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3:30  OccupyBoston continuing occupation of statehouse steps for second day, growing out of the public transportation action yesterday.  "At ‘Camp Charlie,’ Occupy the MBTA’s occupation of the State House steps enters its second day. Meanwhile, the board of the MBTA still refuses to challenge the dominion of Wall Street banks over public finances.Last night, dozens of activists slept on the steps of the Massachusetts State House to protest the proposed service cuts, fare hikes, and layoffs."

12:15  Excerpt from Van Jones book (mentioned below).  Excerpt from the excerpt: "The time has come to turn things right side up again and declare that America’s honest, hard-working middle class is too big to fail. The aspirations of our low-income, struggling, and marginalized communities are too big and important to fail. The hopes of our children are too big to fail. The American Dream itself is too big to fail.

"And we are not going to let these things fail."

10:45  Local weekly looks at OccupyTacoma and asks:  Where Are They Now?  (Actually, still around despite end of camp.)

9:35  Editorial here at The Nation:  "A Budget to Re-build America."   Hint: It’s not Ryan’s or Romney’s (or Obama’s)… Van Jones:  "I thought Occupy would be gone in 20 minutes."   His new book dividing Occupyers–some see as quite valuable, others charges "co-opting."

9:05  See my new piece here on today as 2nd anniversary of WikiLeaks rising to fame with release of "Collateral Murder" video from Iraq.

9:00  NYT reviews "Tent CIty USA" on TV tonight, re: homeless in Nashville.

8:50  The Economist reviews a new book by and for Occupyers…Interview with editor of Occupy poetry anthology…  Fellowship of Reconciliaition on OccupyFaith gathering.

8:25  Critique of Occupy in L.A. Times by famed cartoonist David Horsey (plus text)…. Occupy the Dream rally in SF yesterday marking MLK Jr. death. …Occupy movement returning to Minneapolis after downturn…Danny Schectter: Time to Occupy the IRS.

From late Wednesday

Email to me from Occupy: "On April 4th, the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., unions, immigrant justice groups, and community activists joined together at Union Square to announce this year’s May Day rally and march scheduled for Tuesday May 1st, 2012, starting at 4pm at Union Square.  With the overarching theme for May Day 2012 marked as ‘We Are the 99%: Legalize, Unionize, Organize,’ leaders from each group of the coalition stood together, showing solidarity in the face of massive income inequality and attacks on working families, immigrant communities, and the public sector in New York City."

Van Jones on Democracy Now! re: OWS and "progressive-ism" in general.

Further updates on Santa Monica pepper spaying (see items and videos below):  Trustees not backing down despite uproar. .. Good roundup (links, photos, testimony more) on Santa Monica pepper spray incident at BoingBoing…. Writer at The Atlantic takes a long look at the issue that gave rise to protest; A blog at a Fox affiliate in L.A. reviews the step-by-step.

Classic:  D.A. in New York drops charges against city councilman arrested and bloodied in OWS protest–when "they can’t find female cop he supposedly tussled" with.  “The fact is that the District Attorney didn’t believe the police officers testimony would prove their case and that speaks far louder than anything else they said,” attorney Andrew Stoll said... 

May I humbly suggest that my award-winning book on Upton Sinclair’s amazing 1934 race for governor of Calif–leading great end poverty movement–is tremendously relevant for Occupy today, not to mention U.S. media and politics and the 2012 campaign….My new book on the Bradley Manning case, with my former Nation intern Kevin Gosztola, just out this month in print as well as e-book.  Titled "Truth and Consequences: The U.S. vs. Bradley Manning," it covers the saga right up to the court martial proceeding in recent months, right up to two weeks ago.