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8:55 Fifty years ago Bob Dylan released his first album, although critical and commercial break (and yours truly) would not arrive until #2.  Bet you didn’t know he did a session singing "Song to Woody" with George Harrison in 1970:

4:40  CBS covers OWS call for national strike May 1 but seems to think it just got proposed in response to cop brutality in NY…But full AP story covers more ground, includes critique of police and Bloomberg defense: "This police department knows how to control crowds without excessive force," the mayor said. "They do allow you to protest but they don’t let it get out of hand."

4:30 Interview with Florida young man who tweeted about cop-killing.  About as serious as you’d expect.  Claims HE is now getting death threats.

4:20  Democracy Now! hosting Facebook discussion on new strategy for OWS, join in here… Apt time to re-visit Matt Taibbi’s "Why Isn’t Wall St in Jail?" 

3:30 I’ll be on NY1 in New York tonight around 9 talking Occupy.

12:10  Another review of what OWS has accomplished in 6 months, via Think Progress…Here’s link to piece here at The Nation calling for probe of NYPD vs. Occupy.

11:35  As I’ve noted before: My award-winning book on Upton Sinclair leading one of the greatest mass movements in our history–and against poverty–in California in 1934, and nearly becoming governor, is newly out in e-book and new print edition.  He was defeated when the 1%, and Hollywood, went out and invented the modern political campaign and all kinds of dirty tricks–including the first use of the screen to destroy a candidate. 

11:10  A report that some of the OWSers arrested in NY facing higher bail because refused to go along with "iris scan" when booked. "The idea of the state collecting distinctive biometric information from people who haven’t even been charged with a crime yet, much less convicted of one, makes civil libertarians nervous, though, and over the last two years they’ve pushed back. Unlike fingerprints, they argue, no law was ever passed to require iris photographs — it’s just a policy."

11:00 A little off topic but: Glenn Greenwald column ends with image of paper published by Wash Post with headline saying many in USA willing to cut soldier who slaughtered 16 Afghans and burned kids’ bodies some "slack."  I would note also:  Bradley Manning treated as evil but the Afghan war logs he allegedly released two years ago exposed rampant corruption among Karzai government, mass civilian casualtiies and hopeless U.S. cause yet we have continued to waste lives and billions of dollars there while people in U.S. suffer.  

10:20  Today’s Democracy Now! segments on OWS with Francis Fox Piven and Stephen Lerner, plus reporter Ryan Devereaux.

9:50 Dan Froomkin on how Citizens United generated money could swamp congressional races, too.

9:45 Remember the almost daily links here to reports from Bob Plain, dubbed (by yours truly) the "Travelin’ Man" for his lengthy OccuTour of the USA?  He has now landed a good gig at the RI Future site in Rhode Island, which he describes as a rare progressive site in the state.  He even has a good PAC-related scoop already.

8:50 Atlantic Wire with re-cap of NYC violence and some links….Solidarity march in Chicago last night was not large. … Unusually high bail set for many of those arrested Saturday.

8:35 Police have developed five new tactics to disrupt protests this year…. Fox and (rightwing) friends going wild over one idle, addled, tweet Saturday about Occupy ought to kill a cop, NYPD looking into it.

8:25  Democracy Now! has 150 OWS-related videos up at YouTube.. There’s a new version of Arthur Miller’s "Death of a Salesman" with Philip Seymour Hoffman and this review suggests many of the lines could relate to OWS today.

8:15  "The Last Occupy," a one-act play at Guernica Magazine.

From late Sunday

Vigil at prison in NYC continues and arrested and protesters can actually see each other, see remarkable photo here.

NYC protest march and jail vigil tonight.   Laurie Penny reports chant:  ‘they’re our brothers, they’re our sisters- we support political prisoners!’  Latest guestimate:  about 73 arrests yesterday and about 50.

J.A. Myerson piece on the raid and violence at Truthout.  I continue to say: Need bigger turnout of OWSers (many last night from nearby conference and left quickly) or last night will be replayed over and over.

Super-intense new video from frontlines of police raid on Zuccotti last night.

Petition for NYS attorney general to probe NYPD and Bloomberg.  Still no accurate count of arrests last night, ranging from "scores" to 50 to 100…..The Occupied Wall Street Journal on last night in NYC.….Yves Smith’s great Naked Capitalism covers police vs.OWS last night, plus hits "mayor for life" Bloomberg and "goon squad."

Major Matt Taibbi piece at Rolling Stone on Bank of America still being horrid and still getting government favors.

Terrific Village Voice wrap-up on yesterday’s conflicts in NYC, with photos. Note:  Occupy got large crowd in Zuccotti at one point last night, partly due to lefty forum and Michael Moore speech nearby.  By 11 pm many had left.  Police raided at 11:30.  Quite predictable. OWS needs to build back big, devoted, crowds, from braoder circle, this spring or it’s easy pickings for police.

10:20  Video of police not getting treatment for many minutes after young woman injured, convulsing, possibly with cracked ribs last night at Zuccotti.  More on the woman and other videos here.  She eventually ended up at hosptital (see below).   Unfortunately for cops last night, many people (and press) around with cameras.


Another apt song:  Jimmy Cliff with Springsteen this week doing "The Harder They Come (The Harder They Fall)."