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10:45 Yes, the Pepper Spray Cop balloon in its first appearance at a Macy’s Parade.

10:35 Livestream from GA in Los Angeles now.

10:20  OccupyBlackFriday: Chicago OWS doing a Best Buy thing …. NY Occupyers call for more people to show up when Macy’s opens tonight in a few minutes…

9:45 One of my favorite songs Bruce’s "Ghost of Tom Joad," illustrated with dramatic OWS photos.

9:05  @OccupyOakland  "OPD just violently arrested 2 ppl at our Thankgiving meal and blocked our Port-a-Potty delivery."

6:10 Livestream of Thanksgiving Night at Zuccotti Park:


4:50  AP wrapup on OWS activities today….  Looking for details on Black Friday actions. Here’s Fox site on boycott….  Also:  West Coast port shutdown call for Dec. gaining wide backing up and down the coast…. Just warned on Twitter not to mention what I just ate…. Now for some pie. 

4:30  Strong NYT editorial on poverty, and near-poverty, in USA.

2:10  Livestream via Tim Pool at Zuccotti where he says 3000 meals being served.  Stacks of pumpkin pie.  If not live, may be re-play  from 20 minutes ago below.  Tim also hints that a direct action "Black Friday" event planned in NY tomorrow, besides Un-Occupy Wal Mart campaign.  Update:   Cops invaded park for awhile after neighbors complained about drumming.  Some heated minutes.

12:55 I’ve noted feeding of thousands at Zuccotti today, here is site for it and photo of an OccuPie…..Photo of volunteers there via Tim Pool… would be amazing symbolism if police raid.

12:50  Tom Turkey did not respond to mic-check so it’s off to the grill for him…. My old colleague and friend David Corn tweets:  "Is it true lobbyists are sleeping outside the Capitol so they can get good buys tomorrow?"… One of many photos floating around of tents set up outside stores, with no hassling from cops or private property owners.

12:20  To give thanks, I am offering FREE copy of my new Occupy e-book today to first ten folks who send me email (at my address above).  Just make sure PLEASE  you have Kindle or Kindle app (or can download same) for phones, iPad, PCs and Macs, easily done.   Or purchase book for $2.99 with 50 cents of each going to OWS.  Have a great day.

11:40  At McSweeney’s, reflections on a chess game at Zuccotti Park (see below for item on big feast there today).

10:30  And now for Thanksgiving comes word of the first major rock benefit album for OWS.  Stars lined up include Jackson Browne, Crosby and Nash (who sang at Zuccotti Park),  Third Eye Blind (which has already released a single),  Devo, the great Lucinda Williams — and with Michael Moore croaking out a few bars.  Story here.   We did note a few days ago that Ry Cooder has also recorded a single backing OWS.

10:25  For today, one of the greatest pieces of music ever, Beethovens "Hymn of Thanks Giving."

 10:20  As predicted: front-page photo in NYT shows campers and tents outside a Best Buy–no hassle from cops!

10:00  OWS ready to serve 2000 Thanksgiving meals in NYC today at Zuccotti Park from 2 to 6.  I guess police are making an exception about food served in the park.  Given what usually happens after the big meal, they may also have to let some napping slide.  And maybe a touch football game will break out.  The food is being purchased with donations or brought to the park by supporters.  Nice touch:  the restaurant providing the food is Texas BBQ — which is owned by Egyptians, who back OWS.

9:45 I reported earlier that ex-NYC top cop Wm Bratton picked by UC-Davis to head official probe of  incident there.  Well, faculty not too happy about it.

9:30   Xeni of Boing Boing interviews our favorite livestreamer, Mr. Tim Pool.  I like the notion of him working with hacker-made drones to shoot aerial footage.  Also, Tim seems to be getting offers from actual media orgs.

From late Wednesday

11:25 Bunch of new contributions, joining many ones from past weeks, just up at the OccupyWriters site, including a poem for OWS by Zack de la Rocha.

11:10  From Animal, just in time for the holiday,  Won’t stick (to your conscience).

10:35 And now, the ultimate: The Lego "Pepper Spray Cop." Blockhead!

9:45 Check out Kickstarter campaign to get printed 100,000 copies of OWS "Declaration" of Principles.

9:30 Reuters;  Petition started calling on Fox’s Megyn Kelly to drink some of that clearly harmless pepper spray.

8:04  Another win for OWS, AP story just out now:  "Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly has issued an internal message ordering officers in New York City not to interfere unreasonably with journalists’ access during news media coverage and warning that those who do will be subject to disciplinary action. The message was being read at police precinct station houses around New York on Wednesday. It came after journalists, including two from The Associated Press, were arrested covering Occupy Wall Street protests.

"A coalition of news organizations had sent a letter complaining about the treatment. The news media argued that the police wrongly blocked journalists from observing last week when the authorities cleared out the protesters’ encampment in Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan. The A.P. and representatives of The New York Times, The Daily News, The New York Post and the National Press Photographers Association met with Mr. Kelly on Wednesday."

7:20 Watch my appearance this morning on MSNBC with Luke Russert re: OWS and my Occupy book.

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