn’t have basic “legitimacy” of those fine folks at Tea Party (half of whom still think Obama born in Kenya).

From the folks at The Onion: “President’s Job Approval Soars After He Punches Banker in Face.” (h/t Dustin Slaughter)

Greg Mitchell’s new e-book vs. the death penalty is Dead Reckoning: Executions in America (and just $2.99). His other current book: Atomic Cover-Up, on the censorship of film footage from Hiroshima and Nagasaki for decades.