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11:45  More on that collaborative film for and about OWS, and watch trailer.

10:30 Here’s new MoJo story on the below, including photo of arrested girl, 14.

10:00  Reports (below) now confirmed via AP, with five  arrests at Paui HQ today in Iowa and 12 more at Democratic HQ.   That 14-year-old girl released — to her father.  "At the Iowa Democratic Party’s offices, protesters targeted President Barack Obama, demanding that he put a stop to home foreclosures, turn down campaign donations from Wall Street, and end indefinite detentions of detainees at Guantanamo Bay. ‘They’re all going to get equal play on this,’ Ryun said. ‘We are very disillusioned with every candidate.’"

9:55 Arresting developments:  We hear that GA in NYC tonight passed plan for $100,000 bail fund– and sending $25,000 to Oakland for a "badass" action.

5:00 According to unconfirmed reports, about a dozen more arrests coming in Iowa today — perhaps going on right now — including a girl, age 14, arrested before.

2:25 Police arrest 5 Occupy protesters outside Ron Paul campaign offices in Iowa.  They were particularly focusing on his call to eliminate the EPA.  Yesterday protesters disrupted a Paul speech and others got busted at Romney HQ.

2:15  Still digging the best OWS tribute song to come from a mianstream artist, the great Ry Cooder, so we’ll make this our Occupy song pick of the day (a daily feature since Oct. 1):

 2:00 Politico, of all places, has a major piece on "5 Ways to Re-Occupy in 2012"– starting with "On Campus."

1:55 Ivy Leaguers no longer want to play "moneyball"? Michael Lewis in new tongue-in-cheek (but serious)  Bloomberg column on trouble for the One Percenters as OWS impacts college views and recruiting.

12:30  Bob "Travelin’ Man" Plain with his latest report from Portlandia, chilling out but not going away…. 50 scientists in New Hampshire call on GOP candidates to accept climate science….

11:50 The OccupyCongress event for Jan. 17 seems to be catching on.  Of course, much also planned for MLK Jr. day as OWS emerges from holiday slowdown.

10:10 Amazing look at Woody Gutrhie’s hand-written — and illustrated — New Year’s resolutions for 1943.   He was serving in military at the time.  Favorites for me include "Dance better," "write a song a day," "change socks," "learn people beter," "love everybody,"  "help win the war" and especially "wake up and fight."

9:55 Ron Paul talks about Occupy and the Tea Party.  He said he sort of identifies "with both groups.".. NYT tours the homes of GOP hopefuls.  

9:30  From my home on a hill overlooking the Hudson River I can look down on the Tappan Zee Bridge and yesterday afternoon another person jumped off the span to his likely death.  His brother arrived moments too late to try to halt the leap.  It’s been happening more frequently since the economic crisis hit, despite new barriers.  His body has not yet been found but word has emerged that he was a young guy (all of 24, same age as my son)) who, reportedly, recently lost his job.

9:25 My piece about a very OWS-related subject, drawn from my book, has been re-posted by The Nation:  how "the vested interests" and Hollywood turned back one of the greatest mass movements against economic inequality in our history, Upton Sinclair’s EPIC campaign in 1934 — after he swept the Democratic primary for governor!  The book has just been publiished in a new print edition and for the first time as an e-book.

9:20  Ron Paul event in Iowa interrupted by OWS protesters.  Earlier, folks arrested at Romney HQ (see video here).  Santorum surging in Iowa but this is STILL what you get first when you google his name.

9:10 New Occupy Oakland camp removed — already.

12:10  Wired:  "Occupy Geeks Building a Facebook for the 99%."

12:05  NYT profiles Mayor Quan (at top of home page now) of Oakland and her path from activist to foe of Occupy camp.

12:00  How the housing crisis could kill any progress on jobs.

From late Wednesday

Protesters arrested at Romney HQ in Iowa.

Occupy in London says the great Tim Pigott-Smith to take part in reading of Dickens’ "A Christmas Carol" at St. Paul’s  on Friday.  I saw him on stage in London couple years ago and he was also in one of my favorite movies, "Bloody Sunday."  Also "V for Vendetta" and many, many years ago — "The Jewel in the Crown" on PBS.  A good guy / bad guy.

Frank Rich calls GOP the "Molotov Party."  How far right can they go?  How far ya got?… KickStarter campaign for People’s Library formerly at Zuccotti.

 Here is video, inspired by my book, on the first use of a screen "attack ad" to destroy a candidate–author Upton Sinclair, who was leading a mass movement against poverty in 1934 and captured the Dem nomination for gov of California. 


Much ado about Mitt Romney’s ties to Wells Fargo.– and apparently some people getting arrested today at Romney and Wells Fargo HQ in Iowa . .. Occupy Bellingham (WA) forced to remove tents.  Occupy Louisville next….. Councilman in Charlotte, NC (future host for Dem National Convention) compares local Occupy to the KKK…..