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10:40 Occupy’s weekly update of events and actions around the USA, very valuable, via the Occupied Wall Street Journal site.

7:55 Occupyers briefly set up "camp" in lobby of a Bank of America branch, make it fun, perhaps win hearts and minds.  Call for national set up living rooms in banks day this Thursday:

7:30  NYT/CBS poll confirms finding of ABC/Wash Post poll: sudden drop in Obama approval rating, down to 41% from 50% in one month.  Why?  Gas prices?  What?  Afghanistan?  Iran? Recovery mainly for 1%? Ponder this:  only tops pathetic, radical Santorum by 48-44 percent.  

4:30 Occupy Austin super active this week for the big SXSW events, climax with "Million Musicians March" this Saturday, should be wild (if a bit tongue in cheek), see poster.

3:00  Video of finale of the Woody Guthrie tribute concert mentioned below, natch with "This Land Is Your Land," Arlo starting on vocals.

2:55 Liberal groups offer rewards, including $25,000 in cash, for whistleblowers:   "to fight the influence of corporate money in politics with a range of tactics — including a $25,000 cash reward to the first worker who can document their employer’s secret use of corporate funds to influence an election."

1:55 Occupy Our Homes calls for national action this week, different banks targeted each day.  For details.

11:30  Full report on and slide show for big centennial concert in Oklahoma over the weekend for native son and OWS patron saint Woody Guthrie, with son Arlo, Rosanne Cash, Jackson Browne, Mellencamp, Del McCourt, Flaming Lips and more. 

11:00 Occupy New Haven gets eviction notice

9:50 Rep. Michele Bachmann finally gets a challenger in her Minnesota re-election race.  It’s a woman who has run twice before and now says she was inspired to try again by Occupy.    Bachmann has already slammed her in an email to supporters: "By touting the values of Occupy Wall Street, my opponent clearly favors the opposite: a lazy handout culture where big government is king. This is the America that the left seeks to impose on the American people."

9:45 The Univ of Calif student paper The Daily Californian with major report on OWS remaining big part of student activism in the state system.

9:40  Troopers remove last brave OWS tent in Nashville… Romney fundraiser in NYC at Waldorf  to get "occupied" this Wednesday….press reports city of Cincinnati and Occupyers reach "deal" on protests and 24-hour park.

9:00 Major NYT piece today on OWS complaints about police surveillance in NYC.  "The Police Department’s surveillance efforts have recently gained attention and criticism with reports that officers compiled detailed data on Muslim communities. Now, some Occupy protesters worry that they are being subjected to similar scrutiny."

8:55 More than previously thought:  10 "Occupy" candidates running for Congress, says Josh Harkinson in Mother Jones.  In truth, they support OWS and use its "energy" but not exactly coming from the camps or protests.  "Unlike the tea party, the Occupy movement hasn’t involved itself much in elections. But that hasn’t stopped a slew of progressives and political outsiders from capitalizing on the movement’s energy."

8:50  Occupyers evicted in Fort Wayne, Ind….. OWS fundraising report shows light donations, press team explains.

8:30  Survey shows majority of GOP voters in Alabama and Mississippi think Obama is a Muslim…Chris Hayes’ MSNBC show had good segment on Israel and Palestine, rare on American TV…