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8:25 Todd Gitlin raises some concerns about at least one OWS action — the "mockupy" night at the "Law and Order" faux Zuccotti.  "Of course Occupy felt ripped off—it was ripped off…. But Occupy, however wrongfully evicted, is not the czar of the land. I hope that the demonstrators weren’t telling the TV people they had no right to shoot."

7:55  You can put Kickstarter campaign for OWS puppets for holiday street performance right here.

5:50  OccupyColumbus, attorney and blogger help halt a foreclosure in Ohio, video here.

4:45:  Major postings at official OWS site on port and Goldman actions tomorrow, plus "evict Occupy–and we multiply." 

2:15   Big anti-Goldman actions in NY tomorrow (see poster at left), dubbed "squidding," from Matt Taibbi calling them "vampire squid"….   Map of journalist arrests across US.

2:10  CBS local covers port shutdown plan for Long Beach, Ca.

1:10  Occupyers across US without ports doing actions of support, e.g. Chicago targeting Goldman Sachs.

12:40  With 44 more arrests yesteday, @OccupyArrests now puts current tally at about 5480.

11:20  SF police raided new camp at Federal Reserve and arrested a whopping 55 a few hours ago…. Laurie "Penny Red" Penny on the Occupy crackdown, tent monsters, and more, with a feminist twist.

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10:35 Today’s song pick for OWS, for a Sunday and the holiday season:  U2 does Woody’s timeless "Jesus Christ."

10:00  Too bad Obama waited two years to promote inequality as issue of our time.

9:00  No, Steve Jobs "did not create thousands of jobs by inventing the iPhone."


10:30 pm  Yahoo co-sponsoring GOP debate and 62% of the thousands voting at Yahoo right now say GOP candidates need to say more about addressing "income inequality."

8:45 Ace NYC livestreamer Tim Pool reports he made it to Long Beach and ready for big port protests on Monday.

7:45 GA going on in Boston now….streaming here…. Dewey Park, no longer occupied, to be re-landscaped for…passing motorists. … And hey, do Beantowners know yet that new Sox mgr Bobby Valentine is hardcore Republican?

6:30  Maybe Occupyers should take on new handles. "The Invented People." 

3:45 Terrific piece at The New Rochelle by Rochelle Gurstein tiutled "The Creative Potential of Occupy’s Cooperative Power."  Hard to explain briefly so just go read it. Excerpt:  "Participating in Occupy Wall Street actions and watching astonishing moments like this one on the Internet made me feel the full force of what before I had only known intellectually: that power, as Hannah Arendt has taught us, ‘springs up between men when they act together and vanishes the moment they disperse.’”

3:35  Tom Morello with a one-minute PSA for the port shutdown action on Monday. And  "I’ll see you there." 

3:05  "I was arrested at OccupyBronx…for writing about it," journo explains.

2:15 Cool story with bunch of photos on that Thom Yorke / Massive Attack secret OWS gig this week in London.   So let’s do Radiohead’s "Dollars and Sense" as our song pick of the day for OWS (I’ve done this every day since Oct. 1).

 11:50  We have noted upcoming, massive Dylan tribute album with dozens of tops stars — from Patti Smith to Tom Morello–but now you can listen to whole thing here, song by song.

11:25 Mother Jones previews Monday port-shutdown actions on Left Coast…. Bob Plain, who has visited many camps, now in Atlanta where he reports they are not just protesting foreclosures but taking action to help folks before they lose homes.

11:00 Chris Hayes interview today with guy whose house got occupied this week in Brooklyn.

9:45 Boston police defend handling of media during raid.

9:00   Popular trailer for  my book, FREE this weekend at Amazon, "Atomic Cover-Up" below:

 8:30  NYT piece on the Boston raid.  See much more below…. Official count:  46 arrests….@ScottEisenPhoto tweets:  "Appalled at how the treated press at the raid. Pool photogs? Really?"

7:25 In case you haven’t heard of the proposed 28th Amendment to U.S. Constitution: here’s one idea going around.

7:00 @ProfPoole tweeting from Boston and posting current police/ arrest photos, such as here. ..@Caulkthewagon tweets:  "Female officer crying again. Processing with another officer. They’re human. They’re human. They’re human."… One livestreamer was arrested or in any case taken away by police… raid started between 5 and 6 this morning, tents taken down quickly, the usual routine with dump trucks on the scene…Reminder: Key OWS equipment and valuable hauled away by protesters two days ago….

6:45 Via Twitter reports from Boston:  folks have taken to streets and more arrests likely near….Medics, media and legal observers reportedly among the more than 40 arrests so far…. Photo here of the LRAD sound machine brought to the scene….Police briefing on raid and arrests…. It’s pretty much over, area being cleaned….

6:20 am  Boston camp raid not long ago, reportedly 40 arrests (far fewer people and media there comapred to Thursday night "party"), here is livestream.


10:05 More roughing up by police vs. OccupyMelbourne (and the tent monster people) in this video. And march of the tent monsters going on right now via livestream.

10:00 Cool NYT video today, "Knocking on Boehner’s Door":    OccupyDuluth and a girl from the north country  (yes, Dylan born there) won’t take no for answer from the Speaker.    (h/t Jon Wiener)

9:55 @JoshHarkinson says Direct Action folks at OWS in NY propose occupying a new site Dec. 17, to be taken up by GA on Dec. 17.  Just in time for first day of … winter.

9:50  Even Business Week looks at Monday’s port shutdown and union angle.

9:00 Occupy Ninjas–First They Take Manhattan.

6:50  The Atlantic:  Charlotte and Dems have good reason to fear OWS protests at national convention.  Just for starters: Charlotte is a banking center…..Tim Dickinson at Rolling Stone:  The GOP’s "Crackpot Agenda."

5:50  Another great video for Ry Cooder’s great new OWS tribute, "Wall Street Part of Town." 

3:50 Parents will march from UnionSq to City Hall tomorrow at 11 am to protest NYPD "bullying" or protesters.  From email to me:  "The children will place 5,000 paper hearts, one for each peaceful protester arrested nationwide over the past three months, in the center of the park."

3:05  OccupyPhilly occupies what it calls a "union-busting" nursing home…. Salon piece tackles question of how OWS reponds to unions opposing port-closing.  Need for new union leadeship? 

2:30  See video below: What Hollywood icon created the first "attack ads" for the screen — to defeat one of the greatest mass movement in U.S. history, with relevance to OWS today?  You may be shocked.  They even give an Oscar in his name every year. My new e-book about it all here.