Here’s another day as #OccupyWallStreet  catches fire around the country.  For yesterday’s blog, click on my name at top. All times ET. E-mail me at: Here’s my new book vs. the death penalty.

11:55 Atlanta, Denver and Boston all facing evictions at this hour.  It’s 2nd emcampment in Boston that is under siege.  Police action expected at any time now.  Many EMPs and ambulances on the scene. Activists following police scanners.  Live stream shows park from above. Follow @Occupy_Nation.

10:40  Brand new from Tom Tomorrow today: 

10:35  A media person at #OWS, Jeff Smith, tells me in email, "Could just be coincidence, but a ConEd crew showed up tonight with jackhammers right next to Liberty Plaza. They will be working through the night here for at least the next 2 weeks."

10:30  Very tense in Boston as police crackdown looms.  Latest from @Occupy_Boston: "If we are all arrested tonight, it will be the biggest mass arrest in Massachusetts since a huge 1968 Vietnam protest.."  OccupyDallas also given eviction notice.   OccupyLA, however, now in 10th day at City Hall, nothing bad looming, seemingly.

10:15 On Ed Show, a teacher’s union chief in Chicago ripped Rahm E. for anti-union moves.

9:45  TPM: James O’Keefe’s probation officer says he approved his saunter through Zuccotti Park today.  He needs approval to leave New Jersey.  "Ryan Girdusky, a spokesman for O’Keefe told TPM that O’Keefe got permission to make the trip from his probation officer. O’Keefe’s lawyer did not immediately respond to a call and an email, and O’Keefe didn’t immediately reply to a tweet asking for clarification. We’ll update if we hear back."   See links to picture and video of the visit below. 

9:10  Nice photo of John Carlos speaking at Zuccotti Park tonight, with Dave Zirin.  Photo by the tireless prof @MichaelKBusch who seems to be everywhere down there.

8:40  After big march today, Occupyers in Boston expect police to move in tonight  Ditto in Atlanta.  Some arrests in Chicago today and worries there, too.

7:35  Smart idea, after couple days of staying in park–#OWS in NY to march to locates of local tycoons.

7:30   Transcript of my appearance on Countdown with Keith O re: Occupy is posted.

7:25  Follow @OccupyColleges for updates on nationwide student action this Thursday. ..

7:20  “Failure after failure”: ProPublica charts Obama’s response to foreclosure crisis.

7:10  Fantastic on its own, and what it suggests about natonal movement:  A huge crowd (for this small town) of 300 showed up in my village last night for OccupyNyack.  Read about it here.  I had blogged and tweeted in advance..  Hope to interview folks at some point.  (Thanks to Katy for photo.)

7:05  Russ Feingold on evil corporations tonight on Countdown, also, I believe, Rick Hertzberg of New Yorker.

7:00 John Carlos, of 1968 raised fist at Olympics fame, speaking to Zuccotti Park crowd any minute, with The Nation‘s Dave Zirin.

5:30  For a laff, check out Fox and Friends today, mocking Zuccotti folks and claiming number one reason there is to eat (including salmon and cream cheese, hey seen any of that?).   Also:  cheap drugs.   And fugitives on the lam.

5:10  Now both photo and video of James O’Keefe — or great lookalike — walking through Zuccotti Park today.

4:40  And now Susan Sarandon, who has long history of left activism, again visits Zuccotti Park, see picture. She was one of first celebs there many days ago, of course.  

4:15 Lengthy blog post by Krugman on some #OWS activists backing the "Ron Paulish" calls for banning a banking "fractional" practice.  Too hard to explain here, so check this out.   Photo by Andy Mitchell at left.

4:00 So Hizzoner says today protestors can stay in Zuccotti Park forever — while his cops crack down.  NY Daily News confirms three arrests — two photog hauled away (one claims camera wrecked) and a woman who was making a chalk line on the sidewalk, supposedly to show where cops wanted people to stay behind.  Bloomberg had stressed people must obey laws so perhaps this is part or that: stay at your own peril.

3:55 Big, peaceful march in Beantown, follow it @Occupy_Boston

3:50  Russell Simmon keeps tweeting and posting photos from Zuccotti, including Kanye West’s arrival, and here Dick Gregory.  Of course, Simmons and Kanye very much in the 1%.

2:40  Russell Simmons tweets @UncleRush, with photo, that he is at Zuccotti w/ his "heroes" Dick Gregory and Al Sharpton.

2:00 Latest from Justin Elliot of Salon:  Some of same Dems hailing Occupy also get major funding from….Wall Street.

1:55 Multiple unconfirmed reports of a James O’Keefe sighting at Liberty Park, and Tom Tomorrow (who is not there) helpfully  links to photo so people recall what the convicted trickster  looks like.  @student activism was a little more blunt: "If you’re at and you see a skinny white douchebag dressed like a cartoon pimp, DON’T TALK TO HIM."

1:50  Shocking?  Mayor Bloomberg says Occupy can stay in park "indefinitely" if follow laws.

1:00 Since you asked:  This (literal) graybeard’s first national protest was antiwar in D.C. in early ’68, then at fabled Chicago convention in August ’68,  then back to Washington a couple times in ’69.  Forgetting some, probably.  Getting old.

The favorite book of the 12 that I have written concerns my hero Upton Sinclair,  who in 1934 led one of the greatest mass movements in USA history — against the fat cats and on an End Poverty platform.  Nearly took over California. Brief video below:


12:30  32 arrested in Des Moines last night.  And video.

12:20  Al Sharpton broadcasting his radio show live from Zuccotti Park….big Boston march set to begin at 1:30…. @OccupyCIncy tweets claim operation to evict Cincy campers now underway.  Confirmed?

11:40 My song pick for Occupyers everywhere: I’ve posted this before, but it’s virtually my favorite video, I’ve been pushing Woody Guthrie as movement patron saint, and Tom Morello just did OccupyLA yesterday (see below). So here is Springsteen and Morello doing “Ghost of Tom Joad.” Sittin’ down by the campfire. Sleeping’ on a pillow of solid rock. The last shall be first and the first shall be last.

11:35 Wow, the Uptake hosts live stream and videos from 39 Occupied cities in one place.

11:30 From FDL: New data proves that most among 99 percent, even those with jobs, have suffered after 1 percent net record profits.

11:00 Ben & Jerry’s issues statement backing Occupy. the Guardian wants more: a new flavor (remember their Colbert tribute?). For starters, suggests “Choc-U-Pie Wall Street.” What about 99-Percent-Delicious? Zuccotti Biscotti? Your submissions?

10:50 Police reportedly arriving to remove campers in Chicago… Meanwhile, in NYC, students (on day off) arriving for teach-in.

10:30 At encampment: “Krugman’s Army.”

10:25 If I have story correct, this is amazing pro-Occupy diorama (see several photos) at a candy store in Peekskill, NY.

10:20 Nancy Pelosi hits Eric Cantor over hypocrisy of loving Tea Party and hating Occupy.

10:00 Paul Krugman notes “panic of the plutocrats” and “hysterical Wall Street” response to Occupy…. Rick Hertzberg of The New Yorker with somewhat mocking but in the end supportive new piece.

9:45 New piece by Chris Hedges after his latest visit to Zuccotti Park. The elites “are in trouble…. These bankers, I think, have no idea what they are up against.” Also: why white men don’t dominate the General Assembly discourse there.

9:40 Jay Rosen contrasts an Occupier’s statement on what movement stands for (“LOOK!”) and a demand from George Will.

9:20 Did Eliz Warren predict, or at least anticipate, Occupy in 2009 interview?

8:55 More from Democracy Now! today on #OWS.

8:40 Kevin Drum exposes six GOP “myths” about the economy.

8:30 Big march in Boston today, leaving the Common at 1:30 pm.

8:05 Another photo from our visit to LIberty Square yesterday—after donating two of my books, and one by Woody Tasch, to the Library there. Cool idea and execution.

8:00 Update on that stupid Fox News online poll below: 2-1 now back Occupy.

7:55 Video of Zizek at Liberty Square yesterday (just before I got there). And NOW the transcript.

* From late SUNDAY *

11:55 Jeff Smith, who is doing press outreach for Occupy in NY, writes to me: “Ben Jealous stopped by Liberty Plaza on Friday night. He was here to consider throwing support of NAACP behind OWS. He told me the protest reminded him of when he was thrown out of Columbia for attending a political protest fifteen years ago.

“Even more people sleeping in the park tonight than last night, which was packed. Tomorrow, from 12p-3p about fifty city teachers will be bringing their students to OWS for a massive teach-in. Grades 2-7.”

11:45 Fox is running one of those bogus online polls on whether or not Occupy is full of it, but naturally you may want to cast a few votes there, just to embarrass them.

11:35 Wallace Shawn at Liberty Plaza interviewed by Laura Flanders. No dinner with Andre afterward.

11:30 Could easily be a hoax, but @OccupyWallSt feed linked to a Reddit warning from an alleged former Tea Party leader who offers warnings and tips on how to avoid being co-opted and not fall for faux support.

10:00 David Carr of NYT on that other “broadsheet” in Zuccotti Park—the Occupied Wall Street Journal. (BTW, I found only the Spanish edition available there today.) “Forgive an old newspaper hack a moment of sentimentality, but it is somehow reassuring that a newspaper still has traction in an environment preoccupied by social media. It makes sense when you think about it: newspapers convey a sense of place, of actually being there, that digital media can’t. When is the last time somebody handed you a Web site.”

9:50 Think Progress reports that stealth GOP candidate for president Buddy (Not Garrity) Roemer will join OWS in NY on Tuesday…

8:55 I guess I left the park a few minutes too early today, missing Geraldo getting escorted out with anti-Fox chants.

8:50 Even conservative Business Week gives props to Occupy, in new op-ed titled, “Wall Street, Heal Thyself.” And for God’s sake, “show some humility.” (h/t @BarbaraBedway)

8:45 @JoshHarkinson with running coverage of tonight in Liberty Park—including first use of projection screen to beam out speeches (text-message style). Of course, the generator failed for awhile. For a bit on my visit this afternoon and photos, see below. I liked the guy with the sign, “I am 48, and This Is My First Protest.”

7:55 If you’ve missed revelation of right-wing journo infiltrating and instigating (he claims) police action in DC yesterday.

7:15 Tom Morello in LA at Occupy rally. He tweets: “ very inspiring yesterday. The Nightwatchman shall return!:

7:10 World online petition of support with 440,000 signatures already.

5:30 Protests now in more than 1,000 cities/sites.


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