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1:50  Site for the strike in Bay Area now up. … College student debt just keeps a-growing.  Worth a lot but worth it? … In case you needed more reason to hate the Yankees: NYT today reveals team president donated to Scott Brown in Mass.

12:50  May Day Strike for Dummies?  A humorous guide to how to skip work on May 1. "No one will question a medical check-up. And what’s best with this scenario is that you simultaneously tend to your health and that of this country’s economy. It’s multi-tasking at its finest.”(h/t Jay Moore) 

11:55 The YesLab claims credit for that fake Bank of America site and press release that I covered yesterday (see below), saying they did it with Rain Forest Action and OWS.  "This site is a forum for people to imagine what they could do with this bank," said Jane O’Heely of the Yes Lab, one of the site’s creators. "The ideas we’ve gotten already show we all know as much as bankers about how a bank ought to be run — and actually, a good deal more…"

11:50  How two young folks found true love…at Occupy Toronto. 

10:00 Lengthy report at The Atlantic on the report on pepper-spray incident at UC-Davis–focusing on two little noted angles.  For one, the protesters seemed to have every right to protest as they were doing, so the order to disperse them was wrong from the start.  Second, Lt. John Pike was ordered not to carry riot gear, took with him can of pepper spray larger than allowed, was untrained and used it at too close a distance, and more troubling aspects.

9:40  More on the May Day music in NYC, which I previewed yesterday, including Tom Morello and a literal Gutiar Army (but will they tet fatigued?)…. Story and photo of the suddenly unoccupied Freedom Plaza in D.C. after "merger."… Danny Schechter: Are we on the decks of another Titanic?  And James Cameron will not save us.

9:10 Site that collects numerous videos of artists who have performed at OWS-related events and are on new album (see below).  Here’s Patti Smith:

8:45 Alternet:  99% Spring Training has lot of offer but may be mixed bag. "The opening introductions revealed a mix of retired autoworkers, MoveOn members, representatives from Communications Workers of America (CWA), and a couple occupiers. The Saturday meeting in downtown Philadelphia, led by Greenpeace, numbered approximately 100, also with an average age well above last year’s Occupy Philly encampment."

8:35 More on the upcoming "Occupy this Album" with, count ’em, 99 tracks and big release party (as we unveiled yesterday) in three weeks.   And here’s a five-song sampler you can listen to now, streaming.

8:30  The "barricaading" of Occupy protest near Wall St. continues….Divide and not conquer? …Hundreds of union members march on San Fran City Hall, demanding higher wages and cuts chopped "from the top."

From late Wednesday

UC-Davis police chief quits in wake of critical report on "pepper spray" incident.  No word on fate on John Pike.

Reuters with new piece on activists’ new shareholder meeting focus.  "A group called 99% Power — a reference to those not among the top 1 percent of earners — says it plans actions at 36 shareholder meetings, with the first big push coming at Tuesday’s Wells Fargo & Co gathering in San Francisco."

John Cassidy of The New Yorker touts new "Occupy Handbook" –and Occupy–on the way to D.C. to speak on panel about it.  And see Michael Lewis contribution discussed below.

WSJ: Fake Bank of America press release, campaign and web site launched.  The site is still up but now bears a "phishing" warnng.  "The website features several pages that carry on the typical arguments against BofA, and while there doesn’t appear to be anyone taking credit yet, it bears all the hallmarks of the recent Occupy protests against the bank. The site appears to take issue with BofA for ‘funding coal’ and for not paying taxes in 2010, a year it lost money. There are also several snide remarks about mortgages."

OWS targets Frieze Art Show in NYC.   "Occupy Museums is targeting Frieze for what it sees as the ‘financialization’ of the art world. The call to protest comes on the heels of news of a labor dispute between Frieze and a New York carpenters union, which claims the art fair doesn’t meet labor standards."