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10:30  Marc Cooper in LA:  "Mayor issues statement that midnite Sunday IS deadline for closure but that process will be incremental."   Meaning:  ????  Here is full statement–campers allowed time to exit.

Here’s livestream from L.A.  

 9:55 Tim Pool, now famous NY livestreamer, has now arrived in Philly for eviction, and streaming below:

 9:00 Bloomberg piece on bank bailouts causing outrage… same for "60 Report" on junk food industry….no raid in Philly yet, and big crowd assembling in LA.

8:55 My new Occupy e-book now updated to cover events up to this past week.    Can purchase book for just $2.99, with 50 cents of each going to OWS.  For KIndle and via KIndle apps for all phones, iPads, PCs and Macs, etc.

6:50  NeonTommy will be covering LA eviction closely…Russell Simmons on the wave of evictions:  "OWS can set up satellite offices all ovr the country & the revolution shld expand, we can do more from an organized effort out of offices."


5:20  Livestream from Philly, below, where eviction deadline just passed, cops there. Also, a copter view from local TV (which may come and go).  Cops not there in full force, waiting for middle of night?

 3:25  Chris Hedges speaking at, and likely camping at, OccupyHarvard tomorrow….About 35 in OWS action in my little town of Nyack today…. Video for new OWS song "The Beginning of the Beginning."  Sounds like good oldfashioned Daniel Lanois murky production.

3:00  Famed writer and former cop Joseph Wambaugh in op-ed mock UC-Davis pepper spraying.

2:25  UPDATE  Livestream of Rev. Billy concert and debut of OWS song cycle below has now switched to Philly, although might also go out to LA.

12:55 Jon Wiener with key update on Berkeley faculty charge against chancellor for police violence.  No longer vote of no confidence? (See near end.)

12:05 Marc Cooper:  OccupyLA should declare victory and exit….  L.A. making big mistake evicting Occupy there?….  If they are like Dodgers fans, some Occupyers will exit camp an hour before eviction to beat the traffic.

11:50  Funny OWS joke going around:  "Violence by Black Friday shoppers discredited  the whole shopping movement" ….  "Creative community" occupying Broadway on Dec. 2…. Drama this afternoon as Occupyers in Philly decide whether to move to new park, or stand and resist (probably a split?) with 5 pm deadline…

11:10 The plan for massive student OWS action Monday in NY gathering steam, follow @OccupyCunyGC. ..meanwhile, Calif students striking Monday…

10:35  Today’s song for Occupyers everywhere:   Springsteen does Dylan’s greatest poem-in-song, "Chimes of Freedom."  For the countless confused, accused, abused, misused ones, and worse.

9:15   Cities boot out OWS camps — while slashing millions in funding for homeless shelters…  Tim Pool tweets: "Just watched push people around at zuccotti… It never ends."

8:30 An Elizabeth Warren outtake:  Some day only millionaires will have decent health insurance?

12:20  For the hell of it, how about Bob Dylan’s greatest protest song, and even a true story:  1% man kills 99% woman.

 12:20 Warning:  One year ago on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I started live-blogging WikiLeaks, with the Cablegate release–and did not quit for 185 days.


11:45 Thanks to Paddy K at Political Carnival for picking my Occupy book as a year’s end fave.

11:10 My new Occupy e-book now updated to cover events up to this past week.    Can purchase book for just $2.99, with 50 cents of each going to OWS.  For KIndle and via KIndle apps for all phones, iPads, PCs and Macs, etc.

10:05 Brian Stelter, as I noted earlier, has been hanging at OccupyPhilly all day and tonight posts piece at NYC on pending eviction.  "On Saturday, amid unseasonably warm temperatures, informal brainstorming and an ‘eviction planning meeting’ took place. Come Sunday, should the protesters accept the city’s proposal for a part-time occupation across the street, bringing a new phase of the movement without overnight camping? Should they stay at the site, inviting an attention-getting confrontation with the police? Or should they join a march of the homeless to a nearby rail yard?"

8:55 Totally bizarre end to that New School occupation protest in NYC (across the street from where I once lived).  Went out with a "whimper"– and a lot of strangeness.  Graffiti somehow ended up all over downstairs gallery.  Five found sleeping and arrested but who are they?  Anarchists or anti-anarchists? Was much in-fighting and debate before all of this.  Stay tuned.

8:45  If OWSers in L.A. are like Dodgers fans they will leave an hour before the eviction to beat the traffic….

8:20  As OccupyLA showdown nears:  Recalling that you people out there hosted one of greatest mass movement for the 99% ever anywhere:

7:15 Better get my rest tonight.  Coming up:  Philly deadline for eviction tomorrow at 5, L.A. at midnight, California student strike Monday and big CUNY protests in NY same day.   And plenty else.

 6:20 Ed Rogers, who gets to opine at Wash Post five days a week, today called OWS "over," saying it was always "rancid." This from a man who brags about having worked for Lee Atwater, the former GOP operative even GOPers agree was toxic.  He also worked for Dubya and now with Haley Barbour.

5:25 Amazing mic-check in San Diego Wal Mart yesterday.  Full text under video if you go to YouTube.  Others views also available at YouTube.   Watch response of shopper, priceless, so to speak.

 4:00  Billy Bragg alerts us to public sector workers strike in London in a couple of days.  Power in a union etc.

3:40  Pepper Spray Cop meme takes it to the streets in Burlington, VT.  (courtesy here).

12:40  Philly eviction due after 5 pm Sunday.  @BrianStleter of NYT there and tweeting….

12:05 Breakthrough @OccupyWallStNYC tweets:  "Two awesome developments at : started w/ a song + we have electronic clickers 4 consensus!"

11:35 Massive L.A. "block party" planned re: eviction, which may come any time after midnight tomorrow night. .. and here is key site for the upcoming port shudown on the left coast.

11:10  Livestreamer Tim Pool not only has a new iPhone camera — he has a booking agent for speaking engagements!  PunkBoyinSF next?

10:30  And now on to OccupyChristmas?  Today’s song pick for OWS, a daily feature since October 1: U2 does Woody’s immortal "Jesus Christ" —  the OWS version:

 9:55 NYT editorial charges police control of press re: OWS worst in memory. … Speaking of NYT, the late Tom Wicker wrote for me several times at E&P, very nice man, and high point was trying to prevent Attica massacre–and then penning great book about it, "A Time to Die."

9:40  8 arrests in Raleigh last night…. Naomi Wolf’s piece in The Guardian yesterday on crackdown vs. OWS continues to get very wide play although some (as I linked last night) find it thinly-sourced.

9:35 Big day Monday on the coast:  eviction of LA and statewide student strike called by UC students. 

8:40 My piece on lessons for OWS from Upton Sinclair’s epic End Poverty campaign of 1934–when he was nearly elected governor of California–now posted at OccupyWriters.  Yes, I did write an award-winning book about it.

From late Friday

9:55   SF street actions continue, willd scenes, not sure where it’s heading.  Folks blocking stores (now Old Navy) and moving on, sometimes chanting "Ant-Labor!"

8:20  Full statement by L.A. mayor on closing the camp at 12:01 am Monday.   Time for OWS to stop wasting energy in defending plot of land, he says… Interesting critique of the New School occupation in NYC by a participant. … Much more vs.  those claims of Homeland Security coordinating raids on Occupy camps, most recently by Naomi Wolf…. Visit all of the Bay Area OWS camps via Vimeo.…A police commander in LA donated 2 turkeys to OWS there.

7:25 OWS has blocked entrance to Saks at Union Sq in SF …Now blocking street in front of Macy’s, facing row of riot cops with arrests likely near.  Livestream follows

6:55  Photo of eviction notice posted at OccupyPhilly…. L.A. mayor makes it official: camp must end Monday or be evicted….Photo of Portland folks marching through mall.….I linked to his anti-OWS rant awhile, back now here is piece in The Guardian on Frank Miller and the new "cypto-fascism" in Hollywood. …  NYC march to protest Egypt violence underway.

3:10  Lengthy piece in The New Yorker on the origins, and future, of OWS.

1:50 This has been up for a couple days but I just got to it now and it’s hysterical:  Hitler from "Downfall" now reacts to OWS and the Pepper Spray Cop meme.  "Who cares about fucking hippies anyway?"

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