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12:00 Then Laurie Anderson and hubby Lou Reed appeared at Lincoln Center GA (see below).  Beginning to see the light?

11:55 Okay, Steve Syrek, long involved with library at Zuccotti, just sent me what Philip Glass read at GA a few minutes ago in Lincoln Center.  True to his form, Glass repeated it a few times.  Steve says he was "quite adept" at the mic-check.  Here it is:  "When righteousness/ Withers away/ And evil / Rules the Land /We come into being /Age after age/ And take visible shape /And move / A man among men/ For the protection/ Of good /Thrusting back evil /And setting virtue/ On her seat again.

Glass later called or texted from a taxi to say he is "with" OWS and "Satyagraha" is OWS, someone said at the GA..

11:50  SF awaits raid, below:

 11:30  Outrageous:  Up to 200 remain jailed in L.A., almost two days after raid, due to $5000 bail — for failing to disperse misdemeanors.

10:25 From a NY #OWS friend at Lincoln Center for Philip Glass at GA tonite (see item down the page): Tons of cops already w/ barricades. Heard voice on cop’s radio say, "Lock it down."  Rumors earlier that cops would keep public off public plaza.

10:05  Confirmed what we reported earlier: terrific indie singer/songwriter Michelle Shocked was arrested in LA raid the other night, spent a lot of time in jail (see item down the page a bit).  Her name published in list at L.A. Times. One of her best-known songs about — L.A.  Last time I saw her it was in a free concert in a New Orleans park backed by the great Henry Butler.  BTW, how many other entertainers have been arrested for OWS? Rare indeed.  Also:  she sang at rallies in Wisconsin last spring, and even at this singalong.

9:15  Police setting up barricades in SF — raid appears to be on at any time.. Livestream from ace Punk Boy in SF and a second below that.

9:15 Cool photo of OWSers in LA defending the last tent during raid the other night…Tonight’s big conflict so far– in Boston, over police stealing a camp…sink.

8:00 Wells Fargo CEO mic-checked at NC State yesterday…Video of LAPD destroying American flag in raid.

5:50 Strong report/ rumor going around that terrific singer/songwriter Michelle Shocked one of those arrested in LA raid the other night.  I’m trying to confirm but @Mshocked, not an official Twitter account, has been tweeting arrest, horrid jailing, and release.  Also a friend seems to confirm via Twitter.  More later. Her latest: "Bailed from Van Nuys jail this AM. An awful, unlawful arrest! Ruth arrested, most are still in custody. Going to 429 Bauchet now."

4:10 Just got email from group that has taken over former bank building in Santa Cruz, now vacant but owned by Wells Fargo, "for the good of the community."  They say they are doing this "in solidarity" with OWS but not with approval. It’s at  75 River St.  Much more in article here.  In email to me they note : "An existing time-honored U.S. and California law allows for the transfer of a property title when a property is occupied and taken care of by an alternative party for an extended period of time. This law is called adverse possession. The law was born out of the belief that society’s best interests are met when land and property are utilized productively rather than sitting vacant."  Remnds me of Upton Sinclair’s EPIC campaign in California….

3:30 I always give extra props to stars who play for OWS, so here is my favorite old Jackson Browne "political" song. "Let the music keep our spirits high."

2:45 Mark Marone at DailyKos describes being among the few at Zuccotti last night when George Harrison’s oldersister Louise showed up and gave everyone "Harrison hugs."   She describes being a strong OWS backer and in the video, linked at the post, she says John Lennon certainly would have been there. She seems to be picked up in car at end with George’s son Dhani there.

2:40  Judge just stayed OccupyBoston eviction until possibly Dec.15.  But could come sooner.  Could have happened tomorrow.

1:45  SF expects raid tonight, Boston tomorrow — if court action today fails.

1:00 Dramatic video of Havara protest and arrests at end with chanting crowd… More details on the ambitious OccupyBroadway actions: start at 6 pm in "secret location" near Times Sq with performances going on for 24 hours…

12:45  Livestream from Zuccotti, site of Third Eye Blind / Jackson Browne /Dawes band gig just about now, altho cuts out from time to time.  Update:  Third Eye Blind did couple songs, with MoveOn in tow, now Jackson on. He’s done generous 5 or 6 songs with Dawes band, and may be done now.


12:35  My pal Paul Rieckhoff on Maddow last night talking about disgusting bank moves to foreclose on military folks. 

11:55  Amazing statement from OWS in NY just now about 10:30 pm GA tonight at Lincoln Center:  "Join us in an open conversation about the effects of increased privatization and corporatization of all aspects of society, and the use of nonviolent civil disobedience around the world to reclaim the commons. Composer Philip Glass will join the general assembly and mic-check a statement.

"It is no doubt timely that Philip Glass’ opera ‘Satyagraha’–which depicts Gandhi’s early struggle against colonial oppression in South Africa–should be revived by the Metropolitan Opera in 2011, a year which has seen popular revolutions in North Africa, mass uprisings in Europe, and the emergence of Occupy Wall Street protests in the United States. Yet we see a glaring contradiction in ‘Satyagraha’ being performed at the Lincoln Center where in recent weeks protestors from Occupy Wall Street have been arrested and forcibly removed for exercising their First Amendment rights to peaceful public assembly."

11:20 Today’s econ-related item from Barbara Bedway:  Subprime ethics: A former vp for Chase with a shelf full of awards  for selling subprime loans  acknowledges to NYT’s Nicholas Kristof the profound unfairness that “troubled banks got rescued while troubled homeowners have been evicted.”  With the commission for selling a subprime loan seven times higher than prime mortgages, bankers pushed the subprime loans onto “less savvy borrowers — those with less education, without previous mortgage experience, or without fluent English.”

10:55 Major piece at Digby’s blog (by a guest) on lessons of Egypt making it imperative that OWS occupy the 2012 elections.

10:30  Today’s song pick for Occupyers everywhere (a daily feature here since Oct. 1): Bell X1’s brilliant music and video, "Sugar High." 

10:15  Robert Scheer: Well, maybe you CAN "arrest an idea." 

9:55 A slam at The Daily Show for OWS-related coverage over past two months…

9:45 @BostonJustice tweeting from inside hearing move on key OWS legal move on camp…. After protest, bank cancels plan to evict 103-year-old woman.

9:40  Reporters covering OWS protest at Obama fundraiser last night say cops barred them. … Video of eviction of OccupyCharlottesville (18 arrests) overnight.

9:00 Reminder:  cross-generation concert at Zuccotti today, with Third Eye Blind at noon, Jackson Browne and Dawes band at 1 aiming to "reignite the spark."  Below:  see Tom Morello do the same at OccupyLA last night:

 8:45 Frank Luntz advises GOPers how talk about OWS. Like "they want to take money from hard-working folks." Yeah, like most of the one-percenters, right?

8:40  Nick Kristof talks to banker who admits causing housing mess and more.

8:35  Amazing:  My new Occupy e-book now updated to cover events up to this past Monday   The wonders of modern e-publishing!  Can purchase "40 Days That Shook the World"  for just $2.99, with 50 cents of each going to OWS.  For KIndle but also for all phones, iPads, PCs and Macs, via apps.

8:30  Right-wingers have been celebrating drop in OWS support in some polls.  But Tea Party plunging faster, even in states with high support.

8:00 18 arrests reported in raid at Charlottesville last night… Eliot Spitzer: "In retrospect, I wish we’d put more people in handcuffs."  Presume he means Wall Streeters,  not in his personal life.

12:05  Ace livestreamer PunkBoy says police raid in SF likely to come Thursday, with order coming down that no tents allowed.

Late Wednesday

11:35    Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia mic-checked today at Harvard’s JFK School  just after he told crowd no injuries at all in raid last night.  Reminded that at least one guy, an Iraq vet, trampled by police horse, and more:


11:10  Big NYT piece by Brian Stelter on "The 99%" entering the "lexicon," no matter what many feel about OWS itself.  Looks at history of the phrase, and other such phrases, quotes Xeni Jardin, looks at its use in ads, and much more.  Brian has been doing a lot of good OWS stuff … Charlottesville eviction happening at 11 pm tonight…

11:00 Tom Morello showed up to play at OccupyLA’s GA tonight at the scene of last night’s raid.  Photo at left. Videos later…And update:  We reported earlier that Jackson Browne and band Dawes will perform gig at Zuccotti Park tomorrow at 1 pm.  Now we learn that Third Eye Band also will be there (as we have noted, they have a new OWS-backing single) and possibly at 12:30.  Frankly, don’t know Dawes at all (an age thing) but saw many a Jackson show back in 1970s, though not since beyond a benefit for Rep. John "Orleans" Hall.  Browne  is one of drivers of upcoming first rock benefit CD for Occupy.  

10:20  Just now from @OccupyLA:  "Nearly 300 peaceful protesters still at Metropolitan Detention Center.  NLG has yet to see them." 

9:05  Protesters in NYC, though not massive number, making a lot of noise across of midtown hotel where he is at fundraiser.   Hard to believe police will put up with this for too long–surely the drummers would be heard inside hotel!  Wouldn’t shock me OWS  paid for, say, 5 folks to attend an Obama fund raiser and they do a little mic-check…. Seems to me some trouble in LA now between cops and remnants of campers..

7:40  Cool posters with OWS "demands" for tonight’s DInner With Barack actions in NYC.  Message pretty clear for the President.

  7:10  In case you missed the special Google search page today honoring Mark Twain, here it is with a more modern figure at rigtht of image (not sure who did this but fella named Colin Swales sent it to me).

6:30  Coincidence of cause-and-effect?  Some Occupyers in LA now charging that camp was raided when it was due to…scheduled shooting of big Hollywood movie on the site, CBS reports.  Ironically, the "Gangster Squad"  movie stars lefty Sean Penn, along with good guy Ryan Gosiing.  Protesters had already made a deal with studio to move some porta-potties but studio needed whole site by now.  Hence: the new charge. 


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