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11:55 Jeff Smith, who is doing press outreach for Occupy in NY, writes to me:  "Ben Jealous stopped by Liberty Plaza on Friday night. He was here to consider throwing support of NAACP behind OWS.  He told me the protest reminded him of when he was thrown out of Columbia for attending a political protest 15 years ago.

"Even more people sleeping in the park tonight than last night, which was packed.  Tomorrow, from 12p-3p about 50 city teachers will be bringing their students to OWS for a massive teach-in. Grades 2-7."

11:50  Video of Zizek at Liberty Square today (just before I got there).

 11:45 Fox is running one of those bogus online polls on whether or not Occupy is full of it, but naturally you may want to cast a few votes there, just to embarrass them.

11:35  Wallace Shawn at Liberty Plaza interviewed by Laura Flanders.   No dinner with Andre afterward.

11:30 Could easily be a hoax, but @OccupyWallSt feed linked to a Reddit warning from an alleged former Tea Party leader who offers warnings and tips on how to avoid being co-opted and not fall for faux support.

10:40  If you missed SNL skit on Fox & Friends “covering” Occupy (plus special appearance by Hank Williams Jr.)

10:00 David Carr of NYT on that other “broadsheet” in Zuccotti Park—the Occupied Wall Street Journal. (BTW, I found only the Spanish edition available there today.) “Forgive an old newspaper hack a moment of sentimentality, but it is somehow reassuring that a newspaper still has traction in an environment preoccupied by social media. It makes sense when you think about it: newspapers convey a sense of place, of actually being there, that digital media can’t. When is the last time somebody handed you a Web site.”

9:50 Think Progress reports that stealth GOP candidate for president Buddy (Not Garrity) Roemer will join OWS in NY on Tuesday…

8:55 I guess I left the park a few minutes too early today, missing Geraldo getting escorted out with anti-Fox chants.

8:50 Even conservative Business Week gives props to Occupy, in new op-ed titled, “Wall Street, Heal Thyself.” And for God’s sake, “show some humility.” (h/t @BarbaraBedway)

8:45 @JoshHarkinson with running coverage of tonight in Liberty Park—including first use of projection screen to beam out speeches (text-message style). Of course, the generator failed for awhile. For a bit on my visit this afternoon and photos, see below. I liked the guy with the sign, “I am 48, and This Is My First Protest.”

7:55 If you’ve missed revelation of right-wing journo infiltrating and instigating (he claims) police action in DC yesterday.

7:15 Tom Morello in LA at Occupy rally:

7:10 World online petition of support with 440,000 signatures already.

5:35 Tom Morello tweets: “ very inspiring yesterday. The Nightwatchman shall return!”

5:30 Protests now in more than 1,000 cities/sites.

5:00 Another photo from Zuccotti, from me this time, as chess players, God bless ’em, keep going right in the middle of things.

3:35 Just back from NYC and Zuccotti Park. Packed, almost had trouble walking around at times. Very mellow, low-key day after wild week. I donated two of the books that I’ve written to the Free Library. Geraldo, in his special perch at the corner, drew a crowd, and no heckling. My wife talked to the Halal food vendor alongside who said he is losing a lot of money every day, due to the free food in park (maybe you could toss him a purchase now and then). Tourists on upper deck of open buses often waved. I’ll be adding some photos, but first one below from my son Andy Mitchell.

11:20 Heading for Zuccotti. Photos and more later. See you soon.

10:55 NYT editorial backs Occupy: “It is not the job of the protesters to draft legislation. That’s the job of the nation’s leaders, and if they had been doing it all along there might not be a need for these marches and rallies. Because they have not, the public airing of grievances is a legitimate and important end in itself. It is also the first line of defense against a return to the Wall Street ways that plunged the nation into an economic crisis from which it has yet to emerge”

10:45 Our chief Katrina caught this on TV today: “NBC’s David Gregory describes as ‘week of anger and resentment’ /So much for getting small-‘d’ democracy in action.”

10:42 Depressing: Dave Leonhardt in NYT on how current economy worse than the Depression in many ways—because back then at least were many positive growth sectors underneath.

10:20 The not Occupied Wall Street Journal covers Wall Street protests.

9:55 May be a rumor but at least an official one: Occupy offiicial page has Zizek speaking at noon at Zuccotti.

9:15 A report of “mass arrests” in Sacramento. Confirmed?

9:10 “Penny Red” who had covered NY protests, returns to London, finds major Occupy action there today at Westminster (see below), and tweets: “Seems to be a quiet street party here. Nearly every London activist I know is on this bridge.” That’s Westminster Bridge and the hashtag is #blockthebridge. Indeed, see the blockage in photo.

8:45 Charlotte ruse: In Charlotte they marched to Bank of America. Like woman with sign, “Old Broad for Change.”

8:00 From @OccupyLA: “Tonight’s tent count in ’s tent city: 256! Last night’s: 145. We’re growing FAST.”


10:25 Drum, no bongo: Daily Kos picks up Kevin Drum’s blast: “Just keep reminding yourself: a mere three years after the financial industry nearly destroyed the planet, Wall Street is bigger and more profitable than ever while a tenth of the rest of us remain mired in unemployment. Even after nearly destroying the planet, virtually nothing has changed. That’s the outrage, not a few folks with funny costumes or wacky slogans. Always keep in mind whose side you’re on.”

10:20 Video of pepper spraying in DC. And report by David Swanson. Again, a reminder: protest there was not Occupy-led.

10:15 From one report, more sleeping in Zuccotti Park than ever before tonight.

10:00 Rep. John Lewis—a student activist long ago—visits, backs, OWS in Atlanta.

8:45 Yes, the “people’s library” at Zuccotti Park even has its own blog. Also, they scanning books, even… Apparently there were a couple people interviewing people today in NY claiming they were from the NY Daily News or maybe The Daily Show. Critics suggest that was a lie. What, no Daily Caller?

8:40 NYT covers today’s temporary occupation of fabled Wash Sq Park. If only Woody, Bob and Phil Ochs could have been there.

6:15 OccupyLA strong and peaceful. Danny Glover about to speak. New livestream.

6:10 Michael Moore in downtown NY: ;“More police have arrived. Protesters 100 percent peaceful. We expect the same from the police.” Yeah, especially since my son is in the crowd.

5:35 London Calling: And now, from our friends across the ocean (who have been in the streets already a lot in past year).

5:30 New NYT piece tonight, on front page of their site, on Occupy spread via social networking. Not much new in article but getting word around.

5:10 Front page of new edition of the Occupied Wall Street Journal, featuring Naomi Klein.

5:00 Reports a few people maced, a few arrested, as protesters—not necessarily Occupyers—shut down Air & Space Museum in DC, with main target the drone exhibit there. Or that’s what I make of it now.

4:10 Another photo from my old haunt, Wash Sq Park. Possibly a few NYU students there, ya think?.

4:00 My pal Michael K. Busch from NY just now: “The special assembly in Washington Square is now drawing to a close. Protestors encouraged to mingle and ‘soapbox.’ ” My son is probably there, or at Zuccotti.

3:45 Massive turnout in Wash Sq Park. Photo courtesy of some guy name Michael Moore. But will they be occupying?

3:35 Effort to get giant Occupy billboard in Times Square. You can even vote for the one you like.

3:30 Apparently some protesters pepper-sprayed at Air & Space Museum in D.C.

2:35 And now, the inevitable: Occupy, the Monopoly version. (h/t Barbara Bedway) With “Job Chance” and Bailout” cards. A Buffett Tax. Watch out, don’t land on Goldman Sachs property!

2:25 Big turnout reported for Cincinnati march…. Lot of police preparation at Wash Sq Park in NYC, where marchers are heading with General Assembly set for 3 pm and possible encampment. Park closes at 1 am, so we will see….From @OccupyMn: “We just received a donation of solar panels! THANK YOU, 99%!”

2:20 Old friend and ex-SDSer Todd Gitlin on what Occupy (he says) really wants. For starters, Tax Wall Street Transactions.

2:00 The pluck of the Irish: photo from, yes, OccupyIreland.

12:50 Chris Hayes on Occupy today on his new MSNBC show… If you’ve ever wondered, my mini-bio posted at Countdown site with too-large photo, I guess.

12:20 Roundup of local Occupy actions around USA, altho’ I could live without Alex Jones picture at top.

11:50 As I reported earlier today, Occupy is planning a General Assembly at fabled Washington Square Park in the heart of Greenwich Village this afternoon at 3 pm, in move to “take back” the park. I don’t know if this suggests a long-term encampment or not, but I’d have some concerns about doing it in that particular park. Having lived very nearby for a dozen years, I know it (unlike Zuccotti) is very widely used by locals, especially people with young kids, the elderly and many more, and it’s ringed by apartment buildings. So if not handled very well it could really turn off people in wide area who use the park. Just saying.

11:20 Today’s song for Occupyers everywhere: “Chimes of Freedom.” One of Dylan’s greatest songs, and performances, live at Newport (went electric a year later). “Tolling for the luckless, the abandoned, and forsaked. Tolling for the outcast, burning constantly at stake.”

11:15 Activist/writer Bill McKibben in Wash Post op-ed reviews the year in protest, and what’s coming. “Nov. 6: Pipeline protesters will return to the White House, one year before the next election, to encircle it with thousands of activists. We’ll be carrying signs with Obama’s words from the 2008 campaign (“time to end the tyranny of oil’). This may be one of the president’s last chances to make peace with this emerging force. ●Nov. 17: The Rebuild the Dream campaign promises thousands of ‘visible, urgent actions,’ modeled on Occupy Wall Street, around its ‘jobs not cuts’ theme.”

11:05 From Truthout: We the 99% Demand End to Our Wars Now.

10:30 Big rallies/ marches in DC underway. Video here.

10:25 The Guardian totals it up and finds Occupy in at least seventy cities… Reminder from offiical OccupyWallSt feed: “Organizations and politicians are supporting us but they are not *sponsoring* us.”

10:20 If you missed Bloomberg on Occupy trying to destroy job.

8:10 Big news for NYC from official @OccupyWallStreet: “At 3 PM, we take back Washington Square Park.” From their site: “Liberty Square has grown exponentially over the last three weeks. It is time to form a second General Assembly in Manhattan. We expect more to follow. We are growing. Block by block—city by city.”

8:05 From @OccupySanJose: “No cops, 3:30, if they come now it will look so bad, sleep tight.” From @KennethLIpp in DC: “Police woke everyone up at 5 am, wanted to ‘see everyone standing.’” From @DustinSlaughter also in DC: “The cops have left. Dawn is arriving. The park is held.”

7:45 Gail Collins’ new column at NYT is half-supportive and half-mocking re: Occupy. Conclusion: “My bet is that these folks will only be remembered for having been there, taken a stand. But that’s no little thing. We all complain, but they showed up.”

7:35 Just for the fun of it, next week’s New Yorker cover on the other big news event of the week (at left).

7:30 Colleague @JeremyScahill tweets: “At bank, I joked w banker. ‘I was just on Wall St protesting you.’ He replied, ‘I was there protesting me too’.”

7:20 From Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism (and link takes you to Hudson video): “On the Real News Network, Michael Hudson discusses some possible ideas for reforming finance to deal with the concerns raised by the OccupyWallStreet movement. I’ve noticed both here and on some news stories I heard in passing on MSNBC on Friday that the OccupyWallStreet movement has already succeeded in expanding the space of what is now being discussed as remedies.” More from Yves here on Occupy and danger of “elite capture.” Krugman balanced by “50 members of the hackocracy.”

7:15 Jay Rosen tweets: “Wow. After her contemptuous posts about , which she tried to cover up, seems to have deleted her account.”

7:10 Wired visits the Occupy site in NYC and finds its “media center” intriguing (keep those generators running, folks).

7:05 Epic Alan Grayson smackdown of P.J. O’Rourke re: Occupy and the economy on Bill Maher’s HBO show last night. And to think I assigned and edited P.J.’s first article ever for a national magazine, Crawdaddy, in 1972. On wild album covers. Remember albums?

From late Friday

Cops cracking down on OccupySesameStreet! Busting characters. Not easy being Green!

Great up-close article in New Haven Independent on how Occupy is handling small cash donations at Zuccotti Park (ad hoc, see photos) and more traditional tens of thousands coming in from all over and via credit cards. And now there is intrigue over large sums via credit cards being “frozen” this week. “’I can’t help but believe that politics must be involved somewhere,’ said Kathy Hoyt, a founding member of AfGJ, in the statement. is owned by CyberSource Corporation, which is owned by Visa, which is traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Reached Thursday, Visa spokesman Bruce Frymire failed to provide any information on the incident as of press time.”

Hooray, Occupy coming to my little hometown, Nyack, NY.

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