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11:00 @JoshHarkinson covering Oakland GA now and march to come.  Folks seem tired, post-traumatic stress.

9:45 Yikes:  TIm Pool, famous livestreamer (see his stream below) just attacked by what he calls "anarchists" against him shooting stream, smacked in head pretty hard, says he is still groggy.  Says someone had been harassing him earlier to deter shooting.  He has had run-ins with those types before who are not for full, shall we say, "transparency."  He is still shooting but says "my head hurts."

8:00 Multi-screen livestreams of marches around US in "solidarity" with Oakland, plus an eviction in London.  Below that, Tim Pool covering the NY march, one arrest just now for no good reason.


5:45 Tim Craig of Wash Post says this indeed shows non-violent camper in D.C. getting tazed pr tasered today in advance of tomorrow’s eviction. Lawsuit coming, all on tape.  Kid had apparently been tearing up eviction notices.

5:00 Gavin Aronsen’s piece in Mother Jones on getting busted in Oakland last night.

11:55 Update on Oakland:  now reports of up to 500 arrested, though that sounds high.  Protest marches and vigils for freedom of expression today on "Solidarity Sunday" in that city, plus NYC, Boston, Philly and elsewhere.  Some OWSers upset with anarchists for throwing things at cops.  And, then there was the flag burning (see below).  City council member likens protesters to domestic terrorists.… Mayor Quan may seek "stay away" orders against some of those arrested… Another updated story here.

9:30 Big NYT piece today on Chilean protest leadert Camila Vallejo, who is becoming world sensation.

8:55 Meanwhile, arrests at Occupy party in Brooklyn in abandoned building.

8:50 Gavin Aronsen of Mother Jones finally tweeted his arrest in Oakland, kettled, taken in bus with 45 others to jail cell, released, says he is writing story now.  @Garonsen…. Photo of tear gas cannister used in Oakland.  Apparently same used by Israelis vs. Palestinians.

8:20 My book on one of the most influential  "99 Percenters" of all time, Beethoven, just published today in Kindle e-book edition, and for Nook here,  with print to come in a week or so.  It’s titled Journeys With Beethoven, and it’s billed as "Beethoven for our time."   Among other things:  Visits Chile and China to show how Beethoven was used in Tiananman Square and against Pinochet, and then how Billy Bragg uses it today.  Co-authored by Kerry Candaele, director of much-anticipated upcoming film, Following the Ninth.

8:15 Here’s the Oakland Tribune wrap-up on yesterday’s actions.  They count over 200 arrests.   Photo of flag burning outside City Hall (flag from council chambers).    New York Times article here. See my coverage below.

12:25 And now, more trouble in Oakland, protesters in street, police block intersection near Oscar Grant Plaza. As arrests continue (see livestream down below).

12:20 am More on sad closing of famous Hull House in Chicago…. More on coming eviction of D.C. camps on Monday…Well, one thing ya gotta support climate change for:  very warm winter in Northeast, boost to OWS gatherings.


11:55 p.m. Classic photo from Oakland left (photog, I think, IDed here as Lili Loofbourow), and yes, tear gas WAS used, many more here.  Livestream below shows dozens STILL lined up for arrest–will be massive number by end of night…. Gavin Aronsen from Mother Jones reportedly in crowd of arrestees in cuffs (stopped tweeting couple hours ago).

11:05  Livestream down the page a bit shows long line of Oakland folks still awaiting arrest.  Meanwhile at city hall report that news van window smashed by protesters, it sped off, as did a 2nd news van. Susie Cagle tweets:  "Ppl just busted windows on Fox & CBS vans & ran them off. No arrests for that, but 100+ for unlawful assembly."  Arrest estimates now way over 100.  One claim that 5 journos arrested. 

10:30  Wow, while arrests continue elsewhere (see below),  local news outlet @OaklandLocal reporting OWSers have occupied CityHall and council chambers.    Police arrive and put out flag on fire.  Protesters deciding whether to call mayor on city phone.  Wild. : "Ppl now on all floors of city hall. Council chambers are open." Allegedly a photo just now from inside City Hall.  Then reports that people fled building just before police arrived.  Police now there. 10:05  Police spokesman just now says flash bombs WERE used, claims three police hurt, one taken to hospital.  Claims no detainees hurt.   Says 100 detained now.  Claims bottles thrown at police and had to act when "buildings broken into."  Spokesman has no response to charge that police gave folks no chance to leave and not be arrested.  See livestreams below.

9:30  See livestreams below for wild scenes in Oakland, on street and overhead, mass arrests ordered just now, kettling, more, after much tear gas. One tweep writes: "There are fucking CHILDREN in that kettle that no one is allowed to leave as tear gas is being shot in. Wtf society?"  Livestreamer Spencer Mills on scene again.  Kettled crowd chanting "This is a hostage situaton!"  Let’s hope Scott Olsen not out there. Dozens already arrested, dozens to go. Someone playing "God Bless America" off a rooftop.  Spencer now carrying six cameras of others who were arrested.

6:40 Livestreams of actions (moving to new camp) in Oakland, and D.C. (protesting fat cat dinner), below in split screens and solo from Oakland on the street with Spencer for Hire. 

 5:30  Gavin Aronsen reporting from Oakland just now: "We’re so kettled, it’s crazy," ‘er trying to get thru campus says. "Charge!" yells another w/makeshift shield. "This way’s still open!"  Live local TV coverage.

4:20  Big doings in Oakland right now, folks getting read legal rights.  Follow @OccupyOakland…Meanwhile, livestream of police vs OccupyMN.. and tonight OccupyDC at another meeting of fat cats at the Hilton.

11:20  Today’s Occupy song pick of the day, featuring mash up of John Lee Hooker, Howlin’ Wolf and…50 Cent.  "What is  the blues? Means you ain’t go no money."

11:00 Despite Thursday eviction notice, camp at U of Mass still standing.

10:10 I tweeted this last but now here is Bill Maher’s fun but pointed hit on GOPers for their "Saul Alinsky directs liberals and Obama."  And a Christian Science Monitor piece on same subject.

 9:00  New film at Sundance explores U.S. Uncut’s work….  Livestream of big protests in London over austerity cuts.  Led by UK Uncut.

8:55 Wall St. Journal’s "partisan approach" to climate change science. 

From late Friday

 Report: Police to try to remove all tents at both D.C. camps on Monday.

Tom Morello tweets: "Sad state of affairs that Jane Addams Hull House in Chicago closed today after 120yrs. Provided social services to immigrants and the poor."

Important campaign to pressure Obama to keep pledge in SOTU to end tax break for companies when they outsource jobs….Bill O’Reilly: National Park Service director should be fired–for not evicting OWS in D.C. ….OccupyArrests now counts over 6000 busts just in U.S…. OWS seize UC-DAvis building, block bank.What they’re calling a "pop-up occupation" at Wash Sq Park in NY tomorrow afternoon….Occupy Oakland having a "Rise Up" Festival this weekend…..FireDogLake asks you to nominate your favorite Occupy camp and maybe win them a tent and more.