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11:00     @OccupyArrests counts 81 today, and 3350 so far.   And it’s early.  Predictably, OccupyDublin is fun, with lots of music.

8:40  Video of Robert Reich speaking at OccupyLA yesterday…Photo of Bill Maher at OccupyLA today and interview there.

7:55 Video from Oakland where guy with camera posing no threat to police shot  with something — see gun flash and guy goes down.

7:40  Occupy Riverside (Calif.) just raided by cops.  And they tweet:  "Occupiers followed police after taking down tents and canopies to city hall. ‘Shame on rpd end police brutality’ we are chanting."…   

7:10  Here’s story on today’s hugely successful encircling-the-White-House protest (and see below).

6:55 Today’s song for Occupyers everywhere (a daily feature for more than five weeks):  It closed today’s big Tar Sands protest at the White House, and now here is Marvin Gaye doing his "What’s Going On," with vintage political footage.

 4:40 Gotta hand it to Russell Simmons, he is at Zuccotti almost every day.  Only celeb to do so.

3:50  Protester earning college credit for occupying Zuccotti.

2:50 Livestream of Tar Sands demo encircling White House (see below).  They claim they not only accomplished it but three deep.  Obama reportedly golfing.  Reminds me of Nixon watching football during big Vietnam era protests (which I attended).

2:30  John Aravosis on 9/11 Truthers allegedly aiming to co-opt Occupy, with email.

1:55  Riot on Wall Street!  But it’s just shooting new "Batman" sequel. Batmobile also spotted.   Photo. 

12:50  Mark Ruffalo tweeting the big Tar Sands action in D.C. today, @Mruff221.

12:30  Simon Johnson:   We are heading straight for another Depression. … OWS marching against the foreclosure settlement deal.

11:50   We noted earlier this morning’s ongoing bust at Fresno camp.  Now ABC reports bunch of arrests, though we have seen estimates ranging from 15 to 40.

11:40  Another OccupyLA teach-in today but we’re told it is raining — apocalyptic for L.A.   Yesterday it featured Robert Reich and Robert Scheer. (h/t Jon Wiener) …Nice video on bank transfer day in LA yesterday….. Quietly, bunch of arrests at OccupyWorcester.

11:20  Cool video:  D.C. police called press conference to defend not arresting driver who ran over OWS protesters.  If I understand this correctly,  police were late so protesters took over mic and explained their view about the incident and lack of police action, i.e. what really happened.   Perhaps police will learn lesson not to be late? 

11:05 And here I thought the only "New York Marathon" was the Zuccotti occupation…. And now a word from our sponsor:  Check out my personal blog here for info on about 10 of my books.

10:50  The great Bill Nighy (who stars in a major PBS movie tonight) talks to Financial Times about a variety of matters, quite funny, but does get around to his backing for the "Robin Hood tax" on financial transactions.  He even made a three-minute film about it last year playing a banker (see below if you missed it first time around).  “I’m not a financial expert. The Robin Hood tax seems to me a very simple and beautiful idea. I don’t see the problem. Unless it’s a problem of implementation, and then if that’s the case, as I say, who gives a f***? If you pardon my language. Sorry, I won’t swear again.”  (h/t Barbara Bedway)

10:30  Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben, many others surrounding White House today vs.Keystone XL.  Obama may be inside today….Sen. Bernie Sanders calling for cap on credit card interest rates as a key for helping the 99 percenters.

10:20  CBS slideshow on OWS in red and blue states.

9:20  Terrific video below from Portland on yesterday’s bank transfer day.

8:20 Fresno camp seems to latest to be evicted overnight …. Mayor has said Occupy Vancouver will be cleared out after drug ovedose death of young woman a couple of days ago….. More on those new Occupy ads for TV.

8:10  Traders from Chicago Board of Trade dump McDonald’s job applications on OWS protesters.


11:40 pm  Watched eviction at Atlanta in livestream .  Apparently 2 people arrested for being in park after 11.  Then folks took to the streets and police moved on them for marching without permit.  More arrests.  Claim that motorcycle hit one protester.

11:05  Owner vandalized store in Oakland still backs Occupy. … The Occupationalist.  The entire movement, almost in real time.  See it to believe it.

10:20   ABC News:   1 million have moved money. And why.   BanksL okay, so we”ll levy new fees to make up for it.

9:30  Roger Waters of Pink Floyd does a pro-Occupy video. Happy to pay more taxes.  "I’m with Warren Buffet."  It’s "fucking crazy." And "why aren’t people going to prison."   He’s "so happy to see people on the streets. " Hum a few bars of "Money."

9:25  Gotta love this: 2 at Occupy Anchorage in hazmat suits arrested cleaning up spilled fake money at mall bank branch of Wells Fargo.  "According to APD Sgt. Tim Randis, the arrests occurred when protesters dressed in hazmat suits spilled fake paper money outside the mall’s branch office of the Wells Fargo bank, then made loud noises as they picked it up."   Loud noises! 

9:10 Fascinating exchange of several letters between AdBusters (remember, they helped launch Occupy) chief KalleLasn and the NYT.    He complains about shots at him in the paper, including from David Brooks, as being anti-Jewish, and asks for a chance to reply.  The Times says, okay, but cuts his letter drastically.    He complains about that, and they reply, and so on.  He concludes:  "I suspect you are refusing to run our letter because it it would once again open up a debate about the anti-Palestine culture at the Times that you do not wish to have."

8:50  Van Jones tweeted that Wall St banks down 80,000 accounts this weekend and linked to this.

8:30  Finally caught up with the South Park "Occupy" show this week.  Don’t mind the swipes but really weak and in the end, stupid,  humorless episode. 

6:55 Hhmmm…yesterday I blogged that with word that Madison Sq Garden was looking to book concerts because of b-ball lockout, someone ought to organize one of those benefits with top 1% music stars.  Now comes this tweet from Russell Simmons: "Shoutout to concert production crew now gotta find some stars."  Earlier he had mentioned date and site:  The already planned Nov. 11 "occupation" of Central Park. 

6:45 Scattered arrests on bank transfer day across USA.  Three more in Boston tallied.   Twenty in NYC.   Pepper-spraying in Dallas.   @OccupyArrests counts 58 so far today.

3:25  Some trouble in NYC, as big crowd gathers to protest Obama weakness vs. Wall Street, at least two arrests so far and one protester thrown down stairs according to @RDevro.   More arrests seem to be happening now amid tension.  Calls for more to come from nearby Zuccotti.

2:50  Big march in NYC to Foley Square and courthouse….In LA they are tearing up credit cards to big cheers…in SF, big crowd at Wells Fargo for speeches….Just a sample of national actions.

2:20  The "Robin Hood Tax" did gain ground at the G20… Full report at Alternet on last night’s D.C. protest vs. Koch brothers and others, and confrontations later.

2:10  Many bonfires put out in London tonight…. Ryan Devereaux of Democracy Now tweets:  "puppet march beginning in NYC. Includes a giant Obama float that’s VERY creepy looking."… Local reporter tries to find drugs at OccupyBoston, hilarity follows (video). 

1:25 @OccupyLA:  "B of A charging bank transfer customers $10 to close accounts, but closing them all. High security in banks."

1:20  Apparently some arrests and police action as OccupyLondon marches on Parliament (which probably will remain intact) on Guy Fawkes Day….  Livestream here.

1:15  Mother Jones reporter asks Wells Fargo banker for one reason for not switching to credit union. He can’t come up with anything.  Over 650,000 have made that move in past 5 weeks.

12:30  Naomi Klein tweets: "Tomorrow in DC thousands of us will surround the White House to tell Obama to say no to the dirty Keystone XL pipeline. Come if you can!"

12:25  From farm to thee:  Students feed OccupyLA.

11:55 Activities all over the USA on Bank Transfer day, reports of nervous reactions at banks, extra guards posted, etc.  Stay tuned.   Here’s how MoveOn is picturing…. .. An Anonymous video for the day… Alec Baldwin tweets:  "Business will always do what it does . We need a government with balls."

11:30  @OccupyArrests now tallies 4000 arrests for movement so far.

10:30 NYT looks at current state of Zuccotti.  Well, I did not know 3 toilets soon available at a loading dock (no jokes, please) nearby…  That OWS ad to hit TV this week…

10:25 Today’s song pick for Occupyers everywhere, for bank transfer day and Guy Fawkes today: The Rolling Stones’ "Sympathy for the Devil" over scenes from V for Vendetta.  

10:00 Driver who hit three protesters in D.C. last night (see below) not cited by police because he had the green light!  "In other areas around the building, some drivers got out of their cars and confronted protesters who refused to move. Other motorists stuck in traffic were more receptive, honking their horns in support of the group. In addition, it appeared that small fights were breaking between protesters and other people, possibly neighborhood residents."

9:40 More on Oakland cops covering name tags during protests.

9:30 Billy Bragg in The Guardian on need for more young artists to speak "truth to power."

9:10  Yes, it’s Move Your Money Day.   Say no to big banks.  Also Guy Fawkes Day. And they’re shooting new Batman on Wall Street near Zuccotti Park with fake gunfire and all.

8:50 am  Guess I missed this yesterday:  Mike Fox Sr., the Silicon Valley billionaire, announces he is pulling his dough out of Bank of America to make a point at this key point….

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