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7:20  Zuccotti Park reportedly being closed for three months due to "renovations."  Just a way to take a key meeting place out of circulation for OWS crowd? 

7:00 Well, Hitchens wasn’t much for Christmas, but this is the piece of music that almost made him give up atheism (or so he said).


3:00 Too many Christmas-related events related to Occupy and OWS issues around the country to mention in our relaxed holiday schedule but there has been large outpouring, not to mention feeding some people and providing spiritual sustenance.

1:00 Some guy named Dickens’ advice for Xmas: "Bear witness….Welcome alike what has been, and what never was, and what we hope may be."

11:25  John Lennon’s Christmas wish for "War Is Over."

 11:00 Merry Christmas.  Here’s a seasonal new poem, "The 99% Rag," from folks out in Seattle.  Emailer and author  Larry Neilson writes:  "We are using it as the text to a street theater presentation used in protests against Citizens United/corporate personhood next year, with a giant puppet of the Jabberwock as the power of Wall St and corporate domination."


11:30  Well, if you are among the millions who are getting a new Kindle or iPad or whatever this Christmas, not that I have now seven books in e-book form, including one re: OWS and my new one on an especially influential mass movement against poverty featuring a famous author and unprecedented dirty tricks, all  here.

11:00  Candle used for vigil at OWS in NY — also serving to give Wall St. the finger.

9:00 How’s this combo? Woody Guthrie, U2, "Jesus Christ," Occupy, London?


5:45  Darlene Love on Letterman last night with her seemingly annual Christmas classic, and reasonable facsimile of Wall of Sound:

 4:00 Salon:  Occupying Christmas, through the years.

2:55 OWS in NYC opens 24-hour vigil at midnight, includes services, food giveaways, more.

1:30  Michelle Shocked, singer who was arrested in LA raid, will occupy the Rose Parade in Pasadena next week.

12:35  Today’s song pick for OWS could only be Steve Earle’s "Christmastime in Washington," with its plea, "come back Woody Guthrie."   Emmylou (off-screen) on harmony.  I was actually at this concert (a benefit for landmines free world). Woody knew a thing or two about  "Jesus Christ." 

12:15   Los Angeles might sue protesters for financial damages …. AP:  OWS now "highly collectible."  They mean museums and archives want a piece of it.

12:05    I did create at least one hit video this year. … I gave away at least $6000-7000 worth of e-books in past week.  Cost me very little, so win-win, and happy holidays! ….Thrilled that my "classic" book about Upton SInclair’s wildly influential (and very OWS-relevant) anti-poverty  race for governor back in print just today (also out in new e-book edition). And must reading for Nation readers of all sorts!

10:10  Chris Hayes on his MSNBC show did his own take on the Year of the Protester at start of his show.

9:10  Joe Nocera’s NYT column on the Big Lie today — that Fannie and Freddie mainly caused the economic meltdown — proves how wrong PolitiFact was in naming "medicare would be desttroyed" as the Lie of the Year.

9:05 Musical interlude from Texas:  Lyle Lovett "Christmas Morning" and Robert Earl Keen’s immmortal "Christmas With the Family." 

9:00 A report on the handing out of Occupy gift boxes today to, among others, those who helped them out near Zuccotti, such as staffers at Burger King and McDonald’s.


7:45 Alternet on Tim Pool and his OccuCopter drone: spying on the police spies?…. OWS in NY handing out gift boxes….While police in Boston deserve coal in stockings for going after OWS twitter accounts (though, possible, the wrong ones).

5:25 Join the tiny tenting movement!  A how-to guide.

4:35 Not, strictly speaking, Christmas music but, on the other hand, the most "glorious" of all.

 2:15 Contrary to expectations not long ago, OccupyLondon can stay at St. Paul’s into January.

12:15    Don’t miss an Occupy Survival Guide for talking politics with relatives over the holidays. Too bad they couldn’t get Sam Elliot for the narration.

12:00  The Guardian summarizes what we learned in past week at Bradley Manning hearing.

11:10  Today’s song pick for OWS, a winning entry from Susie Cagle, Billy Bragg’s "The World Turned Upside Down."  If you can Digger it.

 11:00  From The Atlantic: the most important economic graphs of the year.

10:35  A little Dickens: OccupyChicago putting on a "revolutionary" Christmas Caroi in various venues over the next few days…. Yeah, the payroll tax cut just passed but few know the downside: increase on fees for home mortgages.

9:50 Brent Bozo agrees with sentiment that Obama looks like a "skinny ghetto crackhead."

9:45 Yes, my lefty songwriting activist hero Steve Earle also wrote a great Christmas song a few years back.

 9:10  Yes, as Iris DeMint observed presciently, years ago, we are still "Living in the Wasteland of the Free."

8:45 I tweeted a number of my responses to defense of its absurd  "lie of the year" from PoliitiFact chief Bill Adair yesterday, and a number of writers have followed with detailed hits.  Jamison Foser has a particularly good one.

7:45 Wash Post:  Many cities that broke up OWS camps now facing First Amendment lawsuits.

12:10 Tom Morello tweets: "A lot of PeopleWon’t get NoJustice tonite / a lot of People Won’t get No  Supper tonite/ remember 2 kick it over/ No one will Guide you.   Rip Joe Strummer."