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9:20  Important ProPublica piece:  How the government’s policies prolonged the foreclosure crisis.

8:50 Metro reports Saturday night incident in NY, where two alleged anarchists and one alleged OWSer, Alexander Penley,  arrested for breaking windows at Starbucks I used to frequent when I worked at Astor Place.  Followed an anarchist book fair and some garbage can-tipping, chants of fuck the police and so on.

7:50  John Hanrahan at Nieman Watchdog with good look ahead and whether media will cover spring activities or ignore as has recently been case.  The NYT, for example, "has an annoying practice of putting newsworthy Occupy stories on its on-line City Room blog, but not printing the article in the paper that gets delivered to my Washington, D.C., doorstep (and presumably across the nation) each morning."

2:00  U.S. women over 65 living without financial security:  60%…. Friends of Studs Terkel have set up site to honor his centenary.  Proud to say I knew him a little, was on his show, and he blurbed one of my books.

1:30  Official video released for Springsteen’s militant "Death to My Hometown."  Plus: Tom Watson in Forbes on Bruce’s evolution and shifting causes.

11:25 The new with plenty of new offerings: articles, videos, music, comedy, photos.  "Don’t forget the funny."  Plus dozens of items from past week from around the USA.

11:15  Romney a few months back saying (low-income) stay at home parents need to know the "dignity" of work… David Cay Johnston on MSNBC this morning: We tax the sick to help the rich…. Reuters staffer tweets from Kabul:  "Ordered some food from outside as there is no lull in gunfire and explosions, hope the security guards don’t shoot the delivery boy dead."

11:00 Another bad morning in that money pit known as Afghanistan–a Tet-like attack on Kabul and across country.  Liked Tet, a "failure" but shows Taliban abilities despite long war and attacks on them….Friday night at the Met in NY, I heard Jackie Robinson’s daughter talk about racial incident at his first spring training, in 1946, in….Sanford, Fla.

10:30 More mainstream coverage of spring training, this time in Toledo Blade…. New Nation cover story: Eric Alterman on Springsteen as Political Boss. ..

9:05  Plans announced for "massive" protest in Charlotte ("The Wall Street of the South")  on eve of Dem convention in early September.  "Earlier, leaders of The Coalition to Protest at the DNC blasted what one called the ‘delays and run-arounds’ by city officials in issuing permits to demonstrate. The coalition represents 45 groups. It’s unclear how many protesters will be here. Some estimates put the number at 10,000 or more."  Of course, one might ask, is 10,000 or so "massive"? I was in march at GOP convention in NYC with more than 100,000.

8:30 I will again recommend that you read my book (or at least look at my videos) about one of the greatest grassroots "99%" movements  ever — led by Upton SInclair in 1934 End Poverty in California, or EPIC–and it was.  Also changed the way political campaigns would be run ever after, and drew Hollywood into politics in a big way for the first time.


8:00 Livestream from Chicago of re-occupation of Woodlawn clinic…

4:30  The Gothamist with lengthy look at the Wall St. sleep overs, with 40 there last night, and more engagement with community than provided at more insulated Zuccotti Park.

11:00 The great Occupy vs. 99% Spring debate continues (see below, but we’ve covered often here from the beginning with links to divergent pieces).  Here’s new rundown and background which links to six separate pieces…. Old friend Danny Schecter with piece that asks, will this battle "tear OWS apart" or "save its soul"?…

10:40  Great roundup of new records and acitivites boosting OWS patron saint Woody Guthrie.

10:20  A credit card that "moves your money" and shows support for Occupy, they say. … Activists to occupy home in Gilbert, AZ today… "Spring Awakening" in NY’s Central Park today at 1 pm aims for new recruits and families.

From late Friday

Video of action by Occupy and others at trustees meeting at Indiana University yesterday…. big BOA action in NY starting about 2, follow @johnknefel

  Provocative new piece by old buddy Charles M. Young calling the 99% Spring a "fraud."  He attended a recent three-hour direct action training session in NYC and found it to be quite apart from OWS, and worse.  I published Young’s first piece, and then a couple more,  at Crawdaddy oh, 36 years ago or so–the first major hit on Lyndon LaRouche….We called him "Mighty Chuck Young" when he played on our softball team.  He went on to write regularly for Rolling Stone (very early traveled with the Sex Pistols and like that) and many other pubs, wrote books.

Allison Kilkenny just posted on continuing rise of "sleepful protest."  It’s true that it’s easy, and often legal,  for cops to clear a major camp but hard as hell to do it with countless sidewalks (and often legal rights) to observe.

Bradley Manning Support group posts excerpt from my new book (with Kevin Gosztola)…

Video of protesters, many elderly, arrested in Chicago last night trying to save clinic.