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5:20  Boston Globe piece on Occupy in the nearby cities and suburbs, such as Somerville, Salem, Lowell.  Less camping and publicity but carrying on.

2:35  Wash Post: Tax tips for the 99%. …. Our own Dave Zirin tweets: "Protests now in Indy: Occupiers, IBEW, UFCW, CWA, gathered at Indy statehouse."…  Skip Madonna, re-live when The Boss rocked halftime.  Clarence R.I.P.

11:30 Major piece at Salon on rough tactics used to disloded OccupyDC folks yesterday.

11:15 Great NYT article warms heart of oil company owners– gets heat to hard hit Mainers.

10:45 Hoosier point of view on "Occupying" the Super Bowl.  Ah, if onlh Kurt Vonnegut was still alive…. Arizona State Univ unblocks after outcry. Yet another win.

10:30  Rumor: RIot cops massing to invade 2nd D.C. camp at Freedom Plaza?…. D.C. police say cop hit in face with brick, protester arrested.

10:00  Just launched new blog, "Roll Over, Beethoven," on Occupyer #1, and tied to my new book.  If you doubt #1 status:  see highlight of recent protest–before half a million.


11:45 Local TV reports: Protesters–all 70 of them–kicked off march in Oakland tonight by burning U.S. flag. Sure to rally the 99%. … Update: Reuters says march mostly peaceful.

10:45 Wash Post on Anonymous apparently hacking Boston’s police department with an OWS statement. "Anonymous hacks Boston Police website in retaliation for police brutality at OWS.” Site seems okay now.

4:40 Full article and photos on last night’s eviction in Austin, from the Austin Chronicle. About 7 arrests. One woman had a seizure.  Many homeless made homeless again.  "The consensus seems to be that this whole event was handled much worse than the cleaning/clean out operation or the Halloween arrests."… Big NYT piece on Oakland piece being "stretched" by protests and not able to serve other parts of city well. "The violent clashes have also placed Oakland under nationwide scrutiny, renewed concerns about excessive force and solidified the city’s soiled reputation as a place where protesters and criminals, and even sometimes the police, run amok."

4:35 Conflict continues in D.C. as police try to clear parts of park completely.  Right now library threatened.  Arrests.  Rain.  Horses. 

4:30  I quoted him last night but here is clip of Bill Maher on his HBO show hitting Occupyers who have gone the more "violent" route lately.  "Stragglers…anarchists."

4:00 Best song of the year so far and former Occupy song pick of the day remains Joseph Arthur’s "Travel as Equals" and his new album is still a free download.

3:25 How’s that war workin’ out for ya? Wash Post:  2011 record year for civilian deaths and new refugees in Afghanistan.

2:00 Occupyers and Tea Partyers find some common ground in Worcester, MA.  "Members of each group said they admired the other group for its stand on NDAA, but except for a brief speaking portion of event, Occupy Worcester members mostly occupied the north end of the small Federal Plaza Park and tea partiers mostly the south. There was some ‘good discussion’ among the members."

11:00 Cool photo of two women embracing in front of Tent of Dreams in D.C. as riot cops moved in, with copter overhead.

10:20 Tents coming down at OccupyDC at last, possible arrests just now, we are told, eviction started about five hours ago.  Folks claim police assured them tents not seized but now all taken, some labeled "bio hazard" and will be trashed.  One site left with permit until end of month, they say. watch:

10;00 Todd Gitlin, veterans of ’60s protest disputes, via email poses these two new queustions: "If you were David Koch, would you rather see Occupy preoccupied with the cops or with fighting the banks? If you were Sheldon Adelson, would you rather see Occupy smashing windows or bringing down any candidate who opposes reinstating Glass-Steagall?"

9:25  Charles Ferguson on Obama’s State of the Union: Let Them Eat….Task Forces?…. Chicago Tribune refuses to run Doonsebury because of plug for DonorsChoose.

9:00  Obama calls on Assad to step down in wake of Syria massacre….now protest building outside Syria embassy in London…

12:05  Eviction  in Austin. Watch livestream.  Update:  Plaza cleared, folks take to streets.


Protests outside Syrian embassies in USA protesting today’s killings, joined by Occupyers…. embassy in Cairo burned…

Bill Maher on HBO tonight brieftly  slams Occupy, says did great work at start "now a bunch of douche bag" anarchist stragglers who throw chairs thru windows.  Guest Wes Moore then tells him can’t say those folks about really Occupyers, and organizers and core of movement serious people and not like that.  Maher then admits that he is going on what he sees in media now, quite different from early days of movement. 

New poll in SF-Oakland-San Jose area finds only 40% of Democrats now back Occupy, 56% oppose (31% of them say they once backed OWS).  Can’t vouch for poll’s rep tho.

My new book on Beethoven’s influence today–including politically and re: Occupy–just out this morning in print edition, was available in various e-book editions a few days ago.  Co-authored by Kerry Candaele and linked to his great upcoming Beethoven as universal hero film.  Beethoven even rocked the biggest Occupy-related rally of the year — over half a million in Madrid.

  New film take on Komen and "breast cancer industry."… NY atty general goes after banks on foreclosure fraud. ….Color commentator:  CNN looks at OccupyTheHood "adding color" to OWS.