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11:40 One of most disturbing arrest videos yet, as four cops in Australia strip a young woman in public — she was wearing a "tent" dress as protest and they chose to violently seize it, leaving her nearly naked on the ground and screaming (and apparently now charging sexual assault).

 11:05  MSNBC previews tomorrow’s anti-foreclosure actions and occupations.

9:40  First wave of OccupyWashington activists and unionists arrive in D.C.  Not a full OWS action but related.  Tents to come, they say…. OccupySF folks sent me this video of their test flight of their own "helicopter" device after I posted livestream of Tim Pool testing his "drone" for aerial footage.

8:25  Annie Appel continues her great series of black and white portraits from OccupyLA, now updated with shots from around the period of last week’s raid.  She tells me they will all be published soon in a magazine.

7:30 Dave Weigel at Slate with lengthy piece on yesterday’s house drama at OccupyDC:  shift to performance art?  or mainly symbol of how cops will stop upcoming home occupations?

7:15  Jackson Browne at OccupyDC, following up his Zuccotti Park gig.

7:00 Oh no, they did not go there…Christmas gift idea:  Shirt with image of Pepper Spray Cop doing his thing re: the Baby Jesus.

6:35 Maddow sets the scene / background for tomorrow’s OcuppyHomes actions….New Orleans campers get their day in court tomorrow, they just learned.

6:20 Amazing, as we’ve noted, Tim Poole, ace livestreamer now planning to use his own "drone" to provide aerial views of protests and police actions.  He’s livestreaming first test now.:

 6:05  Good piece by Bob Plain, who has visited seveal OWS sites, on current state of Zuccotti and environs, and the Bunker Hill effect…. Ron Paul, at least, defended OWS from Gingrich mockery.  Well, it’s something.

5:05   I’ll be doing online chat tomorrow at 2 pm at popular site Crooks & Liars about my new Occupy book. 

4:40  Fox News:  The Muppets are turning kids against …the oil industry.  Yeah, and Elmo a "red."

3:20 I’ll have video of this tomorrow but for now audio of song from more than 10 years that anticipated OWS better than almost any other — even with lyric ‘we got CEOs making 200 times the aveage worker’s pay."  It’s Iris DeMent’s "Living in the Wasteland of the Free."  Great song all-around. Saw do it once live, alone at piano.

3:15   Barbara Bedway sends this along: "An autopsy of the undead." That’s how former Cong. Alan Grayson describes the  just-released CBO audit of the Fed: “If the Fed had extended $26 trillion in credit to the American people instead of Wall Street, would there be 24 million Americans today who can’t find a full-time job?”   h/t nakedcapitalism

2:10 Are we really at that special? Tom Engelhardt on American exceptionalism…. Gingrich today repeats, does not retract, idea of hiring school kids to do janitorial work.  Or clean up afrer his first two marriages.

12:40  New video interview with Tom Morello and Carl Restivo on Occupy.

12:30  Yet more coverage in Financial Times of the OWS "alternative banking" working panel…. Rural suicides jump after Medicaid cuts.

12:00 Photo from anti-Gingrich protest in NY…. Update on the 3 hunger strikers in NYC… MoveOn promoting the Jackson Browne songfest from last week at Zuccotti now…. @OccupyWriters tweets: "There are, of course, some notable academics involved w/ & in support of the Occupy Movement. But not as many as you’d think."  My friend and co-author Robert Jay Lifton led a delegation to Zuccotti a couple of weeks ago, however. …

11:20  A new video game for activists?  No, not a joke like some previous.  Game developer seems to want to help and has done it before. "People Power" is actually a sequel to 2008’s "A Force More Powerful" by the same company which was meant to teach protesters strategies for better non-violent resistance, and uses "the social graph as a gameplay mechanic." Also: two other games mentioned.

10:40  Ryan Devereaux tweets: "Newt Gingrich is attending an elite fundraiser in NYC today. People he advised to "take a bath" and get a job also plan to be there." …. 3 arrested in Bowling Green, Ohio.

10:30 Tomorrow is national OccupyHomes actions, see list of local events here. … Minister and labor activist  from Chicago on why he is journeying to D.C. for "Take Back the Capital" protests.

10:00 New studies: Yes, climate change getting worse.

9:55 Today’s song pick for OWS and fans, a daily feature since October 1:  Arcade Fire, "Rebellion (Lies)."  Every time you close your eyes–lies, lies.

9:45 Is police support for OWS really growing?  Well, they did hand back the Occupy flag to protesters yesterday after tearing down the house in D.C.

8:50  Owners of Zuccotti Park owe NYC $139,000 in back taxes…

8:10 Photo of new tent city in Chicago established yesterday… Nancy Pelosi:  Occupy enhances Dems "message." 

8:00  West Coast port shutdown action still coming one week from today….Should New Orleans evict Occupy camp?  One view.  It’s been promised, slow in coming (sort of local tradition).

12:05 am  20 arrested in Nashville today after taking over building with aim of making it homeless shelter, as these sorts of actions grow.

From late SUNDAY

10:45 Livestream of the hunger strikers in NYC who have already been arrested at site today, and now they are back (and plenty of police around) camping in the cold. UPDATE : the three of them just now being arrested again.  Calling for people to come to 6th Ave and Canal St. to protest or join them.

10:30 Amazing:  My new Occupy e-book now updated to cover events up to this past Monday   The wonders of modern e-publishing!  Can purchase "40 Days That Shook the World"  for just $2.99, with 50 cents of each going to OWS.  For KIndle but also for all phones, iPads, PCs and Macs, via apps.

10:15 I’ve covered the Battle of the D.C Building all day below, but a highlight was one occupyer, named David,  holding out to the very end on the roof of the structure — until plucked off by a cherry picker.  This video, from local TV, captures the climax, but you have to jump ahead to about 1:40. (h/t @OccupyGreed)

 9:50  The great Will Bunch reviews media coverage of OWS over the past weeks, find things to praise and hit– and along the way criticizes his own paper, the Philly Daily News.  Wonder what they will make of it.  His paper ended up calling the Philly camp "The Stain of the City" in big type.  You’ll remember Will wrote that fine Kindle Single on the "battle of Brooklyn Bridge" on Oct. 1.  

9:30 While pundits and rightwingers claim that OWS has faded, the Port of Oakland must not have gotten the message.  It took out full-page color ad in Oakland Tribune today practically begging OWS not to shut it down in coming days.

9:22  Occupyers left Christmas message for the mayor last night at City Hall (left) after eviction from second camp.

9:10 Just now on livestream (below) police finally wrecked the large building at D.C. camp with forklift.  Took much longer to seize and wreck than it was to build. 35 arrests on day, I believe.

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