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6:25 We promised this was coming some time ago but now it’s here:  Occupy London has launched music label.  Guy wyo did Sex Pistols cover doing art. "Occupation Records is the music label creation of Occupy London. Its first album, Folk the Banks, is scheduled for launch on 15 February. The Guardian was given a sneak-preview of some of its 17 tracks, including those by Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello and Get Cape Wear Cape Fly’s Sam Duckworth. The album, the first of a projected four, will be made available for download on a pay-what-you-can basis."  (h/t Elizabeth Whitman)  Video:

 5:00  Occupy needs around the USA with map, via the Awll

3:50  My man, Leonard Cohen — our poet laureate — has new album out in a few days, and The Guardian has stream of it here.  So in tribute, here’s one of his great "political" oldies as our Occupy song pick of the day:

 3:05  Good new roundup from the Occupied Wall Street Journal.

2:30  Sarah van Gelder: "Corporate Rules Is Not Inevitable"  (see link to Hedges piece below)… Never thoiught I’d see this, but, okay, from @KatrinaNation: "Jack Abramoff Nation Tues. 4 a wideranging conversation about corruption, lobbying & reforms to bust open system.U folks got questions?"

2:20  Eliz Warren and Scott Brown reach agreement to keep Super Pac money out of Mass. race.  Swell but…isn’t it out of their control by defintiion?

1:20  Obama on brink of settlement with big banks–and progressives are said to be "furious."

1:00 Chris Hedges at Truthdig: "Thank you for standing up."  Advises ignoring many more months of electioneering because voting will not change much, since corporations and Wall Street run the show.

12:50  Like in U.S., college students in the West Bank protesting against tuition costs, even occupying buildings and doing hunger strikes.

11:55 Review of weekend OWS protests related to finance and Citizens United.

11:45 Not sure about origin or location of this photo (tracking it down) but had to post it (left).

10:35  Amazing tweet from Ron Paul:  "My son being detained by TSA for refusing full body pat-down after anomaly in body scanner in Nashville. More details coming."

10:05  Major protests planned in Madison, WI this week.

9:45  Happy Birthday, Citizens United!….  MItt Romney has Goldman Sachs appeal.   Goldman Sachs maniac.  A Goldman Sachs machine.  We could go on.

9:25  Human Rights Watch: Iraq becoming "a police state."  Nine years ago we were preparing for our invasion.

8:55 Yes, another GOP debate tonight, via NBC with Brian Williams (this can’t end well).  New Rasmussen Poll finds Gingrich over Romney by 9% as GOP estaablishment freaks out.  Even Ann Coulter attacking Newt for making crazy charges.  Yes, Ann Coulter…. Now in Florida, tonight’s debate will probably end with candidates promising that U.S. will bomb Iran and pay off all of Israel’s debts.

7:15 Article everyone will be talking about today just posted, from the New Yorker, Ryan Lizza on "The Obama Memos."  

12:05 Paul Krugman: economy still "terrible" but real recovery may be in offing….I am perhaps in the minority who believe there will be nothing truly horrible in Romney’s tax return released Tuesday–or he would not release it.  Perhaps last year he knew this was coming and so arranged his finances so a return would not look too bad.  Previous years might be different. 

12:00 As Iris DeMent predicted in "Wasteland of the Free":  the poor "have become the enermy."

From Sunday

Watch Bill Moyers’ segment last night on crony capitalism.  He was also swell last night on Bill Maher’s HBO show.

Good fact-check on Gingrich claims on Obama and food stamps…. meanwhile, I will coin name for him as "Newt Loops."….Justice Scalia weighs in on Citizens United (again):  If you don’t like all those TV ads and fat cats buying elections, just turn off the tube.

For our Occupy song pick of the day (a daily feature since Oct. 1), we will stick with very OWS-friendly Joseph Arthur, who also nabbed yesterday’s prize (see below).   Today’s selection is from his recent collaboration with Ben Harper and Dhani Harrison (son of George). Song and group both called "Fistful of Mercy."

Philip Boffey editorial in NYT: The money gaps in U.S. health care, and vs. other countries.

Check out today’s edition of the regular NYT "Education" Sunday supplement.  At least three articles on Occupy’s influence in and on education, and today’s students.

Saturday’s Occupy song of the day (a daily feature here since Oct. 1) comes from Joseph Arthur — who played Zuccotti Park last fall — in this tremendous performance that  I happened to catch on Letterman two nights ago, "Travel As Equals (or Not At All)."  At times Dylanesque? Review of new album Redemption Song. It’s free to download from his site.