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11:55 For our Occupy song pick of the day (a daily feature since Oct. 1), we will stick with very OWS-friendly Joseph Arthur, who also nabbed yesterday’s prize (see below).   Today’s selection is from his recent collaboration with Ben Harper and Dhani Harrison (son of George). Song and group both called "Fistful of Mercy."

10:05 Philip Boffey editorial in NYT: The money gaps in U.S. health care, and vs. other countries.

9:55 Check out today’s edition of the regular NYT "Education" Sunday supplement.  At least three articles on Occupy’s influence in and on education, and today’s students.


6:00 Yes I am live-tweeting the S. Carolina primary over @GregMitch as Newt Loops takes on Frosty Flake, with Colbert getting votes via Herman Cain surrogate.

5:45 Justice Scalia weighs in on Citizens United (again):  If you don’t like all those TV ads and fat cats buying elections, just turn off the tube.

2:50 Look for a re-run of Bill Maher’s HBO form last night as it featured Bill Moyers, Bernie Sanders, Jennifer Granholm, and Buddy Roemer (plus a tolerable guy who wrote a Palin book). … Watch Chris Hayes on latest Newt attack on Juan Williams, "so racist it almost makes me want to curse on air."

2:00 Today’s Occupy song of the day (a daily feature here since Oct. 1) comes from Joseph Arthur — who played Zuccotti Park last fall — in this tremendous performance that  I happened to catch on Letterman two nights ago, "Travel As Equals (or Not At All)."  At times Dylanesque? Review of new album Redemption Song. It’s free to download from his site.  Another recent song, "Fistful of Mercy" (with Ben Harper and George Harrison’s kid).

1:00 Good fact-check on Gingrich claims on Obama and food stamps…. meanwhile, I will coin name for him as "Newt Loops."

11:00 Salon with more on yesterday’s great OWS "bank" actions in San Fran.  More of  this sort of thing needed… Bank actions underway in NYC today.

10:15 am  Watch Bill Moyers’ segment last night on crony capitalism.  He was also swell last night on Bill Maher’s HBO show.

From late Friday

UC-Riverside’s president open letter on protests there and other events of the wild week…. New Chris Hedges speech in which he promises or warns, "Just wait until spring."

Tonight on Bill Moyers’ show (seen on PBS stations all weekend): a major  take on "crony capitalism."

OWS guy who dhallenged Romney yesterday and tongue lashing from candidate will be on Ed Schultz show tonight ….Livestream:  Chris Hedges and Lawrence Lessig in sitdown chat…. From all reports, numerous banks blockaded in SF today but police and bank security held back.  Now raining….March in NY starting from Zuccotti now.

Josh Harkinson of Mother Jones on San Fran actions today:  "Seven protesters were arrested blockading Wells Fargo HQ. Then released from jail a few hours later. SF ain’t NYC or Oakland…. A bank branch in the same Wells Fargo building was shut down all morning, until protesters voluntarily pulled up stakes to join a march."

Third Eye Blind debuted their (semi-charming?) OWS single at Zuccotti Park and now there’s an official video.

More on OWS actions vs. financial district and banks in San Fran.