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8:30  Yes, there’s an Occupy the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena (former home of Upton Sinclair) and Cornel West just backed it.

7:55 For today’s song pick of the day for OWS, here for 2nd or 3rd time is one of my favorite videos, in honor of the Springsteen piece at Wash Post (see below): With Tom Morello, "Ghost of Tom Joad."

7:00  I linked earlier to Wash Post special feature and gallery featuring Bruce Springsteen, a new book and photos from the "heartland."   Now they have posted excerpts from his intro to that book here.   Sample:  " Men and women struggling to take care of their own in the most impossible conditions and still moving on, surviving. As we tuck our children into bed at night, this is an America many of us fail to see, but it is a part of the country we live in, an increasing part. I believe a place and a people are judged not just by their accomplishments, but also by their compassion and sense of justice. In the future, that’s the frontier where we will all be tested. How well we do will be the America we leave behind for our children and grandchildren."

 5:26 Upcoming Batman "Dark Knight" sequel appears to have partial "income inequality" theme, if this trailer, below, can be believed.  We all remember that Christopher Nolan filmed some scenes very close to Zuccotti Park at the height of the camping.  (And OWS then borrowed the Bat Signal.) The trailer find Anna Hathaway, aka Catwoman, whispering that Bruce Wayne and his one percenters have lived too "large " for too long and left little "for the rest of us" but now — "your day is coming."  Robin the rich?


3:15  AP’s annual survey of news editor on top ten stories of the year places Occupy movement only 9th.   #1 is death of Osame.  Also above Occupy: Arab spring, fall of Gaddafi, Fukushima, Penn State scandal, more.


1:15 As noted earlier, major  Christmas "singalong" inside Madison state capitol–daring mass arrest.  Just started. Livestream:

12:20 Bruce Springsteen has written a forward to an important book on what might be called "trouble in the heartland" (he’s done this sort of thing berfore, not long ago writing  a preface for my book on the Iraq war and the media).  Now the Wash Post has put up a gallery with excerpts from that and photos from the book.  The ghost of Tom Joad very much in evidence, with or without Tom Morello.   Don’t miss.

12:05 Rightwing author Tom Clancy is planning a video game for giant Ubisoft that pictures (seemingly) Occupy type protesters as urban terrorists.  It’s titled "Rainbow 6: Patriots" and you can read the details and see screen shots here.  Also, some of the vivid "footage" has been leaked and you can see the trailer below.


10:50  Video of the day for sure: OccupyHarvard wraps some Xmas gifts for those on its "naughty" not nice list, including Larry Summers, Robert Rubin, Niall Ferguson–then delivers them to their offices with comic results.  Note: They are still occupying The Yard.   And see poster below.

10:45 OWS announces New Year’s Party at Zuccotti — from 9 pm on the eve to 9 am on January 1 with "special guests."

10:40   "We are the 99%" chosen as 6th annual "quote of the year."   Adding to honors of word of the year (Occupy) and person of the year (The Protester).  Will NOT win Iowa caucus, though, or get an Oscar nod.

10:35  Swell poster from OccupyHarvard at left.  But don’t hold your breath. And see video above for more from them.

10:00  Interesting piece today on what’s next for OccupyBoston — after loss of camp.  Of course, applies elsewhere.  They are rallying against fedeal housing policies.  "Some demonstrators say the movement will become floating — occupying warehouses, banks, closed schools and foreclosed properties, which Occupy groups around the country have already done."

9:45  Lengthy piece from Tom "Dispatch" Englehardt: How the Occupied became Occupiers.  Tracing 4 key "occupations" and predicting victory for the 5th….The Occupied Faith, interesting piece at the Episcopal Cafe. ….Mother Jones:  Inside Texas’s top "enclave" for the One Percenters.

8:50 Bob Plain, who has been visiting one Occupy site after another (and now heads to Oakland), with piece on divisions in Boulder. "Some of the homeless activists here, as well as others, are critical of some of the more well-to-do protesters refusal to camp with them. While some protesters on the other end of the economic spectrum say the campers are giving the group a bad name."

8:25  Cool video on OccupyPittsburgh getting "winterized." They have a key hearing this Thursday….Madison (WI) GA endorses Solidarity Sing Along.  Well, read this to find out what that means.

8:20  My "Bradley Manning" e-book is FREE today, in latest Amazon promo.  Ends at midnight. NOTE:   My personal  blog has info on most of my books and ways to order them (for Christmas?).

8:05  OccupyLondon protesters agree to end encampment at St. Paul’s.

12:15 am  New OWS video coming out its NY action on Saturday, kicking off with music from WBAI studio from Dean and Britta and onward.

12:05  The late Vaclav Havel on late North Korean leader.

From late Sunday

11:25 Frances Fox Piven on what Occupy can do for the poor–and vice versa. 

9:25  Amazing livestream from Cairo.  Much gunfire now.  Note to Occupyers: THIS is what a police state looks like.  … Well, Kim Jong Il said he would be "dictator for life" — and that turned out to be true.

8:05  Not that anyone should care, but my Top Twelve  movie list for the year (so far, a few late films to see) would include:  Incendies, Of Gods and Men, Caves of Forgotten Dreams,  Blue Valentine, Margin Call, Take Shelter, Moneyball,  Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene,  There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane,  The Whistleblower and Contagion.   Missing a documentary or two, to be sure.  The Artist a likely add.

8:00 Cool video of Occupy Cleveland trying to stop foreclosure–and trying to get sheriffs to not do it. More here.

3:10 Protesters in Des Moines set up round-the-clock camp — outside Obama campaign office.  Veterans for piece involved too.  "About eight veterans stood side by side on the steps of the campaign office and read a letter demanding Obama rein in military spending and end the United States’ worldwide military presence.  ‘To fulfill the Occupy Wall Street movement’s call to return our country’s economic and political life back to the 99 percent, we will need a president who will make the dismantling of the U.S. military empire their number one foreign policy priority,’ the letter read."

1:15 Today’s song pick for OWS, to mark wasted lives  and resources in Iraq as war "ends," how about my favorite anti-Iraq war song, "Shock and Awe" by Mr. Neil Young…. The great Andrew Bacevich slams Leon Panetta’s claim that the Iraq war was well worth.  And it goes beyond treasure squandered and lives lost  (including loss of his own son).  And for

 1:05 Longtime Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger probes what’s next for Occupy out there after loss of camp and some violent encounters with cops.