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4:25  Updated long list of OccupyMusicians.  Yes, you’ll see some familiar names there.  Still no Steve Earle, though, a surprise.

3:55 Forget the "one percent.’  It’s actually half of that.… Jimmy Carter hails Occupy.…. Olbermann doing another hit on Breitbart anti-OWS rant tonight (see last night’s take way down the page below)….

2:45 Today’s Occupy song pick of the day, one of my favorites from the Clash, in rare live video of this song, as they are working for the clampdown…What are we gonna do now?

 2:35 Lengthy new critique of Occupy (or "Occupy This and That"), on several fronts, at Digital Journal… Jay Moore at Monthly Review on "The Black Freedom Movement and Chris Hedges’ Mis-use of History."

2:00 Top UK writer on Springsteen’s new OWS-friendly album.

1:30  Alternet:  NYPD gone wild, and not must vs.Occupy: brutality claims, stop and frisk bonanza….Glenn Greenwald on Democracy Now! re: hype for attack on Iran. …Chief Santorum funder Foster Friess just said on MSNBC that back in HIS day girls and women practiced birth control–by way of abstinence–by keeping an aspirin between their knees.   Andrea Mitchell horror-stricken.   GOP gunning to lose 42 states in November.

12:45 More on that Occupy "SuperPAC" and strategy…. Taking a joke seriously: David Brock of Media Matters with new book that blasts Fox News.

11:25 From my assistant, Elizabeth Whitman: Protesters plan to "Occupy Koch Town" this weekend in Wichita, Kansas, the headquarters of Koch industries. The protest is being planned by the Sierra Club and other groups, from local to national, that are concerned primarily about the Keystone XL pipeline, but also about other issues including the environment and climate change, as well as what has become a standard Occupy grievance: income inequality and the concerns of the 99 percent. The main website states "energy policy is endangering our climate and ecosystem" and that "corporate dominance of politics and distortion of science, exemplified by the Koch brothers, is perpetuating bad energy policy."

11:05  Humor break:  Romney’s dog sings the blues.  "Well I’ll Be Doggone."

10:15  If you missed Bill Moyers segment on Millenials talking about their economic futures.

10:05 Romney was driving Canadian-made car in his Detroit ad….

9:40  Proposal to ban further OccupyNashville camping now debate in state house.

9:00   My new piece here at The Nation on Beethoven "calling the tune" for global protest.  Yes, his music is the soundtrack to demonstrations almost everywhere. Occupyer Number One?  Plus, Billy Bragg sings his re-working of the "Ode to Joy."

8:50  GM reports record profits — auto workers get $7000 bonuses…. Huff Post:   Obama budget splits homeless advocates.

8:10 Olbermann with a probe of Breitbart’s list of 17 alleged rape incidents at Occupy sites.  Most bogus, of course.

From late Wednesday

 Pictures from yesterday’s Occupy Oakland "OccupyLove" march….. Reuters latest to do piece on What’s Next for Occupy with camps "largely" gone.  BTW, fifty camps do remain, even if most quite small.

New Poll:  Iran’s nuclear program: US should take military action 17% / Use econ, diplomatic efforts 60% / No action now 22% (CNN.

Nate Silver in this coming Sunday’s NYT Magazine, now online:  "Why Obama Will Embrace the 99 Percent."  Excerpt: "In recent weeks, Obama has taken a more populist approach (just read the transcript of his State of the Union address). The strategy has induced more howls than usual from Republicans about ‘class warfare,’ but the White House has clearly studied the numbers."  Versus Santorum, however, he might more run on social issues.

Chomsky on America’s "apocalyptic" imperial strategy. …New crisis in low-income rentals… .Polls: Even Republicans want birth control coverage–as if this is a shocker…..That Occupy call for May Day "general strike."   Discuss…..