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10:45 Livestream of the hunger strikers in NYC who have already been arrested at site today, and now they are back (and plenty of police around) camping in the cold. UPDATE : the three of them just now being arrested again.  Calling for people to come to 6th Ave and Canal St. to protest or join them.

10:15 I’ve covered the Battle of the D.C Building all day below, but a highlight was one occupyer, named David,  holding out to the very end on the roof of the structure — until plucked off by a cherry picker.  This video, from local TV, captures the climax, but you have to jump ahead to about 1:40. (h/t @OccupyGreed)

 9:50  The great Will Bunch reviews media coverage of OWS over the past weeks, find things to praise and hit– and along the way criticizes his own paper, the Philly Daily News.  Wonder what they will make of it.  His paper ended up calling the Philly camp "The Stain of the City" in big type.  You’ll remember Will wrote that fine Kindle Single on the "battle of Brooklyn Bridge" on Oct. 1.  

9:30 While pundits and rightwingers claim that OWS has faded, the Port of Oakland must not have gotten the message.  It took out full-page color ad in Oakland Tribune today practically begging OWS not to shut it down in coming days.

9:22  Occupyers left Christmas message for the mayor last night at City Hall (left) after eviction from second camp.

9:10 Just now on livestream (below) police finally wrecked the large building at D.C. camp with forklift.  Took much longer to seize and wreck than it was to build. 35 arrests on day, I believe.

5:40  D.C. standoff continues, as crowd mic-check police code of conduct to…the police… Livestream below still on at this moment.  I’ll be back in a few hours.

4:30 Current scene in D.C.:  occupyers defending "house," more arrests coming.  Police just ordered media across street and out of range.  Pepper spray holstered.  Started with arrests of people in "house," but now they may take down whole camp, tents, make wide arrests.  Wash Post with lengthy report.   LIVESTREAM:

2:00  Amazing: L.A. Times turns over op-ed page more or less to statements by 11 local Occupyers in this week of big raid.. Photos of each.   Mainly under age 30 and diverse.  No Michelle Shocked. (h/t Jon Wiener) 

12:50  Today’s song pick for OWS:  Great song/medley from late-1960s  "Marat/Sade," by Judy Collins, with Occupy images.  "Marat we’re poor / and the poor stay poor / we want our rights / and we want them NOW."

12:45  That NY to DC march last month drew a lot of attention but there is a smaller one, now in day 3, going from DC to Georgia, blog post here.

12:15  @OccupyTimesDay always has lot of items on smaller camps, for example, now on Reno and on Bethlehem, PA…. 3 arrests in D.C. just now in ongoing dispute over "structure" (see below and see photo of it)…

11:00 Occupy Orlando being evicted tonight. … Right now, OccupyDC ordered to take down a "structure" at their site, seems a little too close to a "house" or "building." 

9:15  The fabled Metropolian Opera in NYC got occupied last night — inside the house.  A night earlier the occupation was all outside as hundreds gathered and Philip Glass and Lou Reed spoke.  But last night a fella got up and shouted "Occupy Wall Street!" and some such just as lights came down following an intermission in "Faust.".  The comments in this report suggest he was met by more applause than boos but in any case was ushered out.

9:00  Check it out: a painter’s view of days at Zuccotti, as she explains, and offers five evocative images.  That’s one at left.

8:00   More on "hunger strike" in NYC and call for others to join…  L.A. set to become first major city to call for end to "corporate personhood"…. Blog and photos of last night’s raid in Portland, march, stand-off with police, arrests, someone in ambulance and more.

1:05  Portland campers, evicted, now at City Hall and riots cops just arrived again (see two livestreams below)… Many New Orleans campers leaving as eviction nears…On the other hand, tents going up again in Oakland…

1:00 Amazing:  My new Occupy e-book now updated to cover events up to this past Monday   The wonders of modern e-publishing!  Can purchase "40 Days That Shook the World"  for just $2.99, with 50 cents of each going to OWS.  For KIndle but also for all phones, iPads, PCs and Macs, via apps.

12:30 am  Alan Moore of "Watchmen" fame hits rancid OWS views of Frank MIller of "Sin City" fame.


11:55 pm  I reported first, and then often, on arrest of swell singer-songwriter Michelle Shocked in L.A. the other night. Now she has posted photo of her wrist with L.A County Jail ID tape.  She was among the luckier ones (maybe with a little dough) who got out of jail after quite a few rough hours but at least not several days.   "Came a long way / but she never even left L.A."   Photo at left, larger image here.

11:50 I predicted early today that Chris Hedges’ talk Zuccotti this morning would end up on You Tube and now here it is, calling on churches to do what Jesus would do and help out Occupy in a big way, finally.

11:40 Livestream  from Portland, riot cops have started tearing down tents at new camp just established a few hours ago,manhandled a few people, some folks seem bent on civil disobedience.

11:25 Several dozen arrested in LA raid still in jail tonight…

10:15 As we’ve reported as upcoming all week, Portlanders established new camp today, and cops now threatening.  OWS has got a bat signal on nearby building, though.  Livestream here.SF Chronicle: Jerry Brown finally says something, sort of, about treatment of Occupyers.

10:00 Occupyers in Austin tonight sang Christmas Carol takeoffs such "CEO" (to tune of "Let it Stone") and this one, "Occupy Is Coming to Town."

8:00 You will naturally risk ruining your Saturday night (or not) by reading Ross Douthat column in NYT which mocks OWS and says it has accomplished nothing and is flaky — but then admits it’s stlll better than the truly decadent lefty union protest in Wisconsin AND the enviro-acitivist campaign versus the Keystone pipeline — although (he also points out) the latter two have actually won victories while OWS has not – and, well, read it and weep if you dare. 

7:55 Saturday night at the movies:  The original Ghost of Tom Joad.

7:50  Nice write-up in Dayton daily paper on how local OWS camp has survived where so many others have gotten the boot. (h/t Jon Wiener)

6:30  Supposedly blockbuster "60 Minutes" segment tomorrow on "Prosecuting Wall Street."  

5:30  Interfatih committee at OccupyLA say op-ed for LA Times was rejected, LA Observed publishes — it charges media and LAPD "sanitizing" raid this week, more violent than believed.

4:55 This might make your day.  While other OWS camps worry about tents getting outlawed or seized, up in Alaska they now face a crackdown on…igloos.  For real, as Ali G might say. "Ludicrous as it may seem, there is an ordinance requiring a permit for an igloo. A representative from the Parks & Recreation Department will be bringing us a copy of this ordinance and is requesting a meeting to discuss a permit."   Unanchored down in Anchorage!

4:30 I noted earlier but now first details at Facebook on "hunger strike" by OWSers in NYC: "On Saturday, December 3, in Liberty Plaza, we—THE OWS HUNGER STRIKERS—will begin a hunger strike. We are striking to demand outdoor space for a new occupation. We will hold our strike, for it’s duration, outside at Duarte Square on Sixth Avenue and Canal Street in Manhattan as part of a continued effort seeking sanctuary. Should we be arrested, we will continue the strike in jail. We are calling on Occupiers across the nation to join us.

"This is a call for escalation in response to the escalated levels of government-enacted violence and repression The Occupy Movement has endured over the last few weeks." Note:  Duarte Sq. partly controlled by Trinity Church.  Chris Hedges at Zuccotti today (see below) called on churches everywhere to provide "sanctuaries" for OWS.

4:25 Photo of OccupyNOLA’s eviction notice. … Video of Garfield High Schools students occupying Seattle’s city hall, amazing.

3:10 Today’s song pick, which doubles as commentary on the Cain train going off the tracks: The Clash, "Train in Vain."

3:00 Portland OWS plans to make new camp later today…Some  in NY saying  they are on hunger strike for public space.

12:50  Cool story from L.A. Times on Occupyers out there severely disrupting a housing auction….Firsthand account on video of alleged police abuse following LA raid the other night. … Tuesday is day of housing actions by OWS across country… NOLA camp still facing eviction, perhaps tonight.  Some claim activists have not done enough to build community support.

10:22 Finest song tribute to OWS that has emerged, and brand new–it’s  the great writer/guitarist Ry Cooder and "The Wall Street of Town."   Giving it added impact: Just yesterday Ry got a Grammy nod for his latest album, which was inspired by Wall St debacles and featured great song, "No Banker Left Behind."  New video below has everything from Joan Baez to the "bat signal." Great song even if not boosting OWS.  If guitar sounds a bit like the Stones — well, Ry, of course, famously played with  them, and so many others, and the man behind "Buena Vista Social Club."  And surely only person to partner with both Capt. Beefheart and Howard Zinn!

11:10 At  Zuccotti,  Chris Hedges now speaking and calling on Trinity Church to let Occupy use empty property uptown (and other churches across USA should do same).  Should be on YouTube soon. 

10:00  Seattle police SWAT team carried out pre-dawn raid today of abandoned warehouse taken over by occupyers as new location after learning of certain eviction from camp.  At least 20 arrests.  I had just gotten an email from someone on the scene about the move to that builiding–they were even putting up Xmas lights.  Earlier report here and lot of photos at both links. 

9:10  L.A. Times on LAPD infilitrating Occupy camp before raid.

9:00 OccupySeattle raided an hour or so ago…. A scientist, via Mashable, disseects the Pepper Spray Cop meme.

7:55 am Scott Olsen on Olbermann tonight, still struggling with speech but what he says very moving.

From late Friday

10:30 pm Latest on group that took over that former bank space (still owned by Wells Fargo) in Santa Cruz and setting up community center: Electricity just shut off.  They back OWS but OWS did not vote for this action.  They’ve now held for three days but tonight issue this call: "Barricades are not enough to protect this space, and we’d like to take them down as soon as possible.  We need your visions and statements of support and solidarity at this time!"

10:25 Camp in New Orleans facing eviction, legal moves to prevent, may not happen tonight. 

7:40 Photo of OccupyBroadway near TimesSq right now….Video of Harry Belafonte on OWS and non-violence: Well, you might have to accept chance of death.

6:15 OccupyLA doing big flash mob protest tonight for governor’s fundraiser — that is, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, highlkghting his tax break for millionaires move.

5:30  Max Blumenthal with major piece on "the Israelification" of U.S. police, espeically in anti-terror tactics — even special training for Oakland police just prior to OWS crackdown out there. Of course, they are experts on occupations.

4:25 Dan Froomkin at Huff Post with important piece, which leads with:  "The United Nations envoy for freedom of expression is drafting an official communication to the U.S. government demanding to know why federal officials are not protecting the rights of Occupy demonstrators whose protests are being disbanded — sometimes violently — by local authorities. Frank La Rue, who serves as the U.N. ‘special rapporteur‘  for the protection of free expression, told HuffPost in an interview that the crackdowns against Occupy protesters appear to be violating their human and constitutional rights."

 3:25 OccupyAtlanta helping family facing Fannie foreclosure in the suburbs.

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