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7:05 NPR with segment tonight on Occupy and the police–mainly on cops using social media and livestreams to monitor actions but also taking a less than hard hitting approach to police violence.

2:20  Today’s song pick for OWS, one of the greatest songs ever, and a sad reminder for a day after Christmas: Stephen Foster’s "Hard Times,"  recent live Springsteen version.

1:30 Can popular culture keep amplifying OWS without being accused of "co-opting" its message?…. This really bites:  Pepper-Spray Cop:  The gingerbread version

11:25 Vandals destroy Christmas display in Albany, NY, where an OWS camp was just wrecked.  Not an OWS action but with "anti-capitalist" and anti-shopping message.  Doesn’t help.

11:20 Now 23 straight polls have shown people want to raise taxes to pay down debt.

10:45  To help Sen. Sanders take back campaigns from meta-spenders go here….. I’ll be on Chuck Todd’s MSNBC show tomorrow talking about my book on how the modern campaign came to be –inspired by Upton SInclair’s EPIC anti-poverty movement in 1934.

9:25 A new interview with Todd Gitlin on where OWS is at now and months ahead.  "All movements are constantly influx. Occupy Wall Street has already learned so much from itself. It’s already polymorphous and various. There are a lot of activities going on that don’t make splashes in media. That will continue to be true through the winter months."

8:30  Occupy the Dream coming January 16, MLK Jr. day, as Faith joins with OWS….Occupy at Christmas: "One of my kids thinks I’m nuts, the other thinks I’m a hero."

8:00 Anonymous makes $1 million donations to charities — using credit card info stolen from security firm.

7:55  I’ve been giving away free downloads of some of my e-books in the past week as a holidary offering.  Today it’s "Why Obama Won–and Lessons for 2012."

12:15 NYT: Perhaps the OccupyWukan revolt will be the first of many in China. Or is that bull in China shop?…. Los Angeles might sue protesters for financial damages …. AP:  OWS now "highly collectible."  They mean museums and archives want a piece of it.

12:10  If you missed Susie Cagle’s honest look at OccupyOakland.

12:05  Michelle Shocked, singer who was arrested in LA raid, will occupy the Rose Parade in Pasadena next week.


Zuccotti Park reportedly may be closed for three months due to "renovations."  Just a way to take a key meeting place out of circulation for OWS crowd?  Anbother report has Brookfield with permit to do that but deciding against it for now.


3:00 Too many Christmas-related events related to Occupy and OWS issues around the country to mention in our relaxed holiday schedule but there has been large outpouring, not to mention feeding some people and providing spiritual sustenance.

1:00 Some guy named Dickens’ advice for Xmas: "Bear witness….Welcome alike what has been, and what never was, and what we hope may be."

11:25  John Lennon’s Christmas wish for "War Is Over."

Merry Christmas.   Well, if you are among the millions who are getting a new Kindle or iPad or whatever this Christmas, not that I have now seven books in e-book form, including one re: OWS and my new one on an especially influential mass movement against poverty featuring a famous author and unprecedented dirty tricks, all  here.