I’ve been live-blogging OWS here since October 1.  Doing my best today despite power outage.  Email: epic1934@aol.com.

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8:25  Livestream of NY’s famous Halloween parade now Occupied.  Ghoulish. 

7:50 Trick or treat!  Here comes trouble: Michael Moore just arriving at OccupyPortland… Publisher of paper whose reported busted in Nashville demands apology from governor.

7:30  New mass email from MoveOn just now really pushing the Move Your Money Pledge.. Global Post: Occupy Wall St to trademark name? ….What success would look like for OWS–well, this is how CNN looks at it, anyway.

5:35 Sean Hannity calls Occupyers "un-American" and two Marines set him straight, via MoveOn.

5:30  Kevin Drum: Yes, income inequality IS growing.  … Bank Transfer Day music video!  Should be by Green Day.

4:30 As Brian Stelter notes:  One year ago today was the Colbert/Stewart "restore sanity" rally.  How did that work out?

3:00   Have a great Halloween.  Should be some fun OWS costumes and pranks tonight at various locales and parades.

2:55 Arrests total higher than earlier reported in Rochester, NY today.

2:30  Josh Harkinson of Mother Jones, who did some tremendous reporting from NYC, now tweets: A trustworthy activist tells me that an influx of homeless and hardened criminals is causing major issues for Zuccotti campers.  If the rogue elements at the park can’t be tamed, she thinks will relocate to a new site that is more easily defended."…. This is the most grim look at that situation so far (I can’t say if overstated).

2:20  Video of the bulldozing of Richmond camp today.

12:40  Paul Krugman on cutting military spending.  … Bill Keller writes from India on global resonance of OWS.

12:30 OccupyFresno facing eviction tonight, they say…. @OccupyArrests ups total to 2963 after 12 added today (so far)…  Press conference in Oakland today on general strike….

12:20 Bill Moyers, who has been on target on income inequality in our democracy for years,  weighs in (video)…Useful guide to strikes, including General Strikes

12:15  Well-known L.A. Times columnist (and author of The Soloist) Steve Lopez tells Occupyers to quit "the slumber party" and get out and do more action.  One idea: teach-ins on campuses.  And: "Why don’t demonstrators march over to nearby skid row, speak up for those who have lost their homes and then parade from there to the nearest $20-million house in the hills?  While they’re on skid row, why not lend a hand to the bomb-rattled soldiers who fought two ill-conceived wars that cost in the trillions?"

12:00 Today’s song pick for Occupyers everywhere (a daily feature since Oct. 1):  The Beatles’ "Revolution" set to Occupy protest video.  At least no one taking talkin’ about Chairman Mao.  But still relevant: "If you’re talking bout destruction / you can count me out."

11:40  Alex Pareene of Salon takes a crack at 10 "demands" for OWS new declaration of independence.

11:35 If you missed uproar over Portland police posting mug shots and names of OWS folks arrested there.

11:15 Great cartoonist Tom Toles of Wash Post on who really occupies D.C.

10:40  Dan Gillmor at The Guardian:   NPR’s "cowardice" is axing host due to political activity. …  Kansans march on Koch hdqtrs.

10:35  Tom Engelhardt:  OWS at  and after Valley Forge.  "I take heart that last weekend, on a beautiful fall day, you, the librarians, were already discussing the need to buy “Alaska-style” sleeping bags and a generator which would give you heat…"

10:30  Wild: new charge that NYPD is sending drunks to bother Zuccotti folk.

10:25  OccupyRIchmond standing firm despite raid this morning, will have GA…. ACLU to file suit over Nashville arrests.

10:05  Breaking: Dean of famed St. Paul’s in London to resign over handling of Occupy encampment.

9:35  What do Occupyers down the block from Obama campaign hdqtrs in Chicago  think of him?  Some says they are so over him.  Then there’s this:  "Jesse LaGreca, who became an Occupy celebrity in early October when he sparred with a Fox News producer, happened to be down at the Chicago general assembly when TPM showed up. He had this to say about Obama: until the president condemns police actions that have injured some protesters, LaGreca doesn’t have much interest in what the White House has to say about the movement. ‘I don’t want to hear about your support until you start coming out and saying, I will not let Americans get fired at with rubber bullets,’ LaGreca said."

9:25 OccupyNashville, after multiple busts, still carrying on — spirit of Johnny Cash present — but where does it go from here?… If yoiu missed Nashville Scene staffer videotaping arrest — his own.

9:10  Herman Cain not taking nein-nein-nein fof an answer dominating media attention this morning and probably for days now.  What a shock.

9:00 NYT on OWS in NYC turning to "bike power" for …power…. Actor  David Strathairn: Stop the Keystone pipeline (video)!  And come to protest. 

8:35 Charles Eisenstein at Alternet:  "Occupy Wall Street has been criticized for its lack of clear demands, but how do we issue demands, when what we really want is nothing less than the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible? No demand is big enough."…@JeffSharlet tweeted wild debate involving "Demands" group last night, scroll down a bit at his feed to get blow-by-blow. 

8:25  Update on improving condition of Scott Olsen, the badly injured Iraq vet in Oakland…

8:15 Occupy Oakland promises "picket support" against companies that discipline workers for taking part in General Strike (and see item below).

8:00  New National Journal poll finds 59% of Americans very or mostly in support of OWS.   "What’s more, many people are paying attention to the rallies. Almost two-thirds of respondents—65 percent—said they’ve heard “a lot” or “some” about the rallies, while 35 percent have said they’ve heard or seen “not too much” or “nothing at all” about the demonstrations."  Six in 10 back a 5% surtax on those making over $1 miilion.

7:55  OccupyRaleigh tweets that police have just given them one hour to pack up and leave… Democracy Now! about to wrap-up weekend in OWS.

7:45 Chris Hedges (at left) and "A Master Class in Occupation."

7:40   According to our friends @OccupyArrests, a fairlyt quiet night — but 12 arrests in Richmond.  There, all tents and equipment cleared and thrown away, they say this a.m.  Allegedly "homeless man had heart attack."

7:35  Financial TImes with important look at how #OWS has already set the political gone for 2012.  But no one ready to declare victory and go home.

7:30   John Burns (Julian Assange’s buddy) of NYT looks at OccupyLondon at St. Paul’s and conflict with Church.

7:25 Carpenter’s union joins Oakland General Strike on Wednesday. Follow @OccupyOakland and #GeneralStrike.  Already backing: SEIU, teachers union, ILWU, others.   OccupyWallSt promises "big surprise" in NY’s giant Halloween Parade tonight. 

7:10   And…he’s back.   This live-blog went dead starting early Saturday afternoon when the surprised HalloStorm hit the northeast, including my town just north of NYC.  Power went out and still out and perhaps for awhile.  I posted a notice here Saturday night and even got one link up yesterday from a very crowded B & N with very slow wi-fi.  Now at a Starbuck and seems pretty good, can also head to a friend’s house nearby.  So check back often and see how I am doing.  Thanks for the jokes about need to OccupyAGenerator.