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10:30  Wash Post: Romance blossoms at Occupy camps in D.C.– bunch of couples get serious.  "As with Occupy encampments on Wall Street and across the country, there have been many more casual hook-ups, bruised hearts and unofficial entanglements."  Plenty of condoms passed out, to be sure.

10:20 WSJ with interesting piece on OccupyAlbany (that would be NY, up the river a couple hours from my place). Remember when they finally got evicted not long ago from camp?  Now they have settled nearby in …a storefront office. 

8:30 Occupy protester engages Romney but hostile crowd and candidate makes it hard.  

6:20  Here at The Nation: Naomi Klein and organizer Yotam Marom in a conversation on what’s next for Occupy.

4:40  OWS to protest Jan. 16 at Federal Reserve offices around USA…. More Occupy impact: Chris Matthews (and others) say Bill Daley exit at White House shows Obama about to run strong "anti-Wall Street" campaign

4:35  Joa Baez’s birthday today, so for today’s song pick for OWS, here she is singing "Joe Hill" near Zuccotti two months ago.

 4:30  Uncomfortable Romney meeting with a 99 percenter who lacks health insurance.

4:15 Very happy that my popular e-book "Atomic Cover-up" published in print edition this weekend.

3:35 Police in NH probing Gingrich staffer for alleged assault on an young, female OWSer.  "Quinn Bowman, a reporter for PBS Newshour who witnessed the incident, agreed with her version of events. ‘Man w earpiece at Gingrich event in Manchester struggles violently to get sign out of female occupier’s hands,’ Bowman tweeted at the time."

3:30  Rosie Gray at Buzzfeed:  Occupy the NH primary not having enough effect because…too polite.

2:45 Occupied Media interview w/ Sam Seder.

2:20  Amazing:  Newt G practically quoting OWS speakers in latest attack of Romney today.  Dig this:   “You have to ask the question, is capitalism really about the ability of a handful of rich people to manipulate the lives of thousands of people and then walk off with the money?”  Kevin Drum at MoJo points out:  "Newt Gingrich is now doing exactly what everyone in the Republican Party was afraid he was going to do: destroy them utterly if they decline to nominate him. It’s no surprise really, since this has been Newt’s MO for decades, but it sure is a helluva spectacle."  I linked to pro-Newt "Bain Bomb" trailer vs. Romney but here it is in the flesh:

2:05  Meanwhile, over in the moneypit known as Afghanistan, in the 3rd such incident in two weeks, an Afghan soldier has killed one U.S. soldier and wounded a volleyball game.

12:30 Hysterical:  Romney in NH just now claims all those businessmen who move jobs overseas would be happy to pay equal wages abroad so long as "work rules" better.

11:55  Die-in reportedly underway right now in front of Obama HQ in Manchester, NH… A curated OWS national news feed focusing on GAs, workng groups, etc….  11:00 Chris Hedges preaches:  "The Gospel of the Penniless, Jobless, Marginalized and Despised."… Gaza students discuss OWS.

10:20 Dan Rather just now on MSNBC calls Newt "ornery as an ocelot."   Rips GOPers as out of touch with most Americans in this downturn but says Obama STILL a "slight underdog" for re-election.

9:30  Bob Plain with his latest valuable dispatch from OWS sites around USA, this time on OccupyLA debating the "violence" question that divided Oakland OWS earlier…. Tim Pool borrows some John Lennon: "You may say that Im a streamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you will join us, then the news will be from everyone."

8:55  Matt Cooper: Downton Abbey on PBS "is perfect for the age of capturing all of our ambivalence about wealth."   And Salon writer asks why so many liberals and OWS backers are "obsessed" with the show, which started its second season last night.  On "whether this is a triumph of production values (or character development) over politics depends on how you read the goings-on in the stately home."

8:50 More on Gov. Chris Christie (proud Spirngsteen fanatic) slamming protesters at Romney rally yesterday…  The Bain of his existence?  Romney’s claims about jobs created at his companies now collapsing as more media join in….

8:03 Lengthy Reuters piece on Occupy’s plans for 2012, even though fiercely "disorganized."  From Occupy Housing to Occupy Culture.

7:40  Gingriich’s killer "feel the Bain" attack ad and film vs. Romney now arriving, focusing on workers who lost jobs due to MItt.  Wash Post covers here.  Ted Kennedy’s 1994 ads vs. Romney and Bain….  How attack ads on the screen began — thanks to a Hollywood icon.

7:30  My popular e-book "Atomic Cover-up" published in print edition this weekend.  And video trailer below.

7:20  New from Paul Krugman: The "Un-level" playing field in America…. NYT‘s Bill Keller latest to propose Hillary on Obama ticket as Veep, with Biden to State… Police raiding Liverpoo camp in UK right now.

From late Sunday

God only grants one miracle per week so, atter Tebow pass, no win for Santorum on Tuesday.

Jake Tapper of ABC tweeting "Mitt kills jobs!" protest in NH and Gov. Christiie response: "the size of the American pie is limitless." So is Christie.  Big day for pie — and baloney, pious or otherwisfrom 1930s,…

Great photo from 1930s by John Gutman (h/t  Ernie Lowe).

 For today’s OWS song pick of the day we had a submission: Patti Smith’s "Free Money" from way back when she was writing for me at Crawdaddy.    h/t Jeff Smith and @grungyberns

Bill Clinton, quoted in Forbes, of all places, on OWS: “I think what they’re doing is great,” he said. “Occupy Wall Street has done more in the short time they’ve been out there than I’ve been able to do in more than the last eleven years trying to draw attention to some of the same problems we have to address,” he said.

 Linguists pick "occupy" as word of the year, no surprise.