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11:20 National Lawyer’s Guild files FOIA request for evidence of federal hand in local OWS crackdowns…. Fox’s Megyn Kelly: Pepper spray "is a good product, essentially."  Yeah, so is bubbling peanut oil but you want any of it on your face….

10:40  Claim:  Woman, 19,  pepper-sprayed in protest last week in Seattle says she has since miscarried. Says she will provide documentation but she reported being pregnant on night of attack..  That’s photo of her at left by Joshua Trujillo.  She says she had been shouting at cops, "I am pregnant, I am pregnant, let me through!"   That was same night the woman, 84, was sprayed.

10:00 So much for non-violence: Tweet just now from @OccupyMarines (who have over 8000 followers):  "Law Enforcement Community, How Long Do You Think OMC Will Allow You To Continue Acts Of Brutality Against Americans Before We Come For You?"… Claim:  10 biggest banks could lose $185 billion as customers move money.

9:45 Occupy Toronto eviction coming at midnight, likely to resist,  livestream coverage probably here.… .. OccupyToledo peacefully ended camp today when permit expired… the famous WIkiLeaks truck seized by NYPD has now gone missing…

9:20 Elsewhere in NY, Justin Elliot tweets: "People tried to occupy an old school tonight at prince and mott in SoHo, security forced people out. Workers at site not supportive."

9:00 Brief video shows part of police riot at Baruch in NY tonight.

 8:25 From @studentactivism:  "UC Davis students are erecting a 30-foot geodesic dome on the quad. Should have let ’em keep the tents."

8:05 Brian Stelter at NYT with new piece on growing journo complaints in NYC vs police, expanded a good deal today.

7:40 OccupyPhilly getting offer on permit after proposals turned down– but no tents, 7 pm curfew, must reimburse for water use etc…..@EricWestbrook tweets: "On way to Caltrain, saw a man with neck brace and bandage on his forehead. Ran over and asked if I could shake his hand. It was Scott Olsen."

6:50  NYT story on CUNY protest and arrests here, with video and report of students dropping books on cops from above. Another livestream from NY student conflict here.

6:15 Ace livestreamer Tim Pool now on scene  (below) of arrests and police beatings at Baruch Univ in NY with protest march planned.  He has  now rushed to New School building occupation  where Baruch students may be joining in, so they may be replaying recent coverage below for a bit.  This is mainly over massive tuition hikes for CUNY system.  He just tweeted:  "Woman with an NYC Press Pass: ‘This cop grabs me and tosses me into a revolving door. I’m saying I’m with the Press.’"

 5:35  Reports that OWSers at Zuccotti using Snuggies to get around ban on blankets…@kImberp_a tweets: "On the intercom this morning- ‘Next stop Chamber Street, World Trade, Zuccotti Park.’  OWS has changed the name of the station!!!!!"

5:00  Amazing video below gives you the infamous UC-Davis incident from four angles at once in real time.  Starts with just two angles, then more.

4:40  Chancellor appeared at UC-Davis and "apologized."  Students chanted "shame on you" anyway. Watch video, it’s brief.  Crowd fairly quiet during talk, then let her have it.   Her expressions of regret have mainly been about entire "incident" at campus, including the protesters not giving way sooner and "dangers" of camp.

3:40 Massive crowd at UC-Davis for rally. Haven’t found a livestream — or they cut in and out –but here is first student speaker, ripping chancellor’s TV interview (see below).  Brilliant.

3:00 Satire in the New Yorker:  the 1% finally get organized, make their own demands.

2:50  Two OWS protesters arrested by cops file lawsuit today against NYPD… Don’t miss another iconic OWS photo–couple dozen cops in riot gear guarding…a Chase branch.

2:30  Poster / photo of Lt. John Pike mounted on tree near where incident took place, as many gather at UC-Davis for rally.


2:05 My new e-book on Occupy — the first book on the movement — has just come out.–and it was just updated today for events up to yesterday.   It’s  for use on Kindle or  apps for most phones, iPads, Macs and PCs.    It’s 40 Days That Shook the World: From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Everywhere. The price is just $2.99 — and 50 cents of that goes directly to OWS with the aim of feeding or sheltering Occupyers.  So it’s also a way to donate.

2:00 Nice think piece at The Atlantic:  George Orwell, OWS and the cops….  U.S. profession that is most unionized?  Librarians, at 38%.

1:30  Lengthy video interview with UC-Davis chancellor by student TV team. She says "protocol was followed" by police in incident — really, calls for pepper-spraying? Most she can say is maybe protocol should not always be followed. Need better communication.  Probe coming. Invited to GA.  Will dialog w/ students.  She repeatedly refers to "the incident," trying to focus on entire day not the pepper-spraying.  Admits "many" calls for resignation.  Asked if would do anything differently if could do over?  Stammers a bit. Wishes pepper-spraying could have been avoided.

1:20  More spoofy pepper-spraying cop images — even baby seals and Jesus get it in the face.   But no mimes, so far.

12:55 Kevin Poulsen, editor of Wired, tweets:  "Reporting rules: 1) If you don’t get a press pass we may arrest you 2) If you get one, we may arrest you anyway 3) You can’t get one."

12:50  Today’s song pick for Occupyers:  for John Pike and other brutal cops, Springsteen in rarely-seen performance of Woody’s classic "Vigilante Man."  Check out Ry Cooder’s version, and Woody’s, and others also.

12:30  After 5 weeks, OccupyDetroit in last day at park.   Occupyers there plan to march in Thanksgiving Day parade w/ unions.

12:25  Today’s econ-related items from @BBedway:  The worst of both worlds–MIT’s Simon Johnson on how a bank holding company you’ve probably never heard of, which holds  large amounts of European government debt and massive exposure to the US’s real estate problems,  “could become a conduit for risk between the two economies.” ….“You can’t separate the water from the land and the people.” The Daily Yonder  on how Nebraska’s Sandhill ranchers—more accustomed to fighting blizzards than foreign corporations threatening eminent domain—helped change the Keystone XL pipeline route.

12:05  I am set for Chuck Todd’s MSNBC show Wednesday morning (with Luke Russert filling in) to talk about OWS and my new Occupy e-book.…. Turns out that infamous anti-OWS protester in NY was barred from securities industry due to "improprieties." 

11:50  Coverage of Oakland police finally clearing Snow Park … OccupySesameStreet has a monster bawl... Today’s laff:  video of anti-Occupy protest in Portland.  "A double triple negative kinda thing."

11:40  Allison Kilkenny at The Nation on importance of "creative protest." … Occupy Toronto facing eviction tonight….  Is Newt the Comeback Kid of The ComebackYou Got To Be Kidding? 

10:20   Now there’s a site collecting the "pepper spray" spoof art.   Latest at left.  Have to retitle it "Sgt. Pepper Spray." 

10:05  @Mother Jones: "Six years ago, tuition at University of California was $5,357. Now $12,192. Slated for $22,068 by 2015."

9:40 Watch UC-Davis president on Good Morning America today.   No resignation.  "I really feel confident at this point the university needs me," Katehi said. "There are so many critical issues to be addressed and we really need to start the healing process and move forward." Big rally there at noon.

9:30  Poll:  51% now back defense cuts to close deficit…. From Salon: The OWS victory no one is talking about… If you’ve missed Gingrich (he now leads in GOP polls) calling for easing child labor laws so kids can work as janitors. 

9:05  I guess we will dozens of these examples as Internet craze (see below) but now at left, UC-Davis cop sprays that nasty Constitution.   Reminder: big rally at the campus today at noon…. NYC drum circle at Bloomberg’s is back.

8:55 Watch Laurie Penny aka "Penny Red" debate Goldman-Sachs hack on BBC  (via Boing Boing)

8:45 Occupy Colorado Springs raided last night, tents removed….. 8 arrests last night at OccupyPhoenix.  Total for movement now well over 4000.

8:40  99% wrong?  Michelle Obama booed at NASCAR race. 

8:30  Brian Stelter at NYT reviews recent media coveerage trends re: OWS and even gets in a mention of my man Tim Pool, ace livestreamer.

12:50  Fantastic:   John Pike from UC-Davis pepper sprays figures in famous paintings, including Christina at left. (h/t @JesseBDylan, Bob’s kid)… If the Packers want to stay unbeaten they better stay away from protests.

12:40  NYT covers the "illegal" breakup of drum circle outside Bloomberg’s apt — they will be back tomorrow a.m. so stay tuned (if with ear plugs).   Lawyer Norman Siegel: “In effect, the police have created a no-First Amendment zone on 79th Street,” he said.  “It’s an example of an abuse of power by the N.Y.P.D. because that’s a public street, and the fact that Michael Bloomberg lives on that street doesn’t change the principles and values of the First Amendment right to protest.”

12:15 Although formal plans to occupy Duarte Park in NY not announced, some people there already and considering pitching camp, or so say tweeps.  I played me some ball there back in the day when I lived nearby so I have sentimental attachment.

12:00  San Fran camp awaiting raid tonight?   More folks gathering there….Major protest at UC-Davis on Monday at noon, keep an eye out…Russell Simmons, frequent visitor to OWS in NYC, today visited the LA camp…. OccupyYourBlock trying to get idea going.

From Sunday

It seems my old pal Dan Ellsberg  is speaking to Occupyers in SF and poets next– and one of my heroes I’ve interviewed a couple times, Steve Earle,  showed up at the drum circle thing in NY today. Steve has written an OWS song–several years ago.  Here it is as today’s song pick of the day for OWS:

Apparently new idea floated in NY today that I am catching up with  and don’t quite get, but here is flyer with the "tenting" concept and list of possible sites… Also, OWS still considering occupying Duarte Park north of Zuccotti — that’s the place many went to after the big bust this week, when informed that church would allow them to stay there — which was not quite true….Unconfirmed friend that Ani DiFranco in march right now for #OWS to Wash Sq Park.

Plenty of jokes about this already but now a full piece on U.S. declaring "pepper spray" a vegetable.  Consumption way up since OWS protests began…

NYC cops now closing off street in front of Bloomberg’s apt in move vs. drum circlers and others, according to people there.

Update with details on UC-Davis moves below.  90-day probe shortened to 30 days.  Chancellor says she moved after outpouring of concern from students and alumni and around USA.  Cops suspended still not named.

KCBS in San Fran just reported two cops involved in UC-Davis pepper spray incident placed on administrative leave — which school refused to do until now.  AP story that follows does NOT name John Pike:  "Two University of California, Davis police officers involved in pepper spraying seated protesters are being placed on administrative leave as the chancellor of the school accelerates the investigation into the incident. UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi on Sunday said she has been inundated with reaction over the incident, in which an officer dispassionately fires pepper spray on a line of sitting demonstrators. Video of the incident was circulated widely on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter on Saturday."  

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