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4:00 Wild:  Chris Moody at Yahoo! reports that rightwing activists at CPAC conference in D.C. are "bracing" for party crashing  Occupyers.   They also claim that many "infiltrated" OWS in recent month, "donning old jeans" to attend meetings and camps where they allegedly learned of threats of possible violence.   "Often a prime target of liberal protestors, online publisher Andrew Breitbart said he was excited about a possible clash with Occupiers during the conference. ‘Screw them,’ Brietbart told Yahoo News in an interview in the hotel lobby. ‘I hate these people. They are the most evil, vicious people in the world.’"  He also called himself "omnipotent."

2:35 And now, J.A. Myerson interviews Chris Hedges about his, ahem, controversial article…   The Nation re-posts Todd Gitlin piece from couple weeks ago publishes elsewhere calling on Occupy to totally eschew violence.  Fight cops or fight corporate state?

2:20  Going postal:  Sen. Bernie Sanders calls out GOP on "manufactured crisis" and loss of 230,000 postal jobs.

12:30  The battle re: the streets continues:  David Graeber, a vital OWS organizer at the beginning and at times Black Bloc participant,  with new "open letter" to Chris Hedges. "This is the sort of misinformation that really can get people killed. In fact, it is far more likely to do so, in my estimation, than anything done by any black-clad teenager throwing rocks."

12:25 Another good break down on the mortgage decision by our own George Zornick. 

11:30 Piece by the great Carne Ross here at The Nation on Occupy and the new "participatory democracy" in this "disorderly world."

10:50  NYT:  Stop the presses! 33% of Americans have positive view of socialism.  Time for my hero Upton Sinclair to make a comeback!

10:45 For my local home boys and home girls:  I am giving a talk on Saturday night at Nyack Library before concert on my new Beethoven book (and partly on relation to recent and current political upheaval from Chile to China and back to Occupy).

10:40  CNN’s take on (badly flawed?) mortgage deal… The great Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism on the "official propaganda" and settlement….Also on  the other hand… The deal explained by a graphic

10:25  Ha:  Wall Streets respond to matchmakers’ tips on dating them. 

9:30 Chris Hedges’ slam at the "Black Bloc"  (and violent militants) as a "cancer" on Occupy continues to spark fierce debate pro and con.  Now David Swanson critiques Susie Cagle’s piece at Alternet which hit Hedges. "The primary argument seems to be that if you are not in Oakland and familiar with every detail you shalt not offer your advice.  But knowing whether the person who smashed a window was wearing a mask or not hardly eliminates the possibility of usefully commenting on whether it helped or hurt to smash that window."

9:20 Bad news for Chinese workers–Apple promises new iPad 3 by early March.  And new report on Apple work policies ("even worse than you think").  See below on petitions with 250,000 names being delivered to Apple store in Grand Central this morning.

9:05 NYT: Half of homeowners won’t be covered by controversial bank "settlement." More Fannie and Freddie fallout…. New deal slammed here….MoveOn is pushing this video of Maddow hailing Occupy actions against foreclosures.

8:50 What a shock: Ron Paul SuperPAC operated by a 9/11 "Truther."

8:00  Mormon in America: Next up in GOP attack on unions– Utah.

12:05 Hot dispute in Little Falls, Minn.:  Woman told to take down Occupy sign in yard says bank with Support Our Troops sign should do likewise.

From late Wednesday

NYT news alert:  "States Reach $25 Billion Deal With Banks Over Foreclosure Abuses"

Matt Taibbi rips that NY magazine cover story on Wall Street "emasculated" by Obama and OWS.  Says "stop whining" and reporter Gabe Sherman bought it.  "Listening to Wall Street whine about how it is misunderstood is nothing new. It’s been going on for years (often in that same mag). But if Sherman’s piece heralds a new era of Wall Street complaining about how it is not only misunderstood but undercompensated, you’ll have to excuse me while I spend the next month or so vomiting into my shoes."

Following up again:  NYT story on couple without heat inspires $100,000 in donations, more…… Susie Cagle points to this brief  audio interview with an original Oakland protester.   What happened to protesting banks?

For our daily Occupy song pick of the day last week we featured Beatles’ live electric version of "Revolution," rare enough but now here is true rarity: an unplugged acoustic version (audio only).   Timed to the great current debate over militant tactics.

Susie Cagle responds to Chris Hedges, adding that compared to the rest of USA, OccupyOakland is "still on fire."  Not literally!…. Next big @OccupyColleges actions:  Teach-ins Feb. 21-22, more here.

Big action set for tomorrow at 10 am at the new Apple store inside Grand Central in NY — as activists deliver there petitions signed by 250,000 protesting working conditions at the China plants. had a lot to do with the campaign.  Here’s their link and tally.  Plus: "More than 55,000 SumOfUs members have signed that organization’s petition already, making it the most viral petition since SumOfUs, a new global grassroots community of consumers fighting for corporate accountability, launched just over two months ago. More than 35,000 of the petition signers say they buy Apple products, including over 20,000 iPhone users."