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11:55 Photos from the long day of protests at state Capitol in Olympia, Wash.  More below.

10:40  Old buddy Jim Romenseko, who left Poynter amid some controversy, debuts his new How I Got That Story / Photo feature at his new blog with UC-Davis student’s account of getting pepper-spray shot.

9:55  Capitol in Olympia, WA  occupied!  It’s dark and sometimes cuts out or switches to different locale, but here is Livestream.  UPDATE:  When livestreamer lost power (or maybe he was arrested?) the cops had moved in and made busts, carried one guy out right on camera.  People chanting around the Christmas tree in middle of rotunda.  Livestreamer said there was tasering incident but otherwise non-violent.  I am trying to get further update now.


8:35  And now: The Occupied Los Angeles Times!   It joins "sister" publications in other cities that have followed on the heels of the Occupied Wall Street Journal.  See the PDF here but presumably it is now being passed out by hand.   It’s four pages in black and white and with full staff box and large photos.

7:45  Seems like good legal tactic from OccupyLA–pointing out that city council approved their camp, citing First Amendment, so illegal for city to move now. (h/t Jon Wiener)

7:10  Harvard students and profs protesting Goldman Sachs event.  Background here.  Chris Hedges there or nearby.

6:25  L.A. Times:  Judge could decide eviction case very soon so Occupyers out there need to be ready…150 fewer tents there, according to one observer….columnist Steve Lopez: arrests will come, maybe tonight, camp will close, then what?

5:50 Yesterday I mentioned OWS rally in my little town of Nyack.  Now here’s view that it was co-opted by Truthers and others "off-message."

5:25 Update on UC protests vs. Regents–have already overwhelmed one meeting and made own demands….  Despite protests, CUNY board just approved big tuition hike.  Livestream below.

4:30 Livestream of CUNY student march heading for Baruch and big meeting,trouble likely ahead.


4:20  Lawyer claims city says LA eviction won’t happen for couple days, allowing time for slow exit.

3:30 Amazing tribute to influence of OWS.  The far-right Union Leader in NH, explaining why it backed Gingrich in GOP primary, said it’s because Romney is too much part of "the 1%" and Obama will claim backing of "the 99%."

3:15 Miley Cyrus re-cycles song with mashup of Occupy images — nice support or exploitation?  She professes support in any case.  Lot of images of police brutality.

3:10  OccupyLA goes to court to stave off eviction…. Protesters already disrupting Regents’ meetings in Calif, see pic.

2:00 First interview with Scott Olsen, Iraq vet famously injured in that Oakland protest, on his return to scene of crime.  Some lingering effects from injury but still backing OWS.

 1:45 Sen. Chuck Schumer sort of backs OWS in new interview with Greg Sargent, saying "inequality" will be key Dem issue next year, and that GOPers trying to tie Dems to OWS will fail because most people are in the 99% and know it…  Nice front page photo in LA Times on "show of solidarity" at Occupy there last night and this morning.

1:40 My new Occupy e-book now updated to cover events up to this past week.    Can purchase "40 Days That Shook the World"  for just $2.99, with 50 cents of each going to OWS.  For KIndle and via KIndle apps for all phones, iPads, PCs and Macs, etc.

1:25 Fun, and more meaningful than disco: "I’ll Occupy" to the tune of "I Will Survive."

12:45 Too many people think civil disobedience or getting arrested on modest charges is no big deal–you just go to the station and get a ticket or something (this does happen, in some places).  But in big cities: no way.  Now to prove this, an account today by a New Yorker contributor about what happened after he was busted in the Nov. 17 actions.  For one thing: no one would use the toilet, for 32 hours, because it was so filthy.  And: "To be on the other side of the law-and-order machine in this country is awful. It is dehumanizing, and degrading, and deforming. It fills you with a helpless rage: because, once there, you can only make things worse for yourself by speaking up."

12:35 As I noted yesterday, Chris Hedges speaking at Harvard but sleeping with OWS campers–leaving "unoccupied" his free lodging.

12:30key blog covering this afternoon’s CUNY protests in NYC. …. Exactly one year ago I started my WikiLeaks live-blogging.  It went on for 6 months every day, so I have barely broken a sweat on OWS.

11:45  We noted earlier (a few times) but here’s another view of UC students strike today and attempt to shut down Regents.

11:15  OccupyCleveland deployed its own "bat signal" (as in NYC) for city’s  Winterfest.

11:05  Thanks to Xeni and Boing Boing for including my Occupy book in its annual Gift Guide. 

10:55 Today’s song pick for Occupyers everywhere, and never more timely:  The Who’s "Won’t Get Fooled Again" with cool protest images from past and Occupy today.

10:45  For cyber-Monday, maybe protesters will shift from mic-check to Skype-check… If you missed shocker:  Rep. Barney Frank about to announce not seeking re-election.  Means he gave up hope Dems would re-take House? 

10:30 Former Rep. Alan Grayson demanded answers nearly three years ago about the secret Fed bank bailout just getting major attention today…. If you missed last night’s "60 Minutes" probe of homeless kids in Florida.

9:50  If you missed this story a couple of days back from CJR:  A George Mason professor published a laughable op-ed in WSJ last year, claiming liberals are ignorant of basic economics,  based on his absurdly slanted survey.  The Journal, of course, trumpeted it widely.  Now the prof has "retracted" his claims based on a more credible survey.  But is the Journal correcting or retracting?  What do YOU think?  "I can’t say I’m surprised that the Journal’s edit page would decline to do so—disappointed, yes. We’ve seen many times how ideology trumps the truth there."  

9:40  The valuable Student Activism blog on major bicoastal protest today in Calif and NYC.

9:30  Today’s econ-related items from Barbara Bedway: Good overview from MSNBC on the cascading benefits of investing in local food systems.. Re: that blockbuster Bloomberg article on bank bailouts linked earlier on this blog:  Sherrod Brown—whose unsuccessful bill to limit bank size in 2010 might have had a fighting chance if the true cost of bank bailouts had been known—says: “This is an issue that can unite the Tea Party and OccupyWall Street. There are lawmakers in both parties who would change their votes now.”
….The Daily Telegraph reports British embassies in the Eurozone  “are preparing to help Britons abroad through a banking collapse and even riots arising from the debt crisis. “

9:00  As deep background for LA conflict: My new piece at OccupyWriters on the greatest mass movement in Calif history, Upton Sinclair’s "EPIC"  End Poverty campaign of 1934 (he was nearly elected governor).  I wrote a "classic" book about it a few years back. It also marked the birth of the modern political campaign in U.S. which came out of the dirty tricks drive against him.

8:55 ABC News in LA with live feed from standoff, and copter views. Police commander on scene just praised non-violent crowd, said no move against them "for now." 

8:50  I linked to it yesterday but the Bloomberg  (not the mayor, the news outlet)  blockbuster on bailing out banks getting even wider play today.

8:35  Update on LA:  a few arrests in streets, pushing and shoving, but no major move by police yet, may be waiting for sun.  Massive media there.  Here’s another livestream, the main Global Rev feed, and several others below.  And here is local ABC feed, with copter shots at time.   Four arrests so far, police hailing non-violent crowd but say projectiles thrown briefly.  Also, Philly, now in daylight.


7:30 Another two livestreams from LA where eviction underway.. People given warning to leave street NOW but claim that park not to be cleared just yet.   More livestreams below.

12:15  Evictions may happen in Philly and LA overnight but I will be hitting the sack soon–with hopes NOTHING transpires.  In any case, see below for livestreams from LA and Philly and the main Global Rev feed probably with both.  Ace livestreamers from up north, PunkBoyinSF and Spencer Mills, also now or soon on scene in LA, here  and here.


10:30  Marc Cooper in LA:  "Mayor issues statement that midnite Sunday IS deadline for closure but that process will be incremental."   Meaning:  ????  Here is full statement–campers allowed time to exit.

Here’s livestream from L.A.  

 9:55 Tim Pool, now famous NY livestreamer, has now arrived in Philly for eviction, and streaming below: 9:00 Bloomberg piece on bank bailouts causing outrage… same for "60 Report" on junk food industry….no raid in Philly yet, and big crowd assembling in LA.

6:50  NeonTommy will be covering LA eviction closely…Russell Simmons on the wave of evictions:  "OWS can set up satellite offices all ovr the country & the revolution shld expand, we can do more from an organized effort out of offices." 

5:20  Livestream  covering Philly below: 

 3:25  Chris Hedges speaking at, and likely camping at, OccupyHarvard tomorrow….About 35 in OWS action in my little town of Nyack today…. Video for new OWS song "The Beginning of the Beginning."  Sounds like good oldfashioned Daniel Lanois murky production.


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