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9:00 My man Steve Earle at a packed Riverside Church event tonight for MLK Jr. and OWS.

3:40  More useful education via the Stephen Colbert Super PAC. Narrated by John Lithgow:

3:30  Too many MLK Jr. or Reclaim the Dream events going on around the USA to count or cover, and many just starting or vigils to come tonight.  MoveOn just linked to this timely reminder of MLK Jr. on military spending.  Follow hashtags #J15 and #OccupytheDream.

7:50 a.m.  Saga of the "Amarillo 13" continues–Occupyers kicked off bus in Texas taking  them to D.C. for actions (see below).  They are just now back on the road in another bus and calling for OWSers to greet them as they stop in cities along the way.  Here’s a local TV report with video.  Protests to Greyhound continue and they have IDed driver and posted photos and livestream.


11:00 p.m. Twitter uproar by OWS folks over report that 13 Occupyers from San Diego, heading to D.C. for week of activities, were booted off a Greyhound bus by allegedly anti-OWS driver in Amarillo, Texas (I think).   Police arrived then and heard complaints.  And now local TV at the bus station.  Still not sure WHY kicked off but Occupyers say driver abusive and out to get OWSers.  They report next bus not for 8 hours or more and asking for supporters to complain to Greyhound.   They have passed along name of driver and say bus people in Amarillo are fine.  Some supporters offering to try to get them airline tickets.  Other buying them pizza.  Manager of Papa John’s sent pizzas.  Now local Fox TV has arrived.   Follow @road2congress.  There’s even a livestream as they wait:

8:25 The public option is, believe it or not, not dead.

2:05  From Wash Post:   Occupiers NOT running for office — "they have their sights set higher."

11:30  Matt Taibbi with "everything you need to know" about Wall Street — and "moral dementia" — in one  brief tale.  "At first,  I couldn’t remember how I knew that name. But then I looked it up and saw an explosive Atlantic magazine story, published last year, called, "E-mails Suggest Bear Stearns Cheated Clients Out Of Millions." And then I remembered that piece, and it hit me: Jeffrey Verschleiser is one of the biggest assholes in the entire world!"  (h/t Barbara Bedway)

10:50  As Rob Reiner noted on Bill Maher’s show  last night, Romney is a true plutocrat–even put Pluto on his car roof.

10:00 OWS in NY planning major events for MLK Jr. Day, and issues this statement: “Days before his murder, he declared that the next phase of the civil rights movement would be a Poor People’s Campaign—an outcry for justice for the millions of Americans in ‘economic bondage.’  He called for a Resurrection City in D.C.—much like the Occupy encampments across the country—where hundreds of thousands of poor people would come to the National Mall, live together and engage in nonviolent action directed at a Congress which did not concern itself with the needs of the 99%. As Congress continues to serve the interests of wealthy donors on Wall Street, the American Dream grows further out of reach, attainable by only a few, well-connected, elite members of society. Occupy Wall Street is here to pick up where King left off. We are here to Reclaim the Dream."

9:45  Important Occupy meeting in Harvard Yard this afternoon…

9:00 a.m.   High toll of suicides and depression due to recession only growing…. John Stossel:  Young folks are dumb and don’t pay attention and so should not get to vote.

Late Friday

 On money and politics, from Bill Moyers’ debut show tonight.

OccupyPrinceton disrupts JPMorgan Chase recruiting….Eliz Warren sets big money "bomb" appeal for next Thursday.

Just got emailed press release which opens:   " In a truly audacious move, just days away from the MLK holiday, BB&T bank is attempting to foreclose on one of the oldest churches in Dr. King’s old neighborhood — Vine City in Atlanta.  ‘This is a textbook example of the kind of greed we see from banks,’ said Van Jones, co-founder of Rebuild the Dream. "’Despite the best efforts of the church and the community to rebuild their dream of a better neighborhood for all, BB&T Bank would rather take their profits by foreclosing on that dream & forcing Higher Ground Empowerment Center to close their doors.’

"The church has been a cornerstone of one of Atlanta’s most historic and under-resourced communities for the past 108 years. After a tornado ripped through the property in 2008, the church was forced to take out a loan to cover the repairs. It has managed to pick itself up, rebuild, and continue servicing the community."  Rebuild the Dream has launched a petition drive.

Bill Moyers and Michael Winship on Woody Guthrie: "More relevant than ever….  This land is mostly owned not by you and me but by the winner-take-all super rich who have bought up open spaces, built mega-mansions, turned vast acres into private vistas, and distanced themselves as far as they can from the common lot of working people –- the people Woody wrote and sang about."…. More from The Nation’s new weekly blog on poverty.

Big plans for Jan. 20 all-day actions in San Franciscio…. A special look at what MLK Jr. would say about Occupy.