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11:30  Liz Flock, the Wash Post reporter traveling with the OWS marchers from NY to D.C. (see below) now tweets:  "Diet at Occupy Philly media tent: weed, and whiskey. Police don’t intervene, say they don’t want any violence."… OccupyOakland GA now, to decide if stay and evicted (likely tonight) or move on. 

11:00 Scott Olsen, the vet injured by police in Oakland, has posted a message and photo of himself (with big neck wrap) at Google.  "I’m feeling a lot better, with a long road in front of me. After my freedom of speech was quite literally taken from me, my speech is coming back but I’ve got a lot of work to do with rehab. Thank you for all your support, it has meant the world to me. You’ll be hearing more from me in the near future and soon enough we’ll see you in our streets!"

10:20  An email alert me to strong chance that OccupyPhilly will be evicted tomorrow.  Their permit runs out then and the mayor (see below) has been hitting them all weekend.  Wash Post reporter Liz Flock, who has been traveling with the OWS marchers going from NY to D.C., recently tweeted that "conflagration" expected tomorrow.  The marchers just arrived in Philly to be greeted by 100 or more protesters, and they will spend the night there.  Email to me by a marcher suggests that other marchers may stick around in Philly for the eviction in solidarity with Occupyers there.

8:55 Folks, my e-book on Occupy — the first book on the movement — has just now gone live at Amazon.  It’s titled, 40 Days That Shook the World: From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Everywhere. The price is just $2.99 — and 50 cents of that goes directly to OWS with the aim of feeding or sheltering Occupyers.  So it’s also a way to donate.   And it can work with Kindle, phones, iPad, Macs and PCs and more. Read about it here and much more later!

7:50 Portlanders seem to have just voted to move to a new spot but have not decided where.  May prevent attack by police for now.   After much debate, they seem to vote for one spot but many disagree and still arguing.  Problems with "consensus."  Threat remains. 

7:20   @JoshHarkinson of Mother Jones tweeting tonight what he sees as breakdown at NY Occupy, people even threatening to start a rogue GA.  Earlier this week he covered very rock first Spokes Counsil meetings ….  Woman raped in tent at OccupyPhilly, man caught, had long record of such crimes. Comes just as mayor rampaging against OWS now.

7:10 Just now: Police — with assault rifles — clear  out, arrest, Occupyers in Chapel Hill, story here,  amazing and iconic  photo (left) and  here.   Looks like Baghdad.  Daily Tar Heel story here.   Protesters took building, but say they were given no warning of raid. 

6:40  See two livestreams from OWS below and good link to local Portland  TV outlet on the scene and interviewing folks.  Showdown appears near — many have sat down in street or even pitched tents.  Tear gas will be first move.   Police from elevated spots.  Dump trucks just left park so area clear for action.  Starting to rain.  Report that cops from Vancouver and Salem have arrived.

5:10  One more livestream from Portland, via local news outlet KGW.   Two others below.

4:20  Another livestream from Portland.  If that’s not working try the one below. Ambulance trying to get through to injured guy.

 3:45  New crisis in Portland.  Camps suddenly dismantled, brawls, cops beating some.  Photo of one beating scene.  The Oregonian wrapup.  Cries of  "This is what a police state looks like."   But also much restraint, particularly from crowd.  Some instructed to sit down if want to be arrested.  Livestream below.  If that’s down, another here, very close up. 

3:15 Philly mayor Nutter turns very hostile toward Occupy there.  Bad sign.  See his blast here.

2:55 We may have mentioned attack on Occupy by creepy "comic artist" Frank Miller (of "Sin City" and "The 300") fame — al lthe way down to saying they are a "movement" only if you attach "bowel" to the term. Now his comic peers are fighting back.  Read full report on his blast and responses.

2:45 Don’t miss: inspiring video of police bust at St.Louis OWS a day or two ago — with those about to arrested shouting out why they are there.

2:25 Latest from Bill Kristol:  To "occupy" is just Marxist term for taking over everything, so beware.  And, yes, they will hurt liberals–even though more popular than his beloved Tea Party.

2:20  Today’s song pick for Occupyers everywhere, a daily feature since Oct. 1: Usually it’s a "classic" for some sort but today here is a brand new one, "Save the Rich," from Garfunkel and Oates — missing Simon and Hall?  No, they are a young female duo.

 1:44 Local TV livestream from Portland just showed  city machinery "cleaning up" park and destroying some OWS stuff.

1:30  Folks, you can now listen to how the first Zuccotti wedding transpired today (see below)… Yet another plea from Mayor Quan of Oakland today for protesters to leave peacefully.  With police from nearby cities on call for big Berkeley strike on Tuesday, it makes sense that tonight would be eviction night, but who knows.

10:50  Wedding underway in Zuccotti Park right now!  Photos here and here.    Yes, the bride wears white!  Couple met there in spiritual circle.  NYU chaplain performing ceremony.

10:40  Have never seen it confirmed, but reports keep circulating that Patti Smith, indeed, did pay for the new structure that houses the People’s Library at Zuccotti Park… In case you’ve missed The (Not Really) Hipster Cop,  @NewYorkist tells us,  "Detective Rick Lee informs he was out sick for two weeks. A serious health matter but he’s back now. Been here since Monday."

10:00  Well, it’s true, massive turnout of support kept cops from attacking in Portland today, as this Oregonian story makes clear.   People back in park — where they are not supposed to be but sun is up and festive (see livestream below) .  One cop injured by something thrown, they say, but otherwise non-violent display of people power (see video down the page a bit).

9:40 It appears that police have just retreated in Portland and attack is off, for now, with a main street cleared.  People declaring "victory."   See amazing video from a few hours ago down the page and livestream remains.

9:25 I reported this yesterday and now update: "The 99 Percent" has lengthened massive lead in Time‘s annual "Person of the Year" poll, almost two to one now over runnerup– Anonymous.  Arab protesters still #3.   "The One Percent" still getting nod for LEAST nudging…Casey Anthony.  Time usually ignores winner in making its choice but poll does get a lot of ink.

8:55 Watch livestream from Portland, where huge crowd but police action still expected.  Several hundred of a thousand protesters just given order by police to move from streets to a park — which I believe they have been banned from — or face tear gas, projectiles, arrests. 

8:40 By the way, no raid i Oakland last night or today (so  far)…. Uneasy relationship between media and Occupy Oakland, from NYT.

8:30 Watch brief video below of Portlanders coming out to protect camp from getting evicated, even counting down to zero as zero hour of midnight arrived.

.1:05  Sorry folks, with any move on Portland at least a couplr of hours off, and very uncertain about any action vs. Oakland camp tonight, I am turning in, the livestream down the page a bit will be going all night, mainly from Portland, see ya soon.

12:55  Wild video of violent arrest in San Diego this morning, man (age 28) who was in a sleeping bag is  held in choke hold and crowd goes ballistic objecting.  Boing Boing has background and links.


11:40  pm  Arrests going on now in Albany, NY…. Joshua Holland, reporter for Alternet now in Oakland, tweets: "To be clear: expects to be evicted. It will not end . Plan is to reconvene at library @ 4pm, just like last time."

11:16 Oakland eviction might be  ready to start, mass of police at site,  protesters send out call for supporters.  But  KRON 4 news reporting that an unnamed Oakland City Councilmember said there would be no raid  tonight.

11:00 Just now, San Fran police say two officers attacked by Occupyers there after they halted a march at the Embarcadero.  One  officer was cut by a razor allegedly wielded by a female activist.  Another had his uniform torn and cheek cut in a clash with two men,  police said.  In the second case, one activist took the officer’s radio, police claim, but it wasa retrieved.   Protesters escaped and no arrests and injuries appear not serious.

10:40 Just now, @CaliforniaBeat news outlet reports: "NOW: Oakland Police have issued the third round of eviction notices at the camp ordering protesters to leave."  Earlier they advised journos to leave, saying it was "not safe."  

 9:50 Livestream below from Denver, where arrests and beatings in recent minutes. Police boxed them in and charged. "This is not make-believe" someone on bullhorn just said.  Not stream switching to Portland preparing for eviction.  Expect a switch to Oakland at any moment.
9:20  Oakland activists apparently in healthy debate over future of camp and police demands / suggestions.

8:30 First of possible major evictions that could happen tonight — happening right now in Salt Lake City.  Also police action and arrests in Denver, according to localsBig march to downtown Oakland.  There, a Twitter reporter relates, a cop has just knocked the camera out of the hands of the fabled PunkBoyInSF.

3:15 Yes, folks, it’s that TIME again — that is, the annual fun if largely fruitless voting for Time magazine’s Person of the Year.  You remember how well Julian Assange did last year (to no avail).  However, NOW you can vote for "the 99 Percent"– and they are now leading!  Anonymous is currently in second place, and the Arab youth protesters in number three.  So cast your vote now.  Oh, almost forgot:  scroll down a bit the rankings to the Worst Persons of the Year tally, and you will find leading the pack, even ahead of Casey Anthony and Herman Cain — "the 1 Percent.."

1:10  Key article at San Fran Chronicle with new insight on likely raid on Oakland camp.   "Sooner rather than later."  A main reason? Upcoming major protests at Berkeley and elsewhere nearby will tie up local police in a few days, and Oakland is counting on outside help.  Another problem:  Alameda police worried about lawsuits, but why worry if you won’t plan to smash heads or fire rubber bullets and such? 

11:20  A few days ago, we ran a photo of Jay-Z wearing an "Occupy All Streets" t-shirt.  Russell Simmons quickly asked him for one.  End of story?  Not quite? The Hollywood Reporter writes that Jay Z now planning to mass market them — via his Rocawear line — with no promise of sharing profits with Occupy.   Jay Z, of course, is already in the top 1% of the top 1%. (h/t Limoman)

11:00 As emailed to me just now by  Steve Syrek, longtime active with the People’s Library at Zuccotti Park:  "As reported from a fellow librarian, so I wasn’t there:  Last night, a plainclothes fire marshall dressed to look like a protestor and acting in an irate manner, came into the camp and stole the library’s generator when no one was looking. As far as we know, it is not illegal to have a generator in the park, though it may be to store petrol there (which we no longer do). This was an act of theft plain and simple. This generator and all the others that were taken were quite expensive.

"Our legal team is working on this problem, but it is unclear when and if we will recover the generators and our ability to provide electricity at the park. I for one am ashamed that the public servants of my city are obstructing our citizen movement in every way they can rather than doing what they should be doing: providing us with support and with services. If they want us to be safe and sanitary, they should be doing everything in their power to facilitate that, whether they agree with what we are doing or not. We may live in a park, but we are citizens, and this is a democracy. Or at least we thought so." 

10:20  Follow @PortlandPolice for their take on upcoming eviction.  They claim hope for peaceful clearing, referring people who need it to social services, promise no use of "water cannons."  And more.

10:10 Coming in two or three days, the first book on Occupy:  My very own, "40 Days That Shook the World," a living history with hundreds of links. 

9:05 Reuters:  Wild claims by police as move against Portland camp nears tonight.   They say people digging trenches, assembling weapons, hiding in trees.  Recruiting people from other OWS cities far away.   Dozens or hundreds of "anarchists" on hand!  Campers deny.   Also, same story on Salt Lake ready to resist today, and Oakland soon to be attacked.

8:20  OWS to shut down Wall St, maybe NY Stock Exchange on Nov. 17, but not sure if just a faction or goal for all in NY.

8:05 As noted below, St. Lous camp raided late last night.  Reports of about 20 arrested, tents and tarps seized.  Portland faces deadline tonight. 

12:15 am  Inside Bay Area reports every one of 200 eviction notices burned or destroyed in Oakland (see photo down the page a bit).  But you can read full text here.  Everyone subject to arrest if ignore orders and restrictions as of now.  Police also trying to link man killed last night to camp.

From late Friday

11:50  Arrests at #OWS in St. Louis now….generator seized in NY by fire marshall.

11:00 Reuters: Injured Oakland vet Scott Olsen released from hospital.   This is what two of his friends say.  No word on condition. 

10:55 Portland mayor debates a Portland occupyer on PBS NewsHour.  Mayor has claimed another heroin overdose at the park. .. As expected, police have booted OccupyBurlington out of their camp after suicide of "transient" man there yesterday, claiming they cannot police themselves.

10:30  No idea if police will move on Oakland camp. See picture of people there burning eviction notice.  But some question if order given on eviction or just order to make drastic changes with eviction to follow if no response…. Meanwhile Portland eviction just a day away.  They are mobilizing support. Police claim they have seized rocks at the camp. 

9:30  So much for smoothing the process. reports "a few people" grinding NY "spokes" meeting to a halt.  Faction complains about whole concept and taking anything away from GA.  Ends up making no decisions at all and many depressed by it.

9:05 Dreaded moment at hand? From Bay Area news outlet @CaliforniaBeat just now:  "BREAKING: Oakland Police have issued eviction notices to the camp ordering them to leave or be arrested."  And   "UPDATE: Small contingent of Oakland Police officers at camp; protesters refusing to leave Frank Ogawa Plaza."  A livestream of GA there enow.

7:35  Brits bust 170 rightwingers over threats vs OccupyLondon.  "The arrests took place outside a London pub, but police believed that those arrested were preparing to head for the Occupy LSX encampment at St. Paul’s Cathedral. EDL members have been threatening on Facebook to burn down the Occupy protesters’ tents and some have recently attempted to enter the encampment.

"The EDL is known mainly for its anti-Islamic protests and is often accused of racism and of fomenting violence. The Swedish mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik is alleged to have have extensive contact with the EDL and to have marched in their protests."

6:20  If you missed,  Joan Baez singing at #OWS rally/concert today in NYC, kicking off the day.

6:00  Wash Post: Showing how much OWS has succeeded: mentions of term "income inequality" in media up 500%.


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