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8:10  God only grants one miracle per week so no win for Santorum on Tuesday.

6:50  Jake Tapper of ABC tweeting "Mitt kills jobs!" protest in NH and Gov. Christiie response: "the size of the American pie is limitless." So is Christie.  Big day for pie — and baloney, pious or otherwise. 

6:30   Great photo from 1930s,  by John Gutman h/t  Ernie Lowe.

11:30 For today’s OWN song pick of the day we had a submission: Patti Smith’s "Free Money" from way back when she was writing for me at Crawdaddy.    h/t Jeff Smith and @grungyberns

 11:00 Bill Clinton, quoted in Forbes, of all places, on OWS: “I think what they’re doing is great,” he said. “Occupy Wall Street has done more in the short time they’ve been out there than I’ve been able to do in more than the last eleven years trying to draw attention to some of the same problems we have to address,” he said.

10:30  Favorite moment of post-debate: John  Sununu tells MSNBC "everyone hates" the SuperPACs–but blames Congress for law that "forced" GOPers on Supreme Court to back the idea.

9:15 Yes, I am tweeting GOP debate again over @gregmitch.  Remember the days when every debate had one or more Occupy-related questions? Past few weeks: nothing.  Now questions only about how to make 99% "feel pain," not the 1%. 

9:00 Linguists pick "occupy" as word of the year, no surprise.


9:55  This just in: Santorum in debate says "there are no classes" in America, not even a middle class.  So if no classes, how can there be class war, fella?  Catch up on my other debate comments @gregmitch

7:30  Romney finally asked by NH voter if he would give up some of his fortune to help people.  First he looks befuddled, then laughs, then agrees that having four homes "is a good idea."  Then quotes Margaret Thatcher… Note I’ll be live-tweeting the debate tonight at 9, god help us all.

5:00 If you google Super Pac the very first link returned is for….Stephen Colbert’s Super Pac. Also subject of NYT Magazine cover tomorrow (see the image below).

4:45 Activists hang banner at Bank of America in SF today (left).

4:30 More on the Oakland Tribune vs. The Occupied Oakland Tribune.  This Knowland Is My Land, This Knowland is Your Land?…. Santorum, about to be destroyed by outside ads, comes out against Citizens United amendment.

3:40  Cool photo of protest at NH primary event.… The fabled @LukeRadkowski on the scene and has been able to pop questions to Romney, Newt, Santorum, and then sometimes get kicked out of venue…. Occupy Des Moines told it must exit by January 31….

12:50 Noam Chomsky:  "Recognizing the Un-People."

11:55  Very happy that my popular e-book "Atomic Cover-up" published in print edition today. 

10:30  Occupy Irvine site reaches the 2000-hour mark.

10:10  New piece on tensions within OWS in NY as ultra-democratic meetings get more and more diificult.

9:20  NYT on protest plans for primary by Occupyers in New Hampshire (tents already set up).

9:00 I’ve touted Annie Appel’s OccupyLA photo portraits for several weeks, now she has a Kickstarter campaign you should consider, here.

From late Friday

9:25 The Occupied Oakland Tribune has received a cease and desist order from the "real" Tribune — perhaps the first of the knockoffs to face that.

9:00 Michael Kinsley’s review in this Sunday’s NYT on Thomas Frank’s new book on the rise of the American oligarchy.  We’re not in Kansas anymore.

8:40  Who is that on cover of this Sunday’s NYT Magazine?  Why it’s Stephen Colbert as Daddy Warbucks, for profile inside that looks at his new Super Pac and more.

8:30  OccupyLA’s camp  left behind 30 tons of trash.  The Rose Parade:  100 tons.  More here.….Glenn Greenwald on the new book by Michael Hastings on Afghanistan and the enabling media…..The Atlantic:   Super-PACs as the WMDs of campaign finance (except they really do exist)….."Where the poor have now become the enemy":  Iris DeMent’s "Wasteland of the Free" was incredibly prescient….New feature at The Nation:  This Week in Poverty.