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11:10 Actress Jennifer Ehle just tweeted: "Told my 86 yr old Papa I’ll donate a tent to OWS on his behalf & he said he thoughtold my 86 yr old Papa I’ll donate a tent to OWS on his behalf & he said he thought that’d be a good present. I love him. that’d be a good present. I love him."

9:05  Livestream from Oakland down the page a bit below, via Global Rev–large crowd for sure. 

8:10  Reports of pepper-spraying in Seattle just now…. I mentioned earlier but now NYT photog talks about NYPD keeping him from doing his job today.

7:55   Injured vet Scott Olsen returns to front lines of Oakland protest, even in neck brace, photo at left.  Photo via @tyska…. Local ABC with aerial views of march there.

7:45 Best roundup of today’s action from 10 sites around USA, from official OWS site. For example, police using violene in San Diego has caused OWS there to vow to protest again tomorrow.  Then there’s this: "In solidarity with the port blockades, landlocked Occupy Denver shut down a Wal-Mart distribution center in Loveland, CO. Occupiers sat in the road and erected tents to prevent shipments from entering or leaving the facility, one of the largest distribution centers in the country. Police used SWAT teams to pull apart the protesters, who were locking arms in nonviolent resistance. 13 arrests were made, with at least one person thrown violently to the ground and sat on by police."

7:42 Thanks to Chuck Todd and Chris Hayes for tweeting mentions of my very OWS relevant  "The Campaign of the Century" book finally out in an e-book edition.  Will be taping segment with Todd on Wednesday.

7:40  @OccupySeattle: "Truck after truck at port honking in support." … Chris Hedges talks capitalism with Michael Moore.

7:30 For the holidays, it’s the Hallelujah chorus but with "corporations" substituted for that word.

6:10 We reported earlier that Houston police had covered up a half dozen peaceful protests, prone and awaiting arrest, with a giant tent to hide them from view. Here is video, with tent arriving about 1:30 in.

5:30 MoveOn:  Does the future of democracy in US ride on Sen. Bernie Sanders’ move to roll back Citizens United decision?

4:55 Jimmy Breslin’s son Kevin has done an Occupy doc, here is trailer below.  Also, my fellow Nyacker, Joanthan Demme, showing OWS films tonight at film center I belong to in Westchester, the Jacob Burns Center.

 4:40  SF Chron on Oakland port action: some disruptions ongoing, 150 longshoremen went home with little or no pay.  Some workers quoted backing OWS, others oppose.  Non-violent day so far.

3:15 With pause in actions in NY, LA and Oakland, livestream below covering protests elsewhere, right now in Bellingham, WA  and in Houston, but they may switch from there.  Some arrested already in Houston and reportedly covered with tents (ironically) to keep them from view.  Photo of that.


2:25 An open letter from port drivers and haulers to OWS on today’s actions.  

2:00 Oakland protesters disperse, plan to next rally later this afternoon….

1:05  Wild:  several reports indicate that a woman was livestreaming from NYPD precinct where OWS friends taken after arrests  an hour or so ago (we could watch it for awhile, down the page).  Then cop kicked her out — after showing her that he was watching her on stream himself!

12:55 Video captures arrests, threate, against livestreamers and other citizen journos in NY today — but also a NYT photographer, since IDed as Robert Stolarik.  Times has led complaints vs.NYPD on such coverage restrictions.

12:40 The Oregonian:  OWS shut down 2 terminals out there.

11:40  Writer / radio guy @JohnKnefel now tweeting from paddy wagon, says 10 in there, and 8 of them had cameras and targeted. LIvestream for awhile (shut down now?) from inside paddy wagon here

11:25 After lot of tech trouble, Tim Pool now up live from Long Beach where arrests likely near.  Threat of ‘impact weapons" making some move off road.  He says "very intense."  Down the page a bit you will find another stream from there via Freedom.

 11:20  Protesters in Long Beach just warned by police go move off roadway or face arrest… Troubling turn in NY — not only 2 or 3 livesteamers arrested, but some others had equipment seized… On Twitter, still a bunch of pro-OWS folks hitting today’s port action as confusing to average person, better targets elsewhere,  misguided as mainly hurting 99% at ports even if many in unions may back. 

10:50  Protesters in San Diego given "dispersal" notice.  Note on livestreams below:  Two from NY, others from Oakland and Long Beach, the Global Rev one jumps around all over.  10:15 Wild and fun  flash mob at World Financial Center in NY atrium, now arrests, livestreamer Lorenzo threatened by cops,  arrested, also @JohnKnefel arrested while filming according to sister @mollyknefel, others with cameras threatened or push to ground,  about 14 arrested there, see livestream:


9:55 NY protesters still at Goldman Sachs, now in picket line, see livestream below.  Actions in Vancouver underway. Lot of tension in Long Beach.   @OccupyOregon just tweeted: "Riot police headed to the entrance of Terminal 6. March is there now."

9:40 Marchers claiming port in Oakland "shut down," though hard to confirm.  4 or 5 separate gates, and can these numbers do it.  Plenty of cops, though riot team from Alameda County just left, or moved…. The anti-Goldman "squidding" folks in NY chanting "Calamari!"  Here’s Spencer’s livestream from Oakland tension:

9:20  Another livestream, NYC legend Tim Pool from Long Beach, where already police blocking and tension, but he has technical issues — after flying across US for this —  will post when fixed.

.9:00 @InsideBayArea with good coverage from Oakland, says about 400 in march to port, which of course will not exactly shut it down, but it’s early.  Meanwhile, in NYC, marchers enciricle Goldman hdqtrs and march elsewhere, also.  Livestreams below.

8:40  Actions well on their way in NY and California.  Marching past financial sites in Lower Manhattan on the way to Goldman, with vampire squid and ninjas present.  Now at Goldman, @PennyRed:  "Walking around the building making a din. GS workers escorted in by security."  Will be covering all day, with actions everywhere for #D12.

8:00  LIvestream below of start of big day of actions,  port shutdowns on West Coast, anti-Goldman elsewhere. 

12:55 Big NYT piece on Occupy and Ustream, I scream, we all scream, for Livestream.

12:20  I guess today I’ll often be asking, "Any storm in a port?" 

12:10 am  Boots Riley tweets:  "Mainstream media has moved from saying has no power, 2 sayin that we have power but r misguided. Bringin 2 mind a hated hashtag: ."


11:25 pm Paul Krugman in new column–it may not be Great but it’s time to call it was it is:  a "Depression."  Krugman: "Unemployment in both America and Europe remains disastrously high. Leaders and institutions are increasingly discredited. And democratic values are under siege."

11:20  BNY Mellon ordered eviction of Pittsburgh camp today, posted notice.

11:15  L.A,. Times port shutdown plans for Long Beach in a few hours.  Starts early.  And NY anti-Goldman support actions open at 7:30 am.

8:25 Todd Gitlin raises some concerns about at least one OWS action — the "mockupy" night at the "Law and Order" faux Zuccotti.  "Of course Occupy felt ripped off—it was ripped off…. But Occupy, however wrongfully evicted, is not the czar of the land. I hope that the demonstrators weren’t telling the TV people they had no right to shoot."

7:55  You can put Kickstarter campaign for OWS puppets for holiday street performance right here. ….OccupyColumbus, attorney and blogger help halt a foreclosure in Ohio, video here.

2:15   Big anti-Goldman actions in NY tomorrow (see poster at left), dubbed "squidding," from Matt Taibbi calling them "vampire squid"….   Map of journalist arrests across US….Major postings at official OWS site on port and Goldman actions tomorrow, plus "evict Occupy–and we multiply."

2:10  CBS local covers port shutdown plan for Long Beach, Ca.

12:40  With 44 more arrests yesteday, @OccupyArrests now puts current tally at about 5480….SF police raided new camp at Federal Reserve and arrested a whopping 55 a few hours ago…. Laurie "Penny Red" Penny on the Occupy crackdown, tent monsters, and more, with a feminist twist.