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10:00 Livestream of tonight’s sleep-in on Wall Street, this makes it night four.

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6:20  Turns out two more Occupyers sleeping outside a bank in D.C. overnight, bringing the total to 7.  In similar move, no such arrests in NYC… The man who started Occupy New Haven says it’s time to pack up camp "and go" but others there disagree…

3:30  National People’s Action and it’s "99% Power" (see main site) with big plans for this weekend and beyond vs. "corporate power."

3:20  Controversy du jour:  Jessica Valenti here at The Nation on why Hilary Rosen, despite poor wording, was basically right re: Ann Romney.

2:30  PBS NewsHour with more on its Charles Murray and the ‘jobless future" segment….

1:00 NYT covers the new Occupy the Sidewalks tactic (Reuters photo at left from Wall St.). "For the third consecutive night, Occupy Wall Street protesters used a tactic on Wednesday that many of them hope will emerge as a replacement for their encampment at Zuccotti Park, which was disbanded by the police in November.Norman Siegel, a prominent civil rights lawyer, said a decision by a federal court in Manhattan in 2000 allowed the protesters to sleep on sidewalks as long as they do not block doorways and take up no more than half the sidewalk."

12:45 From Waging Nonviolence:  A week in the life of a resurgent OccupyChicago…The famous Bread and Puppet troupe with new skits portraying OWS and police brutality and more.

11:20  Arun Gupta at Truthout:  A lengthy look around. No one knows where OWS is headed, but that’s actually good. "If the movement becomes predictable, the faces all look familiar and the organizing feels like drudgery, then it will have lost. For now, no one knows what will happen next. And that’s a wonderful thing."

11:00 A plea to "Occupy the Election"…. An explanation of the Spring training exercise some call the "bunny hop" but could also be called "flying yogics." … A look at Charlotte, host city for Dem convention and protesters:  anti-union rules, high joblessness and more

10:15 Eric Alterman on Springsteen as political "Boss."

8:15  More details on the 99 songs for the 99% album coming up (and preview of 2 tunes):  "The massive tribute mixes contributions from seminal artists such as David Crosby and Graham Nash, Ani DiFranco, Jackson Browne and even Yoko Ono with discovered-in-the-park occupiers like Matt Pless, Kanaska Carter and George Martinez’s Global Block Collective. According to the site, ‘all proceeds above board attained through the production and distribution of [the album] … will go directly towards the needs of sustaining this growing movement.’"

7:55 Matt Stoller at Naked Capitalism:  Income inequality worse under Obama than under Bush.

7:40 Cool story out of Okla City: "The recent financial rescue of the Panoply curiosity and vintage clothing shop helped give shape to Occupy Oklahoma’s still-evolving purpose, organizer Brittney Guest said. Instead of merely occupying park space to stand against economic injustice in general, the local Occupy movement’s protest took the form of a community gathering to raise several thousand dollars and turn away the Oklahoma Tax Commission. Store owner Lisa Ghariani said she doesn’t know what she would have done without Occupy’s assistance."

7:25 "Spring Awakening" day planned in NYC in Central Park this Saturday to attract new faces and families.

7:05   Know your rights!  Gizmodo with "7 Tips for Recording the Police."

From late Wednesday

Task Force finally releases report on UC Davis pepper-spray incident, says it could have and should have been prevented.  Read full report via link here.  L.A. Times: "The study strongly refutes campus police assertions the band of Occupy demonstrators posed a violent threat and it also says administrators wrongly assumed that many off-campus troublemakers were part of the tent-city protest that officials wanted evicted. It details a chain of miscommunication and poorly timed efforts to remove the protesters, leading to the incident that gripped the nation via an online video showing campus Police Lt. John Pike spraying a line of seated students at close range. ‘On balance, there is little factual basis supporting Lt. Pike’s belief that he was trapped by the protesters or that his officers were prevented from leaving the quad. Further, there is little evidence that any protesters attempted to use violence against the police,’ the report stated."

As rumored, second-degree murder charge for George Zimmerman announced tonight….My new book and e-book on U.S. vs. Bradley Manning, with Kevin Gosztola, now on special  sale here.

That planned merger of the two D.C. camps this weekend?  Now in doubt after reports to contrary.  Freedom all for it but McPherson.  Permit an issue.

Ari Berman here at The Nation explodes new claims that any Obama embrace of "economic populism" will turn off indy voters and may cost him election…. Don’t miss: MIchael Leviitin at on the Leah Bolger (Naval commander turned activist)  "whistleblower" case–stop the wars, tax the rich–and here is video:

Just announced: "Occupy The Album" coming May 15th.  Plus:  Roger Waters sounds off.