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EVEN LATER SUNDAY  Trying to post some but with power out, outside places with wi-fi jammed or connections slow.  Well, here’s a cool photo from today: hundreds on a beach spelling out an OWS message.  

LATER SUNDAY   Power still out, may try to do a little work here at a B & N, and re-group 8 a.m. in morning, I hope.  Sorry.  Stay tuned.

SUNDAY:  Folks, power out here near NYC for 22 hours, not sure when back, will try to return blogging somehow, sorry, missed a lot…

12:40  Important posting by Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism on an "alternative banking group" inspired by OWS meeting Sunday in NY.   Need people with capital markets, regulatory and wholesale banking experience.   (h/t Barbara Bedway)

12:25  Today’s song for Occupyers everywhere (a daily feature), from the late, great Townes Van Zandt, the aptly titled "High, Low and In-Between."   In which  "the gold’s no good for spending / and the poison’s hungry, waiting."   Concludes:  "All things that are alive / are brothers in the soil / and in the sky / And I believe it with my blood / if not my eyes / I don’t know why we can’t be brothers here / I know we should be / Answers don’t seem easy / I wonder if they could be." 

12:15  LIVE from Zuccotti Park as snow arrives, and stays.

11:40  Details from that Fordham #OWS survey noted below.   Finds:  most backed Obama in 2008–and now claim they won’t vote or find another candidate next year (his aproval rating only 27%).   One in four students.  Average age:33.    Three in ten fully employed. 69% male.  More.

11:15 NYT with big story today on claims of  lack of diversity at Zuccotti — but  notes in passing that recent survey found only 68% of Occupyers there are white. Top photo with story in print shows two non-whites among seven pictured…. Weather forecast for Northeast getting worse by the hour.  Will be a real Valley Forge movement for occupations here.

11:00  Denver law firm — major backer of state’s governor and mayor — applies to trademark "OccupyDenver" for business reason, application says.  Read it and weep.  (h/t Patrick O’Grady) 

10:40   Don’t forget: Scott Olsen was also an antiwar campaigner.   Confirmed: 13 Americans killed in attack in Kabul.   If anytthing, OWS should be campaigning against the war — and staggering costs, of all kinds, and U.S. empire abroad  — even more than it has.

10:30  Updated info on Oakland General Strike (and first poster at left).

9:50  Relatively quiet night in Occupyland but 32 arrests in Rochester, NY.  Also,  second straight night of arrests in Nashville and once again judge releases them without charges, citing lack of clarity on law. "Magistrate Tom Nelson told troopers delivering the protesters to jail that he could "find no authority anywhere for anyone to authorize a curfew anywhere on Legislative Plaza."

9:40   Rainy and snow coming in NYC but still big turnout right now at Zuccotti, reports say….  NY cops all for rule of law and swinging batons when people get off sidewalks.  Now read about many implicated in ticket-fixing scandal — and their cursing prosecutors yesterday.

8:45  Michael Moore on Anderson Cooper from Oakland:  OWS not about voting, candidates or who runs Congress. " We’ve all written to our Congressmen and women, please pass House bill number 3428. What did we get? Where are we? We’re in the worst shape we have been in this country that I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. And, and so, this movement is not right now concerned with candidates or specific bills in Congress.” … Berkeley student:  Why would I occupy? I want to be one of the one percent. Paging Mario Savio!

12:05  See great column by Joe Nocera just up at NYT on "foreclosure mill" law firm near Buffalo and its annual Hollyween party.  A staffer there sent him photos with people dressing up to mock poor people and those foreclosed on.  Read and see six pictures .here (h/t Barbara Bedway)

From late Friday

11:35  Ha, check this out:  primer on how to NOT throw out your junk mail from banks offering credit cards etc. and instead make use of them to torment them.  Take the return envelope and mail it empty (costing banks money), or put note inside and tell them what you think, or putting something heavy inside which will cost them more, and so on.

11:25 On Bill Maher’s HBO show tonight he sticks up for OWS, as does recent arrestee Cornel West (who nearly loses it vs. moronic Ron Christie)… Big crowd back in Nashville, even after arrests.  More to come?  Also in San Diego, see picture.

11:10  Michael Moore in Oakland, says he got note explaining mayor wants to meet with him.  He replies: "I will not meet with the Oakland mayor. I am not . She should come and face the General Assembly. We’re a peaceful ppl."   He also reported that the crowd so big there the human mic could not handle it so a hip-hop artist went and got an amp.  You remember amps. 

10:50  Big night for OWS in NYC and probably beyond — GA there passes controversial "Spokes" proposal to aid governance and speed decisions (see item down the page).

9:40  OccupyOakland apparently has a strike coordinating committee that can vote on things apart from the GA.  They just voted to march to the famous port on Nov. 2 and attempt to "shut it down" on General Strike day.  A major challenge.  The longshoreman have indicated they will not, or cannot, support striking that day.

8:50 NYT reports on new survey of OWSers  at Zuccotti and finds what it considers surprises. "Sixty percent of those surveyed said they voted for Barack Obama in 2008, and about three-quarters now disapprove of Mr. Obama’s performance as president. A quarter said they were Democrats, but 39 percent said they did not identify with any political party. Eleven percent identified as Socialists, another 11 percent said they were members of the Green Party, 2 percent were Republicans and 12 percent say they identified as something else." 

8:30  To mark marches against bankers today, and those to come, here’s U2 doing Woody Guthrie’s immortal "Jesus Christ."  Indeed, "if he preached the way he did in Galilee / they’d lay Jesus Christ in his grave." 

7:55  . Glenn Greenwald speaking at OccupyBoston tomorrow.  Check your listings. … Andrew Sullivan:  When Cops Attack Soldiers….

7:00 Due to new movie, I should make clear that Shakespeare also did not write today’s edition of this blog.

5:50  Income is very imprecise way of judging financial position, but everyone knows you have to make over $500,000 a year to be in the fabled top 1%.  But within the "We are the 99%" where does your income place you?  Now there’s a web calculator to show you where you stand or, in this case, Stand.  Just enter your household income.  Ironically, it comes from…the Wall Street Journal.

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