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8:00 Riot cops readying to move in to evict protesters at state capiital in Sacrmento, Ca.  Livestream.

5:55 Amazing: Ann Romney on Fox today says "I don’t even consider myself wealthy" because, gosh, it coiuld be here today, gone  tomorrow.  Just like hubby’s presidential hopes?

5:20  13 arested (so far) protesting tuition hikes at governor’s office in Albany, NY.  UPDATE at 5:45:  Now 24 arrests, probably a half dozen to go.

4:00 Amazing:  amid plans for massive protests, site for G8 summit in May shifted from Chicago to…Camp David.  NATO summit in Chicago that was to follow the G8 still scheduled.  

12:05  I did a full item on this last week, and now here is The Illuminator at Zuccotti Park a weekend pit stop.  Guy who helped create the original OWS "bat signal" has now gone mobile and has even bigger plans, aided by Ben of Ben & Jerry.

10:50 Bill Moyers highlights funny two-minute commercial for The Guardian showing how it would cover shocking case of Big Bad Wolf blowing down door and removing Three Little Pigs from their home when they are behind on rent, sparking sensational journalism and Occupy protests in the streets….Wake Up and Smell the Bacon, indeed!

9:40 Preview: Well-known former chief CIA analyst Paul Pillar in upcoming Washington Monthly:   We can live with Iran having nukes.  Obama drawing "red line" against could lead to disaster. "There are indeed good reasons to oppose Iranian acquisition of nuclear weapons, and likewise many steps the United States and the international community can and should take to try to avoid that eventuality. But an Iran with a bomb would not be anywhere near as dangerous as most people assume, and a war to try to stop it from acquiring one would be less successful, and far more costly, than most people imagine."

9:35 Here’s Chris Hedges’ speech at the OccupyAIPAC gathering over the weekend.  "What is being done in Gaza, the world’s largest open-air prison, is a pale reflection of what is slowly happening to the rest of us. It is a window into the rise of the global security state, our new governing system that the political philosopher Sheldon Wolin calls “inverted totalitarianism.” It is a reflection of a world where the powerful are not bound by law, either on Wall Street or in the shattered remains of the countries we invade and occupy, including Iraq with its hundreds of thousands of dead. And one of the greatest purveyors of this demented ideology of violence for the sake of violence, this flagrant disregard for the rule of domestic and international law, is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC."

9:30 LIvestream of anti-foreclosure action in Cleveland.  The drum circle has arrived.

9:20 Today’s laff from rightwing Town Hall:  How Occupy, SEIU and Academic Working to Destroy Capitalism.  Note SEIU wrong in headline.  You can get Breitbart book free, however. .. BTW, yes, there is  rightwing meme that Obama had Breitbart executed.  Maybe by the ghost of Vince Foster.

9:00 Occupyers disrupt Santorum rally for 20 minutes in Oklahoma, chanting "Get your hate out of our state."  One protester shoved but nothing more… Dozen remaining Occupyers in West Palm Beach, Fla., told to evacuate camp near city hall…

8:55 NPR report: Occupy seems to be receding, true, but look closer.   Pop-ups and more.

8:25   See my new piece here at The Nation on Billy Bragg, who has performed for OccupyLondon, rewriting Beethoven’s "Ode to Joy"–and performing it for the Queen. Ans in other news: upcoming Volume 3 of the terrific B Bragg / Wilco  "Mermaid Avenue" series with new Woody Guthrie lyrics.  Also will be part of box set with first two and video.  See track list here, with some no doubt OWS-friendly tunes included.

7:25 Newark Star-Ledger reporter says Springsteen album does NOT represent Occupy.  Quite a bit off-base but interestng reading…. Big Financial Times piece on new Springsteen album, it’s defense of workers and New Deal, with Eric Alterman and my old buddy, Southside.  Born to run down Goldman Sachs?