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9:20 Amazing story of day: Occupy videographer’s wife gives birth in back seat of taxi, and he films what happens next.

5:45 As I noted a few days ago, old pal Springsteen is teasing his upcoming album with one-day streaming cuts this week.  Today’s is yet another OWS-friendly anthem, "Death to My Hometown," curiously Irish and upbeat.  You can listen to it here.  Sample lyric: "They destroyed our families’ factories and they took our homes / They left our bodies on the planks, the vultures picked our bones.” And they’ve "gone unpunished."  

5:20  Big story in the Bay Area:  Police and some others blaming Occupy for contributing to…a murder.  It seems a local resident, age 67, telephoned Berkeley police for help, reporting a suspicious person on his property.  But police claim they were only responding to crimes in progress calls because they were allegedly tied up by an OWN march in the city.  The man went to a fire station for help, and on his way home was bludgeoned to death.  Occupyers refute claims that they are partly to blame.  Much more to come, no doubt.

4:50  Susie Cagle tweets that Occupy Oakland "has been shutting down banks all week. And now that they’re doing what the media wanted them to do, no one’s writing the story."

4:00 New piece at The Atlantic site on the controversy over the national GA (see down the page a bit below) and tensions over "using" the name Occupy Wall Street.  Still, is sentiment around USA for some kind of national confab and agreement on "demands" at last? 

3:30  OWS "shut down the corporations" day just 6 days away.  Will it help energize the movement or provide more fodder for the where-did-the-big-crowds-go critics? 

3:25  James Fallows: What Austerity Hath Wrought, at The Atlantic….

1:45 From Alyssa Rosenberg:  Ralph Fiennes, Shakespeare, and his 99% movie.   "It’s incredibly striking to watch, Ralph Fiennes’ excellent new cinematic adaptation of Shakespeare’s play about a Roman general turned exile and traitor to his people and himself, Coriolanus, in the midst of a race for the Republican nomination for president, and in the winter of the Occupy movement."

1:30  In other news, reported just now: Bradley Manning just now formally charged with "aiding the enemy." Possible life sentence… Don’t miss part III of my series on Beethoven providing soundtrack for global protests: Today, re: Tiananman Square as the troops moved in.

1:15  Yes, there’s an Occupy provide-the-caption contest. … Wells Fargo allegedly fired this woman for speaking out against predatory lending.

11:40  And now I’ve gotten this press release from the Public Relations Working Group of Occupy Wall Street relating to the national GA story just below:  "Many news outlets are running articles suggesting that the Occupy movement is planning a ‘national general assembly’ in Philadelphia in July. This initiative, referred to as The 99% Declaration, is driven by a not-for-profit corporation called The 99 Percent Working Group, LTD., and is not endorsed by the General Assembly at Occupy Wall Street (OWS). The group’s plans blatantly contradict OWS’ Statement of Autonomy, as passed by the General Assembly at Occupy Wall Street, where The 99% Declaration generated more controversy than consensus. The proposal was also rejected by the General Assembly of Occupy Philadelphia…

"The people of Occupy Wall Street are doubtlessly animated by many of the same concerns addressed by the points in the draft 99% Declaration. However, the group’s plan to select delegates representing each Congressional District to ratify a petition to present to the U.S. government while threatening to run candidates for positions in this corrupted system runs counter to OWS’ commitment to direct democracy, grassroots people power, and building a better society from the bottom up.

"When reporting on stories concerning the convening of national ‘Occupy conventions,registration of political parties and political action committees, and other high-profile initiatives, we strongly urge reporters, editors, and producers to vet these stories by contacting the official press relations working group of Occupy Wall Street."

10:40  OccupyPhilly rejects call for a national General Assembly with 876 delegates, to be based in that city (which would follow the Founding Fathers). See bottom of page and also a Daily Kos commenter.  They "quickly weighed the evidence, and as a result of the overwhelming concerns raised by the group, the GA voted “We do not support the 99% Declaration, its group, its website, its National GA and anything else associated with it.”

9:50 Fun little video for May 1 General Strike.

9:45 Clergy rally in San Fran at Wells Fargo to protest foreclosure abuse. … Guerilla gardening

9:20  Laffs of the day: Rush Limbaugh chews out Romney–for Occupy "rhetoric."… Jason Alexander slams Romney over George Costanza reference last night.

8:40  Read here about Occupy Food Supply global action.

8:05  Attacks in Iraq kill dozens, raising fears of sectarian slaughters returning…. Less conflict abroad–but Army suicide rate keeps climbing…

8:00 Harry Shearer points out: GOP candidates claiming this is most "dangerous" period in history for U.S. need to point out that long ago we had 20,000 Soviet issues pointed at us.    i would add:  Also, should acknowledge that Israel has nuclear weapons.  So if Iran got a few:  remember when we boasted about mutual assured destruction holding off a U.S.-Soviet war?

From late Wednesday

Students and alumni suing UC-Davis over pepper spray incident…..Close to home:  in my home "well off"  county, thousands face foreclosure.

Tucker Carlson calls for total "annihilation" of Iran (which has 74 million people). Only qualm: possible hike in energy prices.  Amid drumbeat for war, see my book on the media and Iraq, aptly titled "So Wrong for So Long."

Today’s song pick of the day for Occupy:  "Land of Hope and Dreams" is on upcoming Springsteen album but he’s done it live for awhile, and here’s a good quality video from Barcelona:

Here at The Nation:  Why does the media hit violence at OWS protests — but not by banks?  … I predicted Santorum’s rise and now I will forecast his coming decline–even in today’s GOP there are another pragmatists to judge that he is a true radical and dangerous–to their party, that is.  So I would guess his primary showings over the next couple weeks will be below current expectations, overall.

New video claims to ID cop who fire weapon that led to Scott Olsen’s injuries in Oakland.

From my colleague Elizabeth Whitman:  The AP reports that the governor of Idaho has signed legislation that requires Occupy Boise protesters, camped out on state land near the Capitol, to pack up and leave by Monday at 5 pm. The legislation, while not explicitly aimed at Occupy, bans camping on state-managed land and was introduced during mid-January, while Occupy Boise has been camping out for more than three months.