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8:40  First photo of first OWS Spokes Council meeting in NYC  school tonight.  In the round, as they wished.

8:20  Not such a long time comin’:  Crosby and Nash, minus Stills and Young, to play acoustic set at Zuccotti Park tomorrow, though half the crowd may have to ask who these geezers are.   Of course, they’ve been political for years.  Apparently they visited site last week and, inspired, returning to play. For those who have never seen them:

7:20  More from new NBC/WSJ poll just out:  Occupy gets 32% positive number, 35% negative,  Tea Party 27% positive, 44% negative….  Occupy also "wins" in another question, with 25% saying it is a "good thing" for the country with 16% saying no, while Tea Party gets 31% good thing and 27% bad…. Finally 28% call themselves supporters of Occupy, with 25% backing Tea Party.  Also:  70% blame Bush and bankers for economic woes, only 21% name Obama…. 71% back total Iraq pullout…. and despite focus on jobs job jobs, concerns about health still nudge it as prime concern for most,  by 33% to 32%.

7:00  Wash Post:  New NBC/WSJ poll–84% pf working-class whites say rich unfairly get breaks,  and also need more control of corporations… 71% say Obama did not go far enough in regulating banks…. Bill McKibben on "Countdown" tonight talking about Keystone XL on the ropes dues to new probe and protest.  Plus: kid who shot that video showing cop shooting him in Oakland (see it down below).

6:30 New analysis:  tiny little financial transaction tax would raise a tidy $350 billion.

6:00 Occupy Salt Lake City given notice of eviction tomorrow morning….Yes, there’s now an Occupied Washington Times.   Moon-raker…. Expecting Herman Cain to say tonight, "Wait, at least I didn’t kill MIchael Jackson!"

5:00 Novelists Jonathan Lethem and Jennifer Egan visited Zuccotti today, with Lethem speaking to crowd.   Lethem called Occupy "the greatest service call ever made" and urged  the protesters in their dealings with the authorities to "summon these words: ‘I’d like to speak to your supervisor.’"

 4:40  Don’t miss: Justin Elliot at Salon on how the Keystone XL controversy is dividing Occupy and its sometime-allies in labor unions — who are promoting the pipeline project.  "Occupy Wall Street is getting another lesson in the hazards of running an open-source movement."

4:30  Judge approves $410 million settlement —  BOA overcharged on overdraft fees.

4:20  Rightwingers making hay over videos of 78-year-old woman bloodied in AFP / Occupy clashes in D.C.

4:05  The Guardian quotes well-known writers pro and con on OWS.

3:15  OccupyDallas writes open letter to local police….

2:34:  Don’t miss video of seniors getting arrested in Chicago.   Watch below.  I believe the total was 47, mainly vs. cuts in social security and Medicare.

 2:15  Update on bridge protester (see items below):   He just let go of rope and plunged into water or on to deck of barge, taken to police barracks, condition unknown.

1:55  Occupy Denver responds to demand by mayor to name a "leader" to negotiate with by electing first such leader at any encampment — a collie named Shelby. "The decision, one that earned more than the required majority, is both laughable and pointed. Even in a leaderless movement, the fact that many corporations have power over the rights of their human employees has inspired the group to symbolically strike back. Shelby is a leader among men — and a four-pawed iconoclast, depending upon how far you’re willing to take the issue."

1:25  Chris Hedges tells Radio Dispatch why Goldman deserves trial, and conviction.  More from Hedges: On Finding Freedom in Handcuffs.

12:20  Yikes: I can look out my window here at home and see Tappan Zee Bridge–from which man is now dangling at middle over Hudson River  to protest job loss.  See photo. I can see that traffic totally backed up now.   UPDATE:   The man, age 54,  formerly worked for the Department of Mental Health.  My checking online finds that he lost a legal move against county as recently as August.  Local media describing him as "gadfly."

11:55  Relevant today in view of fears about violence at OWS actions: There seems to be new evidence in case of long-standing charges of agent provocateur provoking tragedy at Kent State in 1970 (the alleged guy, Terry Norman, at left).  And more here at Neil Young blog.  "As Norman was held up by the students, the national guard march back & forth, awaiting the sound of sniper fire. 70 seconds after Norman shoots his pistol four times, the national guard command to shoot at unarmed students is given & Norman hightails it out of there into the arms of law enforcement & immediately hands over his gun."  Wikipedia entry on Norman provides mixed evidence on the Norman case over the decades.

11:35  Video of arrests in Riverside, Ca. yesterday.

11:30  No wonder so many young people invovved with OWS:   Study finds record old /young wealth gap.

11:05  Barbara Bedway (@bbedway)  now doing for us a daily roundup of key econ-related pieces. Today: The debate over how to distribute the OWS organization’s $500,000 in donations. h/t @nakedcapitalism …MIT’s Simon Johnson on why it’s the middle class who pays for the damages when when you attempt to run a country–say, Iceland, US, many EU countries–like a hedge fund. …The excellent site The Daily Yonder (“Keep It Rural”) looks at what deep federal budget cuts mean for alternative energy and social services in small town USA….ProPublica perused latest issue of Barron’s and found  ad for on-its-way-to-bankruptcy brokerage firm, MF Global.  Classic:  "Some people have opinions. We have convictions."

11:00 Susie Cagle’s arrest got a lot of notice but now she writes about what happened under custody, a sad story via Alternet.

10:55 Idea that GOP knowingly sabotaging the economy for partisan gain getting more attention.

10:50 Police protecting the public:  with rubber bullets, letting drivers who hit protesters go, etc.   From Allison Kilkenny.

10:40  Today’s song for Occupyers everywhere,  John Legand and The Roots in re-make of classic "Wake Up Everybody."   The world won’t get no better if we just let it be.

10:20   Danny Schechter:  What happens if OWS in NY loses Zuccotti?  … 8  Wall St execs who cashed in on boom — and bust.

10:00  WSJ looks at OWS profit-and-loss statement, and that $8000 domain name purchase.  (h/t Barbara Bedway)

9:44 Just out from census:  new figures show 49 million Americans living in poverty, or 16% of us, higher than expected (and certainly much higher than tolerable).  "Much of the increase in the new measure comes from rising everyday costs, such as out-of-pocket medical expenses, that aren’t factored into the official rate. Americans 65 or older had the biggest poverty jump – 15.9 percent, versus 9 percent under the official formula."

9:20  Wash Post wonders if OWS can withstand marketing by others —  hoodies, t-shirts, and more to come? And surely Occu-Pies at major chains. …  Five more arrests in Atlanta last night, day after major conflict there.

9:00  Frances Fox PIven–The War Against the Poor (and OWS)…. Naomi Klein visiting Zuccotti again today.

8:35  That video (I Iinked to it last night) in which guy in Oakland posing no threat  tapes his own shooting by a cop the other night (perhaps by bean bag projectile, not rubber bullet) getting even more attention today, from The Guardian and elsewhere, here it is: 

8:25  Pal Paul Rieckhoff at White House today with IAVA to talk about jobs for vets. … Lawyer who helped launch OccupyAsheville jailed on contempt charge.

7:55  Mashable on the story behind the Occupy TV ads which have just started running. … If you missed collection of views on how OWS should be covered now at NYT via the public editor.

12:10 am  If you missed Jack Abramoff on "60 Minutes" talking about how easily lobbyists take care of "reform" bills.

From late Sunday

11:40  Paul Krugman: At last, the solar transformation is at hand — but will our system allow it?

11:30 Profile of an Occupy livestreamer,  our new media "heroes."… From The Nation:  How People of Color Occupy Wall St.

11:15  OccupyLA tonight talking about a General Strike there… Danny Glover at OccupyOakland a few days ago.

10:55  @OccupyArrests counts 81 today, and 3350 so far.   And it’s early–for the movement. …Predictably, OccupyDublin is fun, with lots of music.

8:40  Video of Robert Reich speaking at OccupyLA yesterday…Photo of Bill Maher at OccupyLA today and interview there.

7:55 Video from Oakland where guy with camera posing no threat to police shot  with something — see gun flash and guy goes down.

7:40  Occupy Riverside (Calif.) just raided by cops.  And they tweet:  "Occupiers followed police after taking down tents and canopies to city hall. ‘Shame on rpd end police brutality’ we are chanting."…   

7:10  Here’s story on today’s hugely successful Tar Sands encircling-the-White-House protest today.

6:55 Today’s song for Occupyers everywhere (a daily feature for more than five weeks):  It closed today’s big Tar Sands protest at the White House, and now here is Marvin Gaye doing his "What’s Going On," with vintage political footage.

 4:40 Gotta hand it to Russell Simmons, he is at Zuccotti almost every day.  Only celeb to do so…Protester earning college credit for occupying Zuccotti.

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