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11:00 Livestream from Boston, one hour from eviction deadline.  List of other livestreams here.  Plans for mass civil disobedience, linking arms, barriers.


10:55 Interesting tweet by @OccupyAustin:   "Occupy Austin is marching in solidarity back to the site of our original encampment to denounce violence incited by 24/7 campers."

10:40    Reportedly a big NY action planned at midnight…. And DiceyTroop in NY tweets:  "On Dec. 17 OWS will occupy the Trinity-owned space next to Duarte Square, w/ or w/o permission. 20+ clergy will be ‘first over the fence’!"

9:40  Surreal:  Law and Order reportedly shooting scene tomorrow at an "Occupy" site and so have erected a fake tent park near Foley Sq and Zuccotti.  This photo shows they have version of Occupy library tent there….. A wider view here…..@NewYorkist tweets:  "Ok, I’ve just snuck into a tent here at Fake Zuccotti Park and I’m going to live tweet all night and then the shoot tomorrow."

9:30  Video: Rep. Joe Walsh flies like an Eagle  from OWSers, down the back stairs, Young Turks break it down.

9:00: Boston OWSers awating eviction divided between dance party and preparing for civil disobedience or whatever….and Boston Globe story… Scott Olsen benefit tonight in Oakland

7:55 What Hollywood icon created the first "attack ads" for the screen — to defeat one of the greatest mass movement in U.S. history, with relevance to OWS today?  You may be shocked.  They even give an Oscar in his name every year. My new e-book about it all here.  Video answers the question below.

6:55 As Boston awaits police, "You Can’t Evict an Idea" projected on wall.

6:40  Alan Moore of "V for Vendetta" joins Occupy Comics.

6:10  Protesters in D.C. singing carols outside Chamber /GOP party in D.C.  @JoshHarkinson with photo (some on sidewalk with 99% "red carpet" to welcome guests).

6:00 MoveOn just picked this as best Main St vs Wall St scene in "It’s a Wonderful Life."  Warped frustrated old men and the "rabble.:"

5:20  In response to OWS raid, hackers post info gained from LAPD…. At B of A bust in LA last week, city cops aided by private security, LA Weekly reports. (h/t Jon Wiener)

5:00 Who says you can’t get OWS and Tea Party folks to sit around the same table.  Personal Democracy in NY has just set a "flash conference" for next Monday evening which will feature Clay Shirky and couple others with two Tea Party founders and an OWS organizer.

4:05 Given advance warning–unlike, say, in SF and NY — the big camp in Boston aims to clear out most key stuff by midnight eviction notice.  Lengthy look at how they are doing that here.  Equipment getting unplugged and people making plans for getting together again, saying goodbyes "for now."  Of course, camp will not be cleared completely and confrontation still likely but they will not get everything tossed in trash as we’ve seen elsewhere. Tons of TV crews already gathering–along with ace streamer Tim Pool soon.  But Boston may go quietly? 

4:00  NYT: OWS port shutdown next Monday opposed by key ILGU union.  "The key issue for targeting the ports is a longstanding dispute between longshoremen and grain exporter EGT at the Port of Longview along the Columbia River in Washington. The protesters say companies like EGT represent ‘Wall Street on the waterfront’ and believe rank-and-file longshoremen support the shutdown, regardless of what union leaders say. Occupy groups in such cities such as Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, Portland, Ore., Tacoma, Wash., Seattle, Anchorage and Vancouver plan to blockade their local ports."

3:50  Sen. Bernie Sanders just introduced the bill to overturn the Citizens United court decision….

2:05  Friend and near-neighbor, Joan Gussow — sometimes described as the "matriarch" of various food movements today — has a ringing endorsement of OWS at Huff Post in guest column. "To focus on specific demands would divert us from a fundamental fact:  No single fix will work.  The whole system is broken. We’ve been had.  We are being steadily poisoned by industrial chemicals, seduced into participating in the dangerous alteration of our own weather, fattened by a food supply that bankrupts farmers while it subsidizes the wrong crops, and intentionally distracted from noticing all this and more by the circuses that the 1 percent provides to distract us."  (h/t Barbara Bedway)

1:50  This livestream covering discussion in Boston over eviction deadline tonight, as they call for massive turnout to resist…. Kickstarter campaign for OWS ‘collaborative film."  

1:10 NYU to offer OWS class this spring… Meanwhile, OccupyPrinceton mic-checks JPMorganChase.

12:45 Portland Occupy raising funds for TV ad buy, see details here and clever 30-second video.

11:50  Occupy site asks people facing foreclosure to contact them…Santa Cruz camp being raided now, we are told… New video of Jackson Browne doing "For Everyman," 1986 … Protester claims Bill O’Reilly hit him with umbrella!

11:40 The favorite of all the books I’ve written has just appeared yesterday for FIRST TIME in e-book edition, and it is extremely relevant for OWS today — as I noted in my piece recently at OccupyWriters.  "The Campaign of the Century" explores author and socialist Upton Sinclair’s face for governor of California in 1934 — leading one of the greatest mass movements in U.S. history, known as EPIC — End Poverty in California.  After SInclair swept the Democratic primary, the moneyed forces had to go out and invent the modern political campaign as we know it, including the first use of the screen for "attack ads."  Here’s link for more,

11:10   Today’s song pick for OWS, and marking anniversary of John Lennon’s passing:  It’s his "Just Gimme Some Truth," and yes that’s Geo Harrison on guitar.

11:05  Video of Gov. Chris Christie getting mic-checked yesterday while backing Romney.

11:00  Here we go:  Boston reportedly order camp to move by midnight tonight, after winning court action yesterday…. And, with that in mind,  OWS losing camps but going mobile–and risking getting co-opted?

10:40  Video from Portland:  Why Wells Fargo Fired Me….  More on the West Coast "port shutdown" actions next Monday.

10:05  Latest on Occupy "re-grouping" after the big San Fran eviction yesterday… Greg Sargent  of Wash Post tweets:  "After spending six figures linking to Eliz Warren, what does have to say about new poll finding it’s a nonissue?"   And more here on such efforts.

9:35  Classic Disney "Moving Day" cartoon below was shown at site of Occupy action in Brooklyn this week.  Even before that it has 23 million views.  See why:

9:20   William Astore: The remoteness of wars for the 1%.  Stiglitz has also been good on this… Caleb Crain on shift in tech and "iPhones vs. Police."

8:45 I had this last night but updated: Earlier Wednesday we reported Time magazine picked rise of Occupy as #1 U.S. news story of the year.  Now comes word that NPR word guy Geoff Nunberg names Occupy "word of the year."  Story and audio here. "So why not make ‘the 99 percent’ itself the word of the year? Well, for one thing, occupy is that rare linguistic phenomenon, a word that bubbles up out of nowhere and actually helps to create the very thing it names. And anyway, the 99 percent ‘ wouldn’t be part of our political discussions if occupy hadn’t gotten there first."

8:40  Riding OWS tide?  Eliz Warren surges to 7% lead in Mass Senate race… "The Fracking Song" makes Time‘s list of most creative videos of 2011…. More on yesterday’s K Street marching in D.C. yesterday.

8:30  Livestream from that imperiled occupied house in Brooklyn, cops now outside.

8:00  Albany camp gets okay from judge to stay, for now…But Occupy Maine permit denied….and Fort Worth site cleared….

12:15  The Occupied Chicago Tribune joins similar notable efforts in other big cities with their local papers.

12:10  Count of those arrested in anti-lobbyist actins in D.C.today seems to be over 60.… NYT update on  Brooklyn house occupied on Tuesday — a lotta work to do…. Folks just now reported pending police raid of one of the occupied NY homes….

12:05  Glad to see folks making use of best song yet inspired by OWS, Ry Cooder’s  "Wall Street Part of Town."  Here’s new one highllighting foreclosures.

12:00 My new Occupy e-book now updated to cover events up to last Monday   The wonders of modern e-publishing!  Can purchase "40 Days That Shook the World"  for just $2.99, with 50 cents of each going to OWS.  For KIndle but also for all phones, iPads, PCs and Macs, via apps.

From late Wednesday

10:30  Livestream: big protest in SF after eviction, some already kettled. Half dozen arrests so far, at least, emotions raw. 


 9:05  At least 11 arrested so far tonight outside U.S. Supreme Court in protest vs. Citizens United ruling…. Cool photo earlier of "lie-in" — that is Wash Post reporter Tim Craig counting the bodies.

8:35  OWSers crash Gingrich fundraiser at posh D.C. hotel, gets pretty wild:

5:55 Roger Ebert finally weighs in on Occupy.  Give it a thumb up, and the other thumb down Says he backs it, like most populist movement, but has severe qualms about tactics, such as the camps, noting that Saul Alinsky would "tear his hair out" over that.  "Successful as it has been, the Occupy Movement should be much larger and encompass more different kinds of people. By its radical tactics, it has seemed exclusionary. Everyone should feel invited to join."  Is "radical" really the right word, Rog?

5:20  Amazing: Time magazine today picked OWS protests as the NUMBER ONE U.S. news story of 2011, and even carries photo of the pepper-spraying cop to illustrate it. This was the editors’ pick, not reader poll.  Note, however, the rather weak write-up — and suggestion it will only matter if it plays a role in race for White House.

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