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6:20  Matt Taibbi roasts Obama’s JOBS act.   "Boy, do I feel like an idiot. I’ve been out there on radio and TV in the last few months saying that I thought there was a chance Barack Obama was listening to the popular anger against Wall Street that drove the Occupy movement, that decisions like putting a for-real law enforcement guy like New York AG Eric Schneiderman in charge of a mortgage fraud task force meant he was at least willing to pay lip service to public outrage against the banks.

"Then the JOBS Act happened.  The "Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act" (in addition to everything else, the Act has an annoying, redundant title) will very nearly legalize fraud in the stock market."


4:50 Chris Hedges rips debate over Obama health plan, citing its many weaknesses. And:  "There is no substantial difference between Obamacare and Romneycare. There is no substantial difference between Obama and Romney. They are abject servants of the corporate state. And if you vote for one you vote for the other."

4:05 Even more fat for the fire, as Salon with new piece on charges that MoveOn and the OccupySpring are "co-opting"  OWS.  "The fear, expressed by numerous Occupy participants I spoke to in different cities, is that the 99 Percent Spring trainings will steer energy away from Occupy spring actions and toward support for the Democrats this coming general election. Many still believe that MoveOn, as a recent CounterPunch article put it, is a “front for the Democratic Party.”  On the other hand, see video down the page, below.

3:40  Reuters: Occupy groups unite–over foreclosures. ‘Those who have watched the Occupy movement since its September beginnings say the foreclosure focus may help it recover from a slump that followed forced shutdowns of encampments in New York, Washington and other cities.’

3:15  Declaration adopted by OccupySF which they say could be a model for others. "You have more power than you’ve been led to believe, and your voice is more needed than you think. These are the days when we must speak out, no matter how our voices shake."

1:40 Truthout:  Update on the (controversial) national Occupy gathering in Philly June 30-July 4, and more in that city.  "The endorsement included a commitment by Occupy Philly to provide the resources necessary to make the first Occupy national gathering in history a resounding success.  The stage was thus set for what could be a revolutionary event located at the historic birthplace of the First American Revolution."

1:30  Going mainstream: I reported earlier but now Liz Flock at Wash Post covers the OWS "take down" of Bank of America on a super move your money day…. Minneapolis police chief admits he’s not happy about how cops treated local TV cameraman…

12:05  The NYT has a firm policy of banning its regular columnists from attacking their colleagues by name, and preferably not even coded.  Nevertheless, Paul Krugman regularly tweaks or mocks or slams David Brooks, and it’s usually easy to see because he does it a day or three after a particularly laughable Brooks column.  He did again today following another Brooks swoon dive for the Ryan budget.  "Centrist schtick," indeed.

11:10  Last fall I met Penn Badgly, Olivia Wilde and Zoe Kravitz at an Occupy party that I spoke at in New York.  Now they’ve made a video boosting the OccupySpring and this week’s training of activists for direct action.

10:50  Mother Jones at its Plutocracy Now page posts 11 charts that illustration "It’s the Inequality, Stupid."

10:00 Don’t miss:  As OWS spring offensive heats up, investors eye mace, tasers, other control products…Need we add: batons, plastic handcuffs, yellow netting, tear gas canisters, burst grenades, rubber bullets?

9:45 May I humbly suggest that my award-winning book on Upton Sinclair’s amazing 1934 race for governor of Calif–leading great end poverty movement–is tremendously relevant for Occupy today, not to mention U.S. media and politics and the 2012 campaign…

9:30  That merger of the two OWS camps in D.C. looks like it will go ahead, with the Freedom folks voting unaniminously to exit…. If you missed Chris Hayes segment this weekend on civil disobedience and spring protests coming.

9:25  Purple reign coming:  Bonnie Raitt speaks up: "It’s so polarized.  "It’s hard not to get cynical. I hope it won’t be tragedy that brings us all together, but there’s a slow burn goin on…. We need to reconnect and find out how many of us are purple instead of red and blue. There’s Prince — he could do it."

9:20  What’s next for Occupy in very active Albany, NY? …Occupyers set up tents at new location in Salt Lake City…OccupyPhilly re-emeges with Rittenhouse rally… and at two camps they’re back in Minneaspolis, too.

9:10  In latest turn, judge rules owner of Zuccotti Park did have right to clear it and lets charges stand against OWS protester… Two activists arrested in NY for pasting sticker on subway cars "Priority Seating for the 1%."

8:50  Sarah Jaffe at Alternet: How Occupy Plans to Take Down Bank of America–and How You Can Help.  And Matt Taibbi’s feature on BOA…. Time magazine: OWS is (only?) half-right about credit reform

8:40  I once interviewed the late MIke Wallace for my NYT Magazine story on "whistleblower" who suffered. … Great "60 Minutes" segment last night, plus extras, on classical music orchestra formed in the Congo.

8:30  Ryan Devereaux at The Guardian with valuable compilation of activists’ views on where OWS goes from here–and need to "go further." Sandy Nurse: "It just feels like there’s no space to assemble and to have political discourse. It just feels like every time we try to do that there’s attempts to subvert it either through violence, taking it down, or more subtle tactics where actual surveillance and monitoring of people who are organizing very heavily.".

Allison Kilkenny: OWS responds to ally/rival 99 Percent Spring.  "Seizing on the popularity of Occupy Wall Street, a broad coalition of liberal-left groups and organizations created the 99 Percent Spring, a movement aiming to recruit and train 100,000 Americans to learn the ways of non-violent direct action. The initiative is led by, and includes support from the AFL-CIO, Greenpeace, the Working Families Party,, Campaign for America’s Future, United Students Against Sweatshops, CodePink, Global Exchange and Color of Change, among other groups.The plan has been heavily promoted by celebrities such as Edward Norton, Elijah Wood, Marisa Tomei and Jason Alexander and political heavyweights like Van Jones, founder of Rebuild the Dream.

"However, Occupy Wall Street protesters have expressed mixed feelings about the 99 Percent Spring, a response that should have been expected…"

Clean Coal group now the latest to use/mock Occupy images in ads. "The coal lobby just kicked off a $40 million campaign to manipulate the election cycle….During the ad, an image of Occupy protesters flashes across the screen as the narrator states: ‘It’s time we focus on reality instead of rhetoric.’”   See commercial here. .

Excerpt from Van Jones book (mentioned below).  Excerpt from the excerpt: "The time has come to turn things right side up again and declare that America’s honest, hard-working middle class is too big to fail. The aspirations of our low-income, struggling, and marginalized communities are too big and important to fail. The hopes of our children are too big to fail. The American Dream itself is too big to fail. And we are not going to let these things fail."