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7:15  Lengthy analysis and frank critique of tactics and organization of Occupy Oakland as shown this past weekend, but also for weeks.   Claims OO has faded badly and is essentially "over," because average folks totallly turned off, and other reasons.

6:00 Wonder how this will work out? Oakland Mayor Quan says she will call national OWS "leader" to ask them to disown violent tactics of some in her city.

4:50  No updates on D.C., still calm, "Tent of Dreams" still up…police doing walk throughs but no more….Just annouced: another flash mob at NY’s Grand Central Terminal about 5:30 pm tomorrow.

2:45 Events of the week, via the Occuped Wall Street Journal.

1:40  Luke Rudkowski video of madness in NYC streets last night, including arrests and anarchist assault on Tim Pool.

1:25 Family Guy writer talks about his arrest at OccupyLA a few weeks back….. OWSers point out bottle thrower, chant, "This is…a peaceful protest."… Another OWS inspired action? NY state minimum wage may get hiked now.

1:00 Finally updated my personal blog, on request, to include all of my recent books, and older ones, new videos, links.

12:25 Big crowd has gathered to protect D.C. camp (see livestreams below).  CNN, other media there. Wonder if, as per usual, eviction won’t come until overnight.  Update: Park Service police spokesman appears for press conf, asked about guy tased yesterday, what enforcement coming.  He cites long history of Park Service tolerating First Amendment protests.

11:55 Livestreams from OccupyDC, eviction ordered for noon. 


10:40 Noon deadline for D.C. eviction nears, even Politico covering.…@MaggieFazeli of Wash Post covering from scene.  Some campers have already exited and moved belongings at McPherson, others staying….Back in my former neck of the wood, Occupy still hanging on in Buffalo

10:35 Roll over, Chuck Berry.

9:55 Ace livestreamer Tim Pool statement on anarchist attack on him last night.  "Someone then pulled his mask down and people started taking pictures. The NYPD came in and made us break it up, the man who attacked me vanished into the crowd.  I will not let an assailant go. If there is ANY semblance of a coordinated attack on. Independent media I will take action."  Photos of alleged attacker.

9:40 Israel First blogger Jennifer Rubin on Chuck Todd’s show just picked Oakland Mayor Quan as her person of the day for saying OWS using her city as their "playground."

9:20  New New Yorker cover (left) finds Obama enjoying Super Brawl action between Mitt and Newt.

9:10 Bob Plain, who has visited dozens of OWS sites around USA (as we have chronicled) now explains why Oakland movement has been more violent than elsewhere.

9:00 The Atlantic sees important week ahead for Occupy movement.  "As the Occupy Wall Street campaign enters its fifth month, many of the less passionate activists have moved on, leaving behind the die-hards that tend to be more militant — and increasingly frustrated." Today’s D.C. eviction may reveal much.  And see "taser" incident on video below.

8:45 40 years ago today:  Bloody Sunday in Ireland.  Movie of that name one of my favorites of recent years.  Finally some justice last year–some.

8:30  Today is Eviction Day in D.C.  Stay tuned….High Schoool students in NYC walking out Wed. to protest budget cuts….Sad decline of John Q. Wilson continues, see Wash Post piece on income inequality.

From late Sunday

11:00 @JoshHarkinson covering Oakland GA now and march to come.  Big crowd, though some folks seem tired, post-traumatic stress. Reportedly at least 100 still in the pen, although once thought most would merely be cited and released.  "Three people at have ‘stay away’ orders. One has already been arrested for trying to deliver supplies here."

9:45 Yikes:  TIm Pool, famous livestreamer (see his stream below) just attacked by what he calls "anarchists" against him shooting stream, smacked in head pretty hard, says he is still groggy.  Says someone had been harassing him earlier to deter shooting.  He has had run-ins with those types before who are not for full, shall we say, "transparency."  He is still shooting but says "my head hurts." … Oakland solidarity marches growing in Philly, Boston, NY, arrests here and there.

5:45 Tim Craig of Wash Post says this indeed shows non-violent camper in D.C. getting tazed pr tasered today in advance of tomorrow’s eviction. Lawsuit coming, all on tape.  Kid had apparently been tearing up eviction notices

5:00 Gavin Aronsen’s piece in Mother Jones on getting busted in Oakland last night.