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10:00  Bob Plain, who has visited a bunch of Occupy enclaves  around the USA in recent weeks pauses in Salinas, CA, to look ahead to 2012.

9:50 For my Occupy song pick of the day (could be every day) a special treat if you have never seen this:  annual craze in Japan at this time of year where choirs up to 10,000 strong gather to sing Beethoven’s "Ode to Joy" and finale of his Ninth Symphony.  Here is one of this year’s events.  "A people become brothers."

 8:00 Two nights later, Ellen Barkin still on the case: "I have never been afraid of a NY policeman until last nite.What I saw was random & senseless arrests and unnecessarily threatening behavior."  No sea of love, that’s for sure.

7:30  If you missed all of our coverage and items (below), here is CBS wrap on the Occupy Rose Parade action.

6:20   I often link to Yves Smith’s excellent "Naked Capitalism" blog so pleased to see that it’s pick today as "must-read" is my recent piece (drawn from my book) on Upton Sinclair’s incredible race for governor of California in 1934 leading one of our greatest mass movements — and how the "vested interests" went out and invented the modern political campaign to destroy him.

3:30  Biggest driver of income inequality?  Capital gains, Wash Post reports.

3:00 Terrific singer Michelle Shocked now singing at Occupy Rose Parade rally — as "Michelle 99 %" and partly in disguise for some reason…She was arrested in LA camp raid a few weeks back…. March today was giant success, thousands in parade with float and viewed by tens of thousands along route.

1:00 Network TV channels have signed off Rose Parade just before Occupy float appears, here are two  livestreams, one should be working at least:

10:50  Michael Goldfarb at Global Post:  How do folks in Spain cope with huge unemployment?  Families are first-line of support.

10:05 Wake up and smell the flowers:  Occupying the Rose Parade — a new stage for the movement? …and a "what’s next" from two writers in The Guardian.  Video of preparations for the Rose Parade:

9:45  People helping people: a history of the Maine Credit Union movement.

9:30 NYT on myth of big jobs boost from Keystone pipeline, what really need are renewables which also lead to renewable jobs….4 firebombing arson cases in NY last night — suspected bias crimes vs. Muslims.

9:00 New Iowa Poll: Who Cares 21%, Doesn’t Matter 19%, Forgotten Soon 17%, Bunch O. Wackos 14%, Huntsman 4%, Stassen 2%.

8:45 Octopus in the Garden: Rose Parade in Pasadena coming up–complete with the 70-foot octopus Occupy float.  Stay tuned. I’ll be posting livesteams.


7:30  Drama in NYC now as cops force GA out of one building site, threaten arrests, they go to another place — also private, so could be more trouble.

5:50  Video (below) of actress and Twitter sensation and OWS-backer Ellen Barkin protesting to cops after they arrested folks in the wee hours earlier today.   Also video of the arrests here.

5:25 Today’s song pick comes from one of the greatest songwriters of our era, Townes Van Zandt, who died 15 years ago today.  It’s one of the best songs about the homeless ever, "Marie," here sung with WillIe Nelson.

5:20 Video appears to show NYPD threatening to take press credentials from NYT reporter.

4:30 Alternet:  10 Winning Moments for the 99% in 2011.

12:55  Wow, arrest count in NYC from last night climbs to 68.  

12:00 Chris Hedges set to appear about now on CSPAN 2 for lengthy segment and listerner calls about now.

11:55 A shockingly young U2 live from 1983 doing, what else, "New Year’s Day."  Well, let’s hope today is not a bloody Sunday.

11:45 Projection on the famous red cube near Zuccotti last night. Whose year?  Our year.

9:40 Trying to catch up to the overnight in NYC.  I followed it until 1 am and with 3 livestreams (below).  When I signed off, folks had left Zuccotti and were marching.  Apparently some more trouble later, based on reports of 30 or more arrests, and more violence. The NY Daily News covers it here.  I like the line which basically says,  "meanwhile, uptown, Mayor Bloomberg was bringing in the New Year with Lady Gaga."

9:30  And a happy new year to you.  2012 does have a nice ring to it.   Live-blogged WikiLeaks for 5 months in 2011, and Occupy for 3.  For 2102: Occupy and elections and what else?



11:55 pm  NYT report on the wild evening in NYC,  which started, aptly, with a …. tent….  Photo of People’s Library returning to Zuccotti.

11:15 Taking back Zuccotti, pepper spray has been used, arrests, barricades torn down, wild,  Tim Pool on the scene below, top, and 2nd livestream below that, bat signal back and on building across street: 


4:45 I’ve been covering this for a few days now, and now here are bunch of new images of the amazing 70-foot Occupy octopus that will grace Monday’s Rose Parade in Pasadena.

4:30 Email just now from Occupy Wall St in NY:  "2011 was a year of awakening. The cry for economic justice rang loud and clear. The power of a people’s movement shook the world. And it is only the beginning. It’s time to kickoff Occupy 2012!

"For New Year’s Eve tonight, come celebrate with thousands in support of justice for the 99% at Liberty Square in Lower Manhattan. Bring your New Year’s resolutions to share and reaffirm your commitment to carrying the movement into the New Year. There will be music, arts and crafts, food, dancing, and performances. Bring your noisemakers to join in the fun!

"At the New Year, we will raise our voices to the 99%! At Midnight the party goes mobile! It all starts at 10 PM in Liberty Square."

1:00 Lengthy Twitter outage, at least in these parts, wonder if it is affecting OWS communication!  Or if Twitter hacked or targeted in some way….

12:30  NYT reporter and photog look back at covering Zuccotti Park and OWS, video.

9:10  Today marks end of third full month of daily live-blogging here, 92 days total! ….SF Giants pitcher Jeremy Affeldt in video vs. "modern slavery"….

9:00 Here’s a note from a guy who feels that the upcoming Tom Clancy video game does not feature Occupy type terrorists but a different sort: paramilitary militia members on the right.  But in the trailer they are far more anti-corporate than anti-government, which does not sound like the far-right.

7:20 One of my favorite actors, Tim Pigott-Smith (he was in, among many others films, "V for Vendetta" and "Bloody Sunday" and I saw him on stage in London in "Enron) took part in reading of Dickens’ "Christmas Carol" for OccupyLondon yesterday.  Video here.

6:30  Wired does a wrap-up of songs that have emerged for and from Occupy, though some actually were not written for it (ahem, Miley Cyrus).  Somehow they left out the best of all, at least musically (and the guitar), Ry Cooder’s "Wall Street Part of Town," which I have posted here perhaps too many times.  Here’s one of their picks, Joseph Arthur’s revised "We Stand As One."

6:20   In the past two weeks, I have given away about $8000 worth of my e-books here and via Twitter.  Of course, if you want to purchase them now it would be much appreciated.  All of them are listed and described here.  Many are also in print form.  Notably I would point to my Occupy book, "40 Days That Shook the World," and the new editions of my very OWS-relevant "The Campaign of the Century" (on Upton Sinclair’s amazing race for governor of Calif leading an anti-poverty mass movement).


7:45 Gang kicks in some tents at Occupy New Haven, report of gun pointed, cops called, an arrest.

7:30 OWS in NY finally took bold step tonight in barring 3 from a spokes council meeting.  One of them promptly threatened to call on friends to "riot."  

5:20 Bob "Travelin’ Man" Plain, now in Portland, attends revealing meeting  as local re-charge batteries, talk about the future and discuss OWS in NY sending $20,000 or more to Occupy Oakland for next port shutdown action, in Longview, WA. 

4:30  LA Review of Books, which has published a lot of good OWS stuff, promising a new interview with one of my heroes, the late great songwriter/poet Townes Van Zandt on New Year’s Day–the 15th anniversary of his death.  So for my daily Occupy song of the day pick, can hardly top Townes’ apt "High Low and In-Between."   And the gold’s still no good for spending, and the poison’s hungry, waiting.

3:30  Verizon to scrap that new $2 cinvenience fee after protests from the 99%.

3:20 I mentioned last night, but here are details on Occupy in NY establishing $100,000 bail fund for 2012.  Sounds like an arresting year

12:55 NOW you can see the Occupy float for the Rose Parade in Pasadena.   It’s 70-feet long and features an octopus, i.e. Wall Street, made up by recycled material.  Protesters have been working with officials to make sure they can march, at the end of the parade.  Singer Michelle Shocked is involved also.

11:20  Some claim that the Occupy movement really began in Spain last spring.   Then the largest protest crowd of the year — roughly half a million — turned out in October in Madrid. Now they are re-grouping with a demo this week with plans for bigger things vs. the economic and "austerity" crisis there.  Here’s one of my highlights of the year: When my man Beethoven proved to be the star of that October protest there:

10:00 A rather shocking accounting of the number of U.S. wounded in Iraq, via Dan Froomkin.  And you can imagine the V.A. bill for this over the next six decades.  "The true number of military personnel injured over the course of our nine-year-long fiasco in Iraq is in the hundreds of thousands — maybe even more than half a million — if you take into account all the men and women who returned from their deployments with traumatic brain injuries, post-traumatic stress, depression, hearing loss, breathing disorders, diseases, and other long-term health problems."

9:00 This NYT story alone should send millions into the streets, with pitchforks, to occupy Wall Street. Fortunately it’s at the top of their front page and top of their site.  "The stock market’s rebound from the financial crisis three years ago has created a potential windfall for hundreds of executives who were granted unusually large packages of stock options shortly after the market collapsed. Now, the corporations that gave those generous awards are beginning to benefit, too, in the form of tax savings."  Cost to tazxpayers: billions and billions (and billions).  Companies can make huge profits and essentially pay no taxes. 

8:45  More on that collaborative film for and about OWS, and watch trailer.

From late Thursday

10:30 Here’s new MoJo story on the below, including photo of arrested girl, 14.

10:00  Reports (below) now confirmed via AP, with five  arrests at Paui HQ today in Iowa and 12 more at Democratic HQ.   That 14-year-old girl released — to her father.  "At the Iowa Democratic Party’s offices, protesters targeted President Barack Obama, demanding that he put a stop to home foreclosures, turn down campaign donations from Wall Street, and end indefinite detentions of detainees at Guantanamo Bay. ‘They’re all going to get equal play on this,’ Ryun said. ‘We are very disillusioned with every candidate.’"

9:55 Arresting developments:  We hear that GA in NYC tonight passed plan for $100,000 bail fund– and sending $25,000 to Oakland for a "badass" action.

5:00 According to unconfirmed reports, about a dozen more arrests coming in Iowa today — perhaps going on right now — including a girl, age 14, arrested before…..Police arrest 5 Occupy protesters outside Ron Paul campaign offices in Iowa.  They were particularly focusing on his call to eliminate the EPA.  Yesterday protesters disrupted a Paul speech and others got busted at Romney HQ.