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4:00 Michael Kinsley hits NYT Sunday Mag cover story on guy who says U.S. needs MORE inequality.  Would Zuckerberg have invented Facebook if he thought he’d only make, oh, 5 billion instead of 10 billion?

12:50 New SF Chronicle piece on Black Bloc and anarchists being both "divisive" and "crucial" for Occupy (although they get IDed for lot of things they don’t do).  "Some protesters say Black Bloc violence and vandalism undercuts the core Occupy message of advocating for more economic equality. Supporters, however, say the Black Bloc has a different definition of violence, particularly in dealing with police – and that Black Bloc anarchists are a force for protection of other demonstrators and assertive expression."

12:10 OccupyCleveland continues to try to distance itself from "bridge plotters" but now has to deal with name of one of them on lease for warehouse where a dozen live. Also, the 5 suspects have now pleaded not guility in court, with (according to this account) about 50 OWSers showing up in support.

11:55 Michael Moore’s version of "The Times They Are a-Changing" on that new Occupy album but seems like it’s not his voice singing but merely leading a crowd rant in the middle.

11:20  OccupyTheFarm protestors refuse to leave UC-Berkeley land. "About 200 of the Occupy squatters broke into the 10-acre Gill Tract property on April 22 and set up camp. They planted carrot, broccoli and corn seedlings on part of the land to protest planned housing and commercial development nearby the site at Marin and San Pablo avenues."

11:15  Review of new book, "Restructuring Capitalism in Our Time." … Natasha Lennard at Salon on media losing interest in Occupy, what it means and how to respond.

9:55 An island with 11,000 residents in the state of Washington has become "the darling of the Move Your Money campaign."

9:45 See my piece here at The Nation, following Socialist vote win in France: Could it happen here?  What happened when famed author Upton Sinclair nearly became governor of California

9:05  The NYPD’s "Snatch and Grab" arrest tactics in photos. … Major Chicago Tribune piece on OccupyDetroit’s building, a "home base" learning and organizing.

8:55  Chris Hedges on "The People’s Bishop," arrested again on May Day:  "Packard’s moral and intellectual courage stands in stark contrast with the timidity of nearly all clergy and congregants in all of our major religious institutions. Religious leaders, in churches, synagogues and mosques, at best voice pious and empty platitudes about justice or carry out nominal acts of charity aimed at those bearing the weight of resistance in the streets."

8:20  America’s "idiot rich," whose complaints are irrational, by Alex Pareene at Salon, with "a brief list of insane things that are apparently common knowledge among the billionaire class."   E.g., "That the fact that they are perversely wealthy and growing richer during a period of mass unemployment and staggering debt is a sign that the economy is functioning correctly."

8:05 OccupyRaleigh ends its camp, which had been up since November…

From the weekend

Max Berger, longtime OWS activist who earlier worked for other progessive groups, at Huff Post joins in responding to Josh Harkinson’s call for Occupy to expand its reach into running candidates for office (see below).  "The Occupy movement would derelict of duty if we focused on the electoral at the expense of putting pressure on the system as a whole. The entirety of civic life can not be reduced to a get out the vote campaign. The left needs strategies that take aim at all the ways neo-liberalism breaks down our communities."

Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys, who died at 47 today,  marched with OWS on Brooklyn Bridge last fall….Financial Times covers Occupy’s upcoming protest of big Frieze art show in NYC.

Fantastic:  The "red" student movement in Quebec is super-creative and everywhere.  I love the "red blur" concept for subway stops.  And see "naked" protest below with details in red. "Who would have thought that the Quebec branch of this worldwide mobilization, with 300,000 people in the streets, would have become the most stupendous of all." 

Josh Harkinson of Mother Jones who has covered OWS from the start now calls for it to finally get involved in electoral politics, become the Tea Party of the Left. "If May Day somehow leads to major political victories for Occupy, it will be the first time that an American social movement has caught fire without sending its own guys to Washington."  My co-author on new Bradley Manning book, Kevin Gosztola at FDL, stronlgy disagrees.