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9:25  Amazing livestream from Cairo.  Much gunfire now.  Note to Occupyers: THIS is what a police state looks like.  … Well, Kim Jong Il said he would be "dictator for life" — and that turned out to be true.

8:05  Not that anyone should care, but my Top Twelve  movie list for the year (so far, a few late films to see) would include:  Incendies, Of Gods and Men, Caves of Forgotten Dreams,  Blue Valentine, Margin Call, Take Shelter, Moneyball,  Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene,  There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane,  The Whistleblower and Contagion.   Missing a documentary or two, to be sure.  The Artist a likely add.

8:00 Cool video of Occupy Cleveland trying to stop foreclosure–and trying to get sheriffs to not do it. More here.

 7:30 Katha Pollitt here at The Nation on 10 ways to Occupy the holidays for good causes… Apparently Hitchens or that SNL skit put the hex on Tebow. 

7:00  Badge of honor:  Just noticed that the man who turned in Bradley Manning, Adrian Lamo, has panned my book about Manning at Amazon, don’t miss his "review" at bottom of page….Amazon doing another promo, my recent e-book on (and versus) the death penalty in America is FREE today only, so just 5 hours remaining…. NOTE:   My personal  blog has info on most of my books and ways to order them (for Christmas?).

5:00 Probably the quietest Sunday since launch of OWS.  Football? Holidays?  Cold weather? Exhaustion?  Long winter ahead.  Stay tuned.

3:10 Protesters in Des Moines set up round-the-clock camp — outside Obama campaign office.  Veterans for piece involved too.  "About eight veterans stood side by side on the steps of the campaign office and read a letter demanding Obama rein in military spending and end the United States’ worldwide military presence.  ‘To fulfill the Occupy Wall Street movement’s call to return our country’s economic and political life back to the 99 percent, we will need a president who will make the dismantling of the U.S. military empire their number one foreign policy priority,’ the letter read."

1:15 Today’s song pick for OWS, to mark wasted lives  and resources in Iraq as war "ends," how about my favorite anti-Iraq war song, "Shock and Awe" by Mr. Neil Young…. The great Andrew Bacevich slams Leon Panetta’s claim that the Iraq war was well worth.  And it goes beyond treasure squandered and lives lost  (including loss of his own son).  And for

 1:05 Longtime Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger probes what’s next for Occupy out there after loss of camp and some violent encounters with cops.

12:05  Fifty-six arrests yesterday — 50 in NY and 6 in Raleigh — bring OWS total to 5607, according to @OccupyArrests.

11:00 Bob Plain with latest from his travels, from Boulder, and some cool street theater vs. Wells Fargo.  Coen Brothers shoiuld do sequel with Steve Buscemi as bad guy named Wells Fargo.

10:15 Bishop who was first over the fence and arrested yesterday in NY explains why — in the paddy wagon. And an updated wrapup on the full day. … Vaclev Havel has died.

9:40  Of course, one of favorite SNL skits of all time last night,  with Jimmy Fallon as my man Beethoven introducing "the band" and jazzy "Ode to Joy."   Plus:  lotsa fun when Jesus enters the locker room to advise Tim Tebow to "take it down a notch."  Also: "Mormonism? All true.  Every word."  And a Weekend Update Joke-Off w/ Fallon, Fay, Meyers, Poehler.



10:00  pm Reuters covers today’s actions in NY, good video.  Over 50 arrests.  Meanwhile, main meeting place for organizers at 60 Wall Street suddenly closed for "cleaning."  And folks have targeted another possible occupation site, One New York Plaza.  Owned by Brookfield–like Zuccotti.

7:55 Six folks who are walking from D.C. to Atlanta — so far without incident — arrested today for some reason in Raleigh.

7:30  I’ve been tweeting updates but basically: marchers took to the streets, wisely going up 7th Avenue — a downtown street, so police could not halt too easily.  Cops tried at times but basically outsmarted.  A few arrests but not too many.  Now folks back in Times Square for GA.  See livestreams below.   Here’s an AP piece.

5:15  Rector of Trinity Church hits OWS attempted occupation today.  So now they are marching to his home a bit uptown.  See livestreams below.  Video of protesters going over the fence earlier, led by the bishop, followed by arrests.

4:20  Among those arrested at Duarte (see below and livestreams):  A retired bishop, Santa, Ted Alexandro (standup comedian),  @Zroberts who works with journo Greg Palast, more names to come.

3:35  Amazing:  New Yorkers marched away from Duarte as diversion, then came back to Duarte and used staircases to go over fence!  Two livestreams below.   UPDATE: Many dozen occupied the park–for maybe 10 minutes.  Then police charged, started making arrests, most protesters escaped after cutting through fence.  Chaos.  Hard to say how many arrested –some repprt 30 — seemed like medics included. Then standoff.  OWSers started another march.  Some inside park, arrested, waiting to be taken away.  @RDevro of Democracy Now tweeting about cameraman struck hard and he was manhandled himself.

 12:05 Bishop Desmond Tutu writes letter to Trinity Church urging them to let OWS re-occupy site in NY.  "Trinity Church is an esteemed and valued old friend of mine; from the earliest days when I was a young Deacon. Theirs was the consistent and supportive voice I heard when no one else supported me or our beloved brother Nelson Mandela. That is why it is especially painful for me to hear of the impasse you are experiencing with the parish."

11:35  Tim Pool, just in from airport, already covering today’s big action in NYC.  Protesters now face needing to jump fence to get into Duarte, it seems.  New fence erected.  One arrest already.  First of many?

11:00 Just got phone tip on Occupy action at noon at  one of the wealthiest sites in USA — Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Fl.  Now I see there is story in local paper. “We’re going to remind people on Palm Beach island that there are a lot of us who are hurting, and it’s not because we’re bad people or have a moral deficiency,” Shultz said. “The folks I know who aren’t working are having trouble finding a job. People have lost their homes. This is a serious economic situation. People who have a certain more gilded existence may not be aware of it.”

10:25 And now, after Detroit, Chicago and Lincoln, Neb., this week, Bob Plain reports from Boulder.  Next: to Birmingham?

9:25  The claim is that the smallest park in the USA has been occupied with a camp (and, I guess, surrounded by police?) in Portland.  Even smaller than the one in Pawnee.

9:20 Paul Krugman with blog post on Sen. Ron Wyden (once a strong liberal) acting as "useful idiot" for Republicans on Medicare and more.

9:10  Livestreams from Egypt here…. AP: Army appeals court rejects Manning effort to remove presiding officer in WikiLeaks hearing

8:00 Friend with good OWS connections tells me Lou Reed will not perform at Duarte in NY today but at WBAI studio (that station doing a live broadcastt of event).  Also, rumors of Patti Smith remain just  that — rumors and likely false.

6:25 am Occupied camp in Tahrir Square set ablaze in Cairo, 8 dead today, more than 300 hurt, shocking video via AJE:


11:20  NYT on OWS showdown with Trinity–and on front page in print in Saturday’s paper. But, look on the right side, Lou Reed set to perform at Duarte tomorrow.  So for the hell of it, here’s Lou and the reformed Velvets (most influential American band ever)  with the aptly titled "Beginning to See Light."   Here we go again, I thought you were my friend…

 9:05 OWS  "party" starts at 11 am tomorrow (see below) at Duarte but since Trinity has already ruled out a camp there one wonders if they will prevent anyone on site even for party….Latest tweet from official OWS feed suggests more than 20 pastors will be arrested tomorrow if OWS barred.

8:00 NYT wrapup on the Bradley Manning hearing today.  A busload of OWS supporters came down to Md. for it.

4:55  Classic 10 minutes from Bill Maher’s old show, with Maher, surprisingly, strongly defending Vietnam War, and joined by Gene Simmons of Kiss — with Christopher Hitchens attacking.

3:50  Occupy not taking a stand on electoral politics, so this is not aimed at them, but a few folks still want to see a challenge to Obama from the left, quixotic or not.  Today Harper’s publisher / owner Rick MacArthur urges that move, quoting recent Obama critiques by Bill Moyers and Barbara Ehrenreich.  He admits it’s well, quite a bit late in the game, but no matter, and cites Eugene McCarthy’s race in 1968.  As it happens, I was campus chair of the McCarthy group then and the differences between then and now too great to count — even beyond no Democrat from high office willing to step forward now.

3:45  OWSers now getting hassled in their use of the Deutsche Bank atrium near Zuccotti, where many meetings are held–new rules against signs, "excessive use," loitering.

3:35 OWS responds to yesterday’s Salon article on its plunging donations in this tweet: "The article about donations 2 ignores a big point: our fundraising is DECENTRALIZING!"

3:00 Just got e-mail from OWS press team in NYC on tomorrow’s actions.  Now saying: 1) might or might NOT be an attempt to re-occupy the Duarte space, it’s more of a "celebration" marking three months since birth 2) will run from noon to 7 pm  and 3)  will feature artists including, by name, Lou Reed. 4)  "Through on-site performances and a special radio broadcast on WBAI, we will introduce the people’s amp, a guerrilla sound system to give voice to the people’s movement."