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11:25  "The Last Occupy," a one-act play at Guernica Magazine.

10:10  Vigil at prison in NYC continues and arrested and protesters can actually see each other, see remarkable photo here.

9:00 Tim Pool livetreaming toniight’s NYC protest march and jail vigil. Laurie Penny reports chant:  ‘they’re our brothers, they’re our sisters- we support political prisoners!’

Live streaming by Ustream

8:00 J.A. Myerson piece on the raid and violence at Truthout.  I continue to say: Need bigger turnout of OWSers (many last night from nearby conference and left quickly) or last night will be replayed over and over.

5:00 Super-intense new video from frontlines of police raid on Zuccotti last night.

1:45 Petition for NYS attorney general to probe NYPD and Bloomberg.  Still no accurate count of arrests last night, ranging from "scores" to 50 to 100.

12:45 The Occupied Wall Street Journal on last night in NYC.

12:15 Yves Smith’s great Naked Capitalism covers police vs.OWS last night, plus hits "mayor for life" Bloomberg and "goon squad."

11:15  Major Matt Taibbi piece at Rolling Stone on Bank of America still being horrid and still getting government favors.

10:35 Terrific Village Voice wrap-up on yesterday’s conflicts in NYC, with photos. Note:  Occupy got large crowd in Zuccotti at one point last night, partly due to lefty forum and Michael Moore speech nearby.  By 11 pm many had left.  Police raided at 11:30.  Quite predictable. OWS needs to build back big, devoted, crowds, from braoder circle, this spring or it’s easy pickings for police.

10:20  Video of police not getting treatment for many minutes after young woman injured, convulsing, possibly with cracked ribs last night at Zuccotti.  More on the woman and other videos here.  She eventually ended up at hosptital (see below).   Unfortunately for cops last night, many people (and press) around with cameras.

10:15 I’m still looking for accurate arrest count for last night in NYC, some says 50 or more, but here’s tweet from the official OWS feed:  " is still chillin at midtown south precinct, folks will be transferred to 100 centre, arraigned at 1pm."  The Guardian wrap up.

9:55 Photo at left of Brookfield Security hosing down Zuccotti Park this morning.  Doug Henwood, who took the pic, suggests they are washing down the blood.

1:55 Here’s promised video of cops ramming head of OWS medic Jose into glass door, breaking it (and his head?)  Jump to about 3:30. Looks like building I lived in for two years on East 1oth St.

Video streaming by Ustream

1:35 NYT covers the arrests tonight in NY,  not bad but light on police violence…. Video posted of that young woman (Cecily McMillan, age 23) injured in arrest but at a bit of distance.  @SarahBTweets says she is with girl at hospital and police guard not letting her call lawyer or her own doctor…. Marchers arrive at Union Sq.

1:20 @ShawnCarrie, arrested tonite in NY, tweets: "Police broke my left thumb and possibly my jaw. My right ear is bleeding and theres a bootprint on my face."  Posts cop’s name and badge number in another assualt. . …More arrests on march going on now.  One guy (medic Jose) pushed into glass which cracks–right where I was walking earlier today.  Ryan Devereaux: "Just saw police slam a protester into this door, 55 East 10th. Arrestee was punched in the face."… @Jeff Sharlet:  "At what point can we call this a police riot? Broken bones, broken windows, blood on the streets."

1:15 Another apt song for tonight:  Jimmy Cliff with Springsteen this week doing "The Harder They Come (The Harder They Fall)."

1:05 Collection of tweets by various journos on police vs. press tonight in NYC.  Includes violent attacks.

12:45 Seems like an apt moment to post vid of Springsteen and Morello doing "Ghost of Tom Joad" this week at SXSW.

12:15  Ryan Devereaux:  "Protesters have taken the street near city hall. Ducking down side roads with scooter cops in tow."…  A little surreal: Guy with alleged video of woman being beaten (was latter carried to ambulance while convulsing)  showing it live to Tim Pool on camera right now.  Seems to show cops digging knees into ribs while helpless on ground… More from Ryan: "Today’s events feel like any given day last fall with . That could br interpreted as equal parts inspiring and depressing."


11:55 Police claim closing park for "cleaning." Barricades may violent court order.  More claims of brutality.  March leaves park, police follow.  Here’s report on bagpipers arrested! Claim that arrested woman had seizure, or ribs broken,  and not treated for 15 minutes. Guy claims he has video of "that girl getting the shit beaten out of her." 

11:45 Claims of police brutality as they arrest some, including against women. Reporter Ryan Devereaux:  "Police are barricading the park. It’s cleared. I witnessed countless violent arrests. No way to estimate numbers."  @MollyKnefel: "Singing ‘we shall overcome’ on the sidewalk in cuff."  @KieraFeldman:  "Man getting arrested face to the ground calling out ‘all day all week occupy wall street.’ Re-occupation begins."  Barricades placed around group of arrested–and entire park, to keep OWSers from returning. 

11:35 Major raid now, arrests, people linking arms and pulled apart, more arrests in sweep.  Some in press complain kicked out of park, can’t cover, despite orders.  Watch below.

11:30  Protesters holding orange netting up at steps to Zuccotti and taking other measures to defend park, after lengthy training.  Police just warned again that they are ready to move in, park closed, arrests threatened.  Tim Pool livestream:

Streaming video by Ustrea

11:20  Police moving in on park now, at least briefly.  Resistance and chants.  Many cops now there. They retreat but have warned people to leave.  Second tent has gone up. Livestream below.

10:30  First new tent/tarp goes up at Zuccotti (photo via Jeff Smith). Cardboard boxes around it so a real structure now.

10:20 Serious direct action training going on at Zuccotti, check out livestream below.  Various drills and self-defense action, chanting.  Not sure what planned.  Perhaps preparing for police action later?   Crowd has thinned a bit but several hundred still there and more may arrive again.  Michael Moore tweets that he is still there.  Tim Pool reports that he was heckled a bit there earlier.

10:00 Occupy people’s library returns to Zuccotti Park.  For on the scene tweets follow @johnknefel. Or @AnimalNewYork. Rumor that food and blankets on the way for folks to stay overnight.  See Tim Pool livestream below.  Warn days will continue for many days now.  Sixth month anniversary.  Note: I have blogged daily for all but the first two weeks of that.

9:00 Hundreds, up to 1000, re-occupy Zuccotti Park, some vow to stay the nignt.  I was in NYC earlier but left before this.  Michael Moore rumored to be there.  Was a march earlier and some arrests.  Left Forum and Michael Moore speech helped swell crowd. Tim Pool livestream: 

Streaming video by Ustream

From late Friday

City of Berkeley launches probe of police chief related to aftermath of that recent murder case, when he blamed an Occupy protest for diverting police attention.

Barbara Ehrenreich at Alternet:  How I discovered the truth about poverty.

Here’s a claim that the "99% Spring" offensive is nothing more than a "MoveOn/Democratic Party" front group.

Huff Post report on yesterday’s eviction and arrests at Occupy Midwest conference.

Big flap today over Mike Daisey–whose monologue on Steve Jobs, Apple and China workers I saw and enjoyed in NYC awhile back and has met with wide acclaim.  Ira Glass and radio show This American Life produced its most popular podcast ever with an excerpt from show.  Today they are "retracting" the whole thing, saying Daisey included errors and also lied to them in fact-checking. Daisey statement points out he is a theater person, not a journo, and admits he tooks some "dramatic license." 

From my assistant Elizabeth Whitman:  "What’s not to like about a music festival, especially an Occupy Music Festival? The festival, scheduled for mid-May in Chicago, will feature national and international performers. Half of its profits are supposed to go to Occupy Chicago, which has endorsed the festival. But where the other half will go is uncertain. Moreover, how well the Occupy Music Festival’s organization and structure aligns with those of the Occupy movement is dubious. Salon offers a critique, suggesting that "As Occupy brushes off its winter dust and springs back into regular, highly public action, the many-legged co-optation machine will follow suit," and that the Occupy Music Festival is not the only example of how the Occupy brand has been reappropriated, they assert.