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8:50  More shocking news: Protesters pepper-sprayed at Albany march today after evictions (which I covered below with link and livestream).  AP reports says one copy sprayed from horseback.  Unconfirmed report has one victim as 15-year-old girl.  Tonight local paper reports: "In a news conference in the park, several members of the group who said they had been pepper sprayed expressed outrage to the media. City Councilman Dominick Calsolaro was also sprayed. Another woman spoke with her eyes closed, her face coated in a white film she said was milk of magnesia to soothe the spray. One woman who was sprayed seemed to suffer a seizure afterward and was taken away in an ambulance."

6:45  Graphic video of San Diego arrests at camp last night, folks seized and manhandled for apparently no reason, and then video guys jumps in.

 5:50 Update, livestream below, cops attack marchers in Albany, seize tent, arrests and someone hurt.

 5:25 Wash Post report on incident at OWS camp there today–police called about drunk man assaulting woman–and other drunks there –man resisted arrest and was tasered, which got Occupy crowd upset.  Cop injured and taken to hospital.  Apparently "isolated" incident but such incidents have sparked other city crackdowns.

5:10  Eliot Spitzer at Slate proposes new focus for OWS in January:  "We Own Wall Street"…. Folks gathering in Philly for massive Christmas Caroling — for the "grinches" — tonight.

5:00 Thrilled that my "classic" book about Upton SInclair’s wildly influential (and very OWS-relevant) race for governor back in print just today (also out in new e-book edition).  See video at bottom of page down below.

4:50 I’ve linked several times in past to great black and white portraits out at OccupyLA by Annie Appel.  Now here is a new "photo essay" of same, in book form, which you can purchase. More good news: She plans to travel soon to other sites, possibly even NYC,  and do the same.  ….The great  Ryan Gosling with a graphic message, via MoveOn.

3:50  Occupy Albany dismantled this afternoon, no arrests according to tnis report.   "On Wednesday, representatives of the leaderless protest movement met with city officials and proposed they be allowed to remain overnight in the city park with a "small, winterized presence" of 10 tents past Thursday’s deadline, when their permit to camp there expired."  Tim Pool amazingly in on the scene, I had livestream below but now moved UP on the page above.3:05 Matt Taibbi on Obama, Geithner, Enron and lack of Wall St prosecutions. … OccupyAlbany facing showdown, but Tim Pool is there–with his OccuCopter drone.

2:40  Shocking video from last night’s eviction at Berkeley — local cop points gun at video guy, threatens to shoot him.  Bob Plain, here, has full report on the battle, with two arrests.  Camp had its share of problems in recent days, including an alleged rape attempt.

2:25 Tim Craig of Wash Post tweets: "A messy scene for K street lunch crowd at . Other demonstrators were angry by alleged tazing. One other arrested as well. Calm now."

12:50  Today’s song pick for Occupyers (a daily feature since Oct.1) — a runnerup in my "contest" yesterday, as nominated by @RDDrayton (aka Ralph Drayton).  It’s from the Kinks’ greatest (and extremely class-conscious) album, Arthur, and titled "Brainwashed."  (Yes, I asked Ray Davies about this song — and "Dead End Street" — when I interviewed back in ’74).

12:15  Harvard Yard re-opening to public after many OWS tents removed.

11:30  New video on OccupyChristmas.

11:20  Video of the blazing police eviction of OccupyDenver the other night.

11:10  Jeff Sharlet tweets:  "OWS funds: down from high of $679,000 to less than $372,000. But I don’t think that’s as bad as it looks. Money needed to be spent."

11:00 I’ve been offering FREE downloads of some of my e-books this week, and today it is The Age of WikiLeaks.  See bold heading at top of blog for links to other books…

10:10  Travelin’ man Bob Plain on the next port protest action on the Left Coast — in Longview, WA.

9:50 Today’s marks the anniversary of what I have called "the greatest concert ever" — and it featured the man whose music was played this year before the largest protest crowd of the year, half a million in Madrid.  And he was truly a friend of the 99% of his day.  Here’s my piece about it here, and just a very small (though revolutionary) part of that night below:

 9:40  In conservative S. Carolina, poor and homeless turn to Occupy…. Final day of Bradley Manning hearing….Bank of America has to pay $335 miilion to take care of Countrywide scandal….  OccupyTheCorporation needed.

9:20 NYPD getting more "media training" in wake of poor handling of journos in OWS actions.

8:55 L.A Times:  Occupyers arrested have choice of paying for "free speech" classes instead of other penalties.

12:10  @occupymotown tweets: scoreboard: 69 Days, 25 GAs, 6 houses & 1 building occupied, 3 homes saved from eviction, 0 arrests by DPD.

12:05  Camp in Berkeley served notice it may be evicted tonight. It has called for bodies to defend.  Oakland and SF camps long gone, of course.

From late Wednesday

Shocker: OWSers arrested in Houston get hit with FELONY charges.

 After picking a song for OWS and fans here every day since October 1, I called for nominations via Twitter a few minutes ago.  Got some good ones and will note them for possible future use.  But the "winner" for today:  Anti-Flag’s "One People One Struggle."   Thanks to @RichieHardcore. Will use a runnerup tomorrow.  Thanks and watch for more picks from the "contest" in days ahead.

Another valuable piece by the travelin’ man, Bob Plain, as his OccuTour reaches Oakland.

Occupy just posted a "thank you" video to supporters, also to explain what it’s up to these days, nuts and bolts, even in offices and atrium.

Fascinating, lengthy, piece at The Awl on the "battle" over the OWS "archives."    Sample: "The entire idea of institutional collaboration is a fraught one. On the one hand, it could open up a world of resources and money. On the other, the longer the group remains independent, the more control it can continue to have over the shape of the collection, and most importantly, future access to the materials."

Just learned my award-winning book on Upton Sinclair’s incredibly influential (and very relevant for OWS today) race for governor of California will come out in new print edition next week.  It appeared for the first time as an e-book just two weeks ago.  It’s titled The Campaign of the Century: Upton Sinclair’s Race for Governor of California and the Birth of Media Politics.  The year was 1934, the depths of the Depression, and he led one of the great mass movements in U.S. history– End Poverty in California, or EPIC.  The "vested interests" — including Hollywood — rose up to destroy the candidate and the movement.   Here’s a lenghty piece about it from The Nation last year.  A video below.